10 Home Remedies For Toothache!

Home Remedies for Toothache

You look beautiful while smiling. And, your smile becomes even more graceful if your teeth are healthy. However, tooth-ache can hinder your smile. To restore that smile, you must give a chance to home remedies for toothache.

The Importance Of Teeth In The Human Body

importance of teeth - Home Remedies for Toothache

Teeth are one of the most precious gifts of nature; an important part of human personality and the hardest objects in the human body. They are essential for chewing or biting your meal and help to speak as well. However, all this fades away the moment you feel pain in any or some of your teeth.

We will first discuss the causes or reasons behind a toothache and then will discuss some home remedies for toothache.

What Is Toothache?

what is tooth decay

Toothache is the pain in or around the teeth or the jaw. It may start by eating some hard or light food. However, it can occur even if you are not eating. It can be felt in the following forms:

  1. It could be constant as well as intermittent.
  2. Toothache can occur in the form of sensitivity to hot and cold edibles.
  3. The pain could be mild or very severe.

What Are The Common Causes Of Toothache?

There are four main causes of toothache:

1. Tooth Decay

tooth decay - Home Remedies for Toothache

The structural damage of the tooth due to the breaking of carbohydrates in the mouth is called tooth decay. If left untreated, it creates a cavity or hole and causes acute pain. 

2. Cracked Tooth

cracked tooth

The cracking or damaging of the tooth is caused by:

  • Chewing or biting hard things
  • Accidental injury or fight
  • Pressure from teeth grinding
  • People over 50 years old
  • Eating anything too cold right after a portion of hot food.

Once a tooth gets cracked, no matter what the reason is, it starts aching very severely. 

3. Tooth Infection

tooth infection

There may result in some bacterial infection which forms pus or swelling inside a tooth or some gums. This gives birth to severe pain in that area. 

4. Braces

braces - Home Remedies for Toothache

Braces apply pressure on the teeth. Therefore, they make the gums and the teeth more sensitive and pain-causing.

Home Remedies For Toothache Need Your Attention

Most of the time, a toothache strikes at night. Therefore, it is difficult to consult with a doctor or to go out for some medicine. If someone has been suffering from toothache for a long time, he/she should get proper medication on time. However, Brushing your teeth is one of the simplest ways to protect yourself from toothache. Furthermore, it is good for maintaining your general health and hygiene. A toothache can occur suddenly. So, everyone should know about some essential home remedies.

We are going to discuss some home remedies to get rid of toothache. These are simple and easy to go.

1. Rinse With Saline

rinse with saline

Lukewarm salt water is an effective first aid for toothache. Salt is a natural disinfectant and quite helpful in cleaning teeth. It also removes food particles stuck in the teeth. Moreover, saltwater cures the inner wounds of the oral cavity.

2. Rinse With Hydrogen Peroxide

hydrogen peroxide - Home Remedies for Toothache

Hydrogen peroxide helps to relieve pain. It kills bacterial infection. Moreover, it reduces swelling and pus inside the gums. But always remember to use hydrogen peroxide in diluted form. Furthermore, do not swallow it.

3. Turmeric


Turmeric is spice. It contains antioxidants that protect the tissues of the body from damage. Also, it is a natural pain reliever. Moreover, it reduces inflammation.

To use turmeric for toothache:

  • Moderately heat one tablespoon olive oil.
  • Add two pinches of turmeric to it.
  • Dip a cotton ball in the oil.
  • Put it on the affected area.

4. Thyme

thyme - Home Remedies for Toothache

Thyme has antioxidant and antibacterial characteristics. The essential oil of thyme is available to cure the pain. Use this oil by adding it in a few drops of water and apply it to your aching tooth with a cotton ball.

5. Cloves


Cloves have been in use since ancient times as pain reliever. It also reduces the inflammation of the gums. Applying cloves oil is beneficial for toothache. Moreover, you can use it twice or thrice a day.

6. Garlic


Garlic is also a natural cure for toothache. Chewing garlic releases allicin that kills bacteria that may be partly liable for your tooth pain. Apart from chewing it the other way to use it is: make the paste of garlic and apply it to the affected area. 

7. Ice Pack

ice pack

The best way to reduce pain is by using an ice pack. The ice contracts the blood vessels. Resultantly it reduces the bleeding and swelling. Apply it for at least 15 minutes. Moreover, you can use it every few hours.

8. Peppermint Tea Bags

peppermint tea bags

Peppermint tea bags are also good for numbing pain and soothing sensitive gums. Let the peppermint tea bags cool a bit before applying. But these should remain slightly warm. Besides, you can put a peppermint tea bag in the freezer, get it chilled and then apply to the affected area.

9. Vanilla Extract

vanilla extract

Vanilla extract has alcohol. It is an antioxidant that prevents bacterial infection. Moreover, it has effective healing characteristics. Apply a few drops of vanilla extract with a cotton ball. It will decrease the pain. You can use this thrice or more a day.

10. Guava Leaves

guava leaves - Home Remedies for Toothache

The leaves of guava have anti-microbial characteristics. It helps to cure the wounds orally. They also have anti-inflammatory agents. This is good for the healing process.

You can use them by:

  1. Chewing the fresh leaves of guava.
  2. Taking a few fresh leaves of guava and adding them to some water. Then boil the mixture and use this water as a mouthwash.

What If The Home Remedies For Toothache Don’t Work?

You have tried the home remedies for toothache, but if the pain persists or gets worsen. Then is the time to take some over-the-counter ibuprofen but with your dentist’s consultation. Lastly, you might need to contact your dentist to receive proper treatment for the ailment. 

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