10 Must Have Apps For Women You Should Have On Your Phone – Apps That Can be a Lifesaver

Apps For Women

Now that phones and applications dominate our day to day life, there are a few must-have apps for women that are game-changers. With the growth of technology, almost everything can be accessed via a small colorful icon on your mobile screen. Yes, we are talking about apps. Some apps exist to cater to every far off need. You name it, and there’s an app for it. However, a few of these apps are absolute must-have apps for women. Whether it is a question of safety or just for entertainment, these apps can be complete lifesavers at times, some of them quite literally. 

Must-Have Apps for Women

Here is a list of 10 must have apps for women that you absolutely must have on your phone. 

1. Calm 

Must Have Apps for Women

All women are well aware of the fact that peace is hard to come by. Especially for moms who are constantly on their feet, a good 7 hours of sleep becomes essential for the brain to function at its best. 

Calm is an app that literally helps you calm down and reset your system. Whether it is meditation, breathing techniques or even just sleep stories to tuck yourselves in bed, this must-have app has everything you need for a perfect sleep cycle. Calm will help you feel rested, energized and beyond ready to seize the day. 

Calm is available to download from:

google play store

2. Maya Period Tracker and Health App 

Best Apps for Women

Let’s face it: Periods are painful. With constant mood swings, food cravings, cramps, nausea and headaches, no one really wants to do the added math when it comes to your monthly cycle. Usually, we just take it in stride and deal with it when it starts, but Maya helps you track your menstrual cycle to predict when your cycles start again accurately. It saves your time and keeps you well informed about your body’s reproductive health. Maya Period tracker and Health App is one of the most important must have apps for women available to download on both Android and iOS devices. 

Maya Period Tracker is available to download from:

Apple App Storegoogle play store

3. BSafe

Useful Apps - apps for women

Bsafe is a safety app that becomes a must have for all women. If you are someone who works late nights, travels through unsafe areas often, or even just finds yourself feeling insecure from time to time, this app should be a go-to for you. Bsafe is mainly a GPS tracking app, but its other features differentiate it from the rest. BSafe lets you notify your family members or friends of your location, has a distress call option, and, best of all, a way to generate a fake phone call. In today’s time, where crime is constantly on the rise, apps like these have become even more valuable, especially for women. 

Bsafe is available to download from:

google play store

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4. Mint

Finance App - apps for women

Money is an issue. Earning it, spending it, saving it, but most of all, keeping track of it. Mint is an app that lets you manage your finances better. It helps you keep track of your purchases and incomes by directly linking to your credit and debit cards. Mint summarizes your complete budget at the end of each month and also draws comparisons between the previous months. It also allows you to set goals and how much you need to save over a period of time to achieve them. Managing your money is perhaps even more difficult than earning it. This is why, Mint becomes one of the most important must have apps for women, both working and homemakers. 

Mint is available to download from:

google play store

5. Inshorts

Apps for Women

When was the last time you picked up the newspaper to actually read it? Newspapers have quickly lost their charm and their utility. Almost no one ends up reading these anyway. All they do is contribute to landfills and our global carbon footprint. Inshorts is a digital newspaper with articles summarizing news and current topics in less than a hundred words. It covers all sorts of topics ranging from national and international politics, sports, entertainment or finance. Inshorts is the best way to keep yourself informed and well-read, without leaning back on physical newspapers. This is why Inshorts becomes one of the most important must have apps for women who want to learn and grow. 

Inshorts is available to download from:

google play store

6. Trello

Organizing Apps - apps for women

Trello is essentially a to-do list app that helps you organize your day to day tasks. If you’ve ever tried to make a list in your head, thinking you will be able to check things just mentally, we’re sure you must have forgotten a task or two. Trying to depend all on your own mind is impractical and can leave you feeling frustrated and overworked. Trello helps you organize your tasks into a column of three, that is, To Do, Doing, and Done. Not only can you manage your individual tasks, if you are the one responsible for others completing their tasks as well, then Trello also has a collaborative feature. You can keep track of your team, promote efficiency and limit tardiness. This app is also perfect for moms who want to keep track of their household chores and their children’s to-do lists. 

Trello is available for download from:

google play store

7. Google Photos

Photos App - apps for women

We all know we’re running out of space on our phones. Can you blame us for wanting to take a picture of the sky every day? It indeed is beautiful, isn’t it? Google Photos is an app that will help you optimize your photos without having to worry about filling up space. It has unlimited storage space for all your pictures and videos, so you never have to delete anything ever again. All you need to do is upload the pictures to Google Photos and delete the duplicate from your camera roll. The app will store your photos for as long as you want them to. It also lets you organize your photos by location, day and the people in the picture. Hallelujah! 

Google Photos is available for download from:

google play store

8. Headspace

Self Care App for Women

Yes, we know we have a competitor on the list, but hey, meditation is important, okay? And it isn’t easy. It usually requires tons of practice and, subsequently, a quiet place to practice, which most of us do not have. Headspace makes meditation easy for beginners. Like the tagline says, Headspace essentially “makes meditation simple” using fun graphics and infomercials. In fact, Headspace also released a recent documentary on Netflix about meditation. Trust me; this app is one of the absolute must have apps for women in today’s day and age.

Headspace is available to download from:

google play store

9. Pinterest

Social App - apps for women

Pinterest is the perfect app for artists and creators. It helps you look for inspiration via popular pictures and filter your interests. Are you in a reading slump? Pinterest will keep recommending books to you until you find the perfect one. If you have an art block, Pinterest has tons of art prints to look through for inspiration. You can also upload your own content there as well and build a community of people who share similar interests while you are at it. Basically, Pinterest is quite similar to other social networking apps such as Instagram but way more productive. 

Pinterest is available to download from: 

google play store

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10. Bumble Bizz

Connecting App - apps for women

Now hold on just a second, don’t be so quick to judge. Bumble is not just a dating app. It is actually an important section of the app to help you create contacts faster and easier. Bumble Bizz enables you to connect to people in your field and increases your chances of making it in the industry. The Bumble Bizz section works similar to the dating app, showing you profiles you may be interested in, and asking you to swipe right or left. It matches you with people and helps you start a conversation regarding the field you work in. Bumble also has a lot of safety measures that other networking apps don’t. This is why Bumble Bizz becomes one the best must have apps for women. 

Bumble Bizz is available to download from:

google play store

While apps have made our lives much easier, make sure you aren’t using your phone too much. Hey, there should be an app for that! Track your screen time and try to limit your usage as much as possible while making the most out of technology. And if you know, some of the must have apps for women that we may have left out? Tell us in the comment section below. 

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