Recipe for A Happy Marriage – How to Stay Happily Married? 12 Keys to a Successful Marriage

Recipe for a Happy Marriage

Most of the time, things get so complex that having a happy marriage seems a monumental task. Sometimes, couples go through a rough phase where their marital relationships seem to go south; dealing with such a situation certainly needs a ‘healthy recipe for a happy marriage’. A few couples try to work hard to resolve the misunderstanding or problem when they value their relationship and truly want things to work out. Whereas some don’t think much and take extreme steps of separation or divorce without trying to rekindle their affection. The truth is marriage demands a lot of patience, devotion, and commitment. In a marriage, one should never seek to grow individually; being partners, you need to rebound and must trust, respect, adore each other and overlook the petite mistakes.  

12 Key Secrets to a Successful Marriage

Any married couple needs to work on their marriage steadily. Usually, as time passes, couples start to take each other for granted; that’s where things begin to get complicated. To earn spouse’s love, one always needs a good recipe for a happy marriage. Trust, respect, and understanding are the stepping stone or foundation of any happy marriage, yet there are a few more things to consider. Let’s look at some practical tips for couples to retain their marriage more happily we can say a recipe for a happy marriage. 🙂

1. Trust – The First Step to Build Strong Relation

Recipe for a Happy Marriage

In any relationship, trust stands first as it sustains people to keep faith in them. Especially in married life, one can’t love their spouse if they think they are not honest with each other. Being honest is thus the original formula to build strong trust and hence a happy marriage. Make sure to win your partner’s trust, as it is one of the significant stepping stones of a relationship.

2. Respect – What Goes Around Comes Around

Couple Goals

You have to respect yourself, your spouse and respect the decisions they make. It is mandatory to notice that you both have an individual identity, goals, and plans. You must give each other some space. Life becomes easier when you start respecting the values that your spouse holds in life.  

3. Commitment -The Foundation of Every Relationship


When you get married, you promise to uphold the commitment made to your spouse in every situation. The primary sign of that happy commitment is when you get the confidence to confide and state your real feelings, thoughts, and opinions about a matter with ease. You never let go of being their support and always be there for each other.

4. Patience – Overlook Some Wrongdoings

Perfect Couple

Two people living together and sharing the same life, which means they may go through some conflicts at times. You might dislike some of your partner’s habits, but let them slide patiently to assure that you love and care for her/him. The more you overlook small mistakes and let go of those things, the stronger your bond gets.

5. Adore – Express Your Love

Successful Marriage

Remember that if you truly want to develop a strong connection with your companion, you must treat them with admiration. During the later phases of marriage, most people stop admiring their partner as they do not feel the need for it. But, in fact, you always have to reassure your love to your spouse in different ways.

6. Always Overlook Healthy Conflicts

Marriage Goals

There are bound to be some conflicts and arguments. What matters is how you handle those situations. If you throw tantrums and later regret them is not something you should do. Slight differences do not mean that you two cannot be together. Always overlook small arguments as they make you come even closer.

7. Patiently Listen to Your Partner

Compromising Couple

Most often, people like to express their vision of a perfect life and want everything their way. This can come out as a problem in a relationship. You must also listen to what your partner has in mind and what s/he thinks about a specific matter. This will reassure your love and respect for them. Your partner’s opinion matters to you and must be said out loud.

8. Keep the Romance Alive

Romantic Couple

Understandably, your relationship after having a baby has become a platonic relationship, and you both can’t seem to get over your responsibilities. Take some time out, dress up for your partner, and have a romantic dinner at a beautiful restaurant. This way, you’ll assure your partner of your love and care differently.

9. Have Individual Identities

Keep Individuality

I have mentioned this before, and I’ll state this again. Never overshadow what you want for yourself as an individual. That is because marriage or a healthy relationship is never meant to take away your identity. You should be able to enjoy your purposeful life with your partner.

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10. Understand Each Other’s Faults

Recipe for a Happy Marriage

If you want to have an everlasting intimate relationship, you should never evaluate your partner’s deeds as right or wrong. You have your values and norms, but you should learn not to impose them on your partner. Be forgiving and understanding for each other.

11. Have Hobbies of Common Interests

Recipe for a Happy Marriage

The spark of a relationship lives as long as you both enjoy sharing some hobby or activity. Have some common hobbies which you both enjoy! You can find closeness and happiness in anything like playing games or watching Netflix, going out for a walk, or going to the gym together.

12. Stop Comparing With Others

Happy Couple

Not every couple behaves the same and lives the same. Women have a habit of comparing their relationships. Some may appear lovey-dovey to the world but have a lot of differences and disputes privately. Instead of analyzing others, try finding your couple’s uniqueness. This will give meaning to your relationship.

Although every marriage is different, every couple is unique. Yet, there are some situations in which being human, we can relate to that annoying situation where you find you might lose your partner. Those are the times when you need to be strong and remember those old times when you dated to get married; you knew that this is that special someone with whom you are going to grow old. Marriage needs countless sacrifices, and if you see slight possibilities to win back your love, do it, don’t let go. The recipe for a happy marriage is simple: love, trust, respect, and let go of hard feelings and live happily. 

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Recipe for a Happy Marriage

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