Are You Getting Married for the Right Reasons?

marriage for the right reasons

Are you getting married? What do you need to know before you get along with the person as your spouse? Getting married is one of the biggest steps that you will take in your life. So take time to really evaluate before you take the decision of getting married to the person you have chosen. Many people are undergoing in the process of divorce nowadays. It is becoming more important that you take enough time to think whether you are really ready to devote yourself to the life-long commitment. It is difficult to say whether the relationship you have with your partner currently will work for you in later part of the life. You can not say because people change considerably as they grow old. But still to think on some points before any commitment is a good step. Let’s read some checkpoints.

Discuss your Finances

Getting married can be expensive. Even spending money after the marriage should be planned before marriage. You have to be very clear about the spending habits of each other. Discuss every minute details of savings and sharing bank accounts details. It is always good that you discuss your finances well ahead of time. Money issues can become the root of a lot of arguments and differences between the couples.


Some people prefer that their partner should be very much similar to their nature while some believe that differences between their nature can add charm to the relationship. Discuss the expectations both of you have from each other. Self-checks are very important, so do some homework on your behavior such as: Are you able to fulfil the needs of your partners or will you compromise on a couple of things Communication is one of the main key points for building or breaking a relationship. Once you are married there are possibilities that you disagree on some points with your partner. How will you handle the situation? Will you able to resolve such issues and come to the conclusion which is good for both of you?

Give Space

Giving space to each other is very important in a relationship. It has been found that many relationships fail because a partner feels neglected. Communicate with your partner about these needs. Giving space to each other is also a form of showing love and respect towards each other.

Accept Them as They are

Many people think that they will change their partners thoughts and viewpoints once they get married to them. But trust me this will only create a problem and misunderstanding between the partners. People do change with time but you cannot change certain behaviors. Take time to know why you are getting married to him/her. Before you tie the knot make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons.

Respect Each Other’s Faith

If you both follow a different religion, then it is better to think before about the differences which your faith can create after you are married. Take an opportunity to discuss basic beliefs about the religion and other stuff well before marriage. Different religion can bring couples together or drive them apart.

Patience and Devotion

Marriage requires a devotion towards your partner, sometimes it like giving yourself for the sake of your partner. Your patience and devotion will be tested. Many times you have to put your needs behind the needs of your spouse. It requires sacrifices from both sides. You have to understand the truth that for the successful marriage you need to forgive your spouse many times when you do not really want to. Your dedication, commitment, honesty and effort are required to make your marriage to last longer and happier. Are you really ready for it?

Well, there is no magic formula that will help your marriage to work. Sometimes even the best marriages fail. You are responsible for your own happiness. So take time to think about the future and discuss things with your partner before getting married to him/her.

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