How to Move from Casual Dating to a Serious Relationship

How to Move from Casual Dating to a Serious Relationship

After experiencing some casual dating, and if you feel intrigued and interested in that ‘specific person’, probably, it’s the time to turn it into a serious one. Also, if you don’t want to turn it into serious dating, then move at your own pace. Still, when you really want to take a step ahead into serious dating, the below-shared tips can assist you in how to move from casual dating to a serious relationship.

Why Causal Dating?

Casual dating can seldom lead to a serious relationship, or you can say it is one of the early stages of a relationship. But in most situations, people prefer to take things casual because they don’t want any emotional affection or attachment.

There are ‘N’ numbers of the reasons people prefer blind dates or to date casually. However, some people find themselves unable to have deeper commitment levels or be in a serious relationship. For them, casual dating gives an outstanding possibility to evaluate and gain interpersonal experience with the people they are attracted to. Also they can easily avoid emotional attachment due to being in casual dating just for fun. And those who are seeking long-term relationships, casual dating gives the best possible opportunity to date until they find someone compatible as a long-term partner.

Tips for Safe Casual Dating

Dating is something that always attracts, people just love to enjoy a quality date. However, it needs to be safe so that one can enjoy it fully. For example, the guy you have met at some coffee shop might be a handsome, nice guy, but you are not aware of his whereabouts. To know this you have to be attentive and alert; check out these helpful tips for safe casual dating.

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1. Never Meet in Secluded Place

Casual Dating - Never Meet in Secluded Place

Always meet in some public place where you will find other people to help if needed. Don’t agree to meet at some secluded place away from the locality for your first meeting. Also, try to drive in your own car when meeting someone for the first time, it will give some known comfort as well as safety feeling. Still, if things do not feel right to you, don’t think just leave and cancel the meet.

2. Pay your Share

Pay your Share

If you are going for dinner, most of the time, guys pay the restaurant bill. However, this is a new era; guys these days expect a lot more when they pay, and to avoid such a situation, make sure to keep enough money and pay your share; never let him take leverage.

3. Be on Alert Mode

Casual Dating - Be on Alert Mode

After your date is over, be cognizant of making sure that the person is not following you. It could be a mere fear, but there is nothing wrong if you stay a little alert for the next few days.

4. Don’t Invite Him

Don't Invite Him

After a nice dinner or a movie, you can feel like inviting him to your home. However, if you still feel uncomfortable and want to test him a little more, don’t disclose your address until you feel comfortable enough.

5. Don’t Disclose Your Information

Casual Dating - Don't Disclose Your Information

During dating or casual chats over the phone, try to begin your conversation with some friendly discussion, such as talking about your hobbies or what you like to do in your leisure time. Be cautious and avoid disclosing your workplace or home address on your first date. Up until, think as if your information is sacred, and don’t divulge it unless you are absolutely comfortable with the person. As the relationship grows, you will realize that the person is reliable, and you will automatically start trusting him to disclose your personal information.

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Tips to Move from a Casual Dating to Serious Relationship

However, now when you have found someone with whom you find solace and want to spend time, that’s when you must try to take these baby steps towards a serious relationship.

1. Just Don’t Run 

Just Don't Run

My first advice is take time; just don’t rush to turn casual dating into a serious affair. Even you get some hints from him, or your heart beats when you see him. Don’t misjudge, these are not sure-shot signs, instead, take steps slowly and figure out some indications. For example, suppose you two went for a casual dinner, and after dinner; you want to take a long walk whereas he wants to go ending up with some excuses. Be vigilant enough to understand whether he wants to spend time with you or rush home to see a soccer game with his friends.

2. Ask Your Girlfriends

Casual Dating - Ask Your Girlfriends

Tell about your feelings to your best friend or girlfriends, ask their opinion about your decision. As we know, our girlfriends know us by all means, that means you can’t sideline their viewpoint and if they hesitate, just ask them the reasons, in this way you can decide wisely.

3. Ask His Friends

Ask His Friends

If you know his friends, try to drop some hints about your feelings about him and look at their response. When you find that they are totally cool about it and have no problem, in fact, have the same opinion as yours that means, your guy must have discussed his feelings about you with them.

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4. Compliment Him

Casual Dating - Compliment Him

Who doesn’t like to get compliments? So keep a keen eye on his activities, and compliment him about his achievements and ideas. Let him know how amazing a person he is, and you would like to know him more.

5. Drop Some Hints

Drop Some Hints

Suppose you are really into this guy but don’t want to take that very first step. Whenever there is a chance, give some pointers or clues about your feelings to him. Afterwards, keep your eyes intact on his reaction.

6. Little Jealousy is Okay

Casual Dating - Little Jealousy is Okay

Sometimes little jealousy works magically. Give him some indications that some other guy could ask you out, and if he is serious about you, trust me, he will not waste any more time and ask you first. Instead, he might ask you to date solely or express his feelings about taking casual dating one step ahead.

7. Flaunt your Charm

Flaunt your Charm

When you find him interested in you, yet he is taking time to express. Just flirt a little, flaunt your charm, use your winning skills, and let him know that you are the most suitable and only girl for him.

8. Just Tell Him

Casual Dating - Just Tell Him

Sometimes in a hotchpotch of emotions, time flies, and you might miss the one for whom you started to kindle feelings. So, simple is better, just tell him about you how you feel about him. Saying straightforwardly to him that you are committed enough to take casual dating to serious dating is much better to have a clear-cut smooth relationship.

Before approaching from casual dating to a serious one, make sure 100 times that you really want him, as there is no point if you start regretting after indulging yourself in a serious relationship. If you find him reluctant to turn it into a serious affair, then don’t pressurize him. It could make the situation worst. Instead, ask him what his problem is, whether he needs some more time or don’t consider your relationship as a serious one. This would help you to understand the situation clearly instead of getting hurt later.

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