10 Unsafe Places for Solo Women Travelers

unsafe places for women

Traveling alone is no doubt, fascinating, adventurous, and full of fun. It can be dangerous if your homework is incomplete in the case of some countries, especially for female travelers. Some places are considered the most dangerous places for women to travel alone based on some social and cultural restrictions, social evils, and criminal offenses. So you must be careful while picking a place for your solo vacations on the globe, not everyone or place is hospitable and friendly or welcoming for female tourists or entrepreneurs. Maybe one wrong selection of holiday destination puts your life on the brink of threat. So, for your assistance here is the list of 10 most risky places for women travelers. The following are some places that are unsafe Places for solo Women travelers.

Places Not Safe for Solo Women Travelers

1. Morocco

Morocco Solo women travelers

Morocco is not a female-friendly country. Being a female, you cannot walk alone in the streets of Morocco because of street harassment which is a prevalent practice there. Moreover, kidnapping and a high rate of rapes make it further the riskiest place for women to visit alone. Besides all these, street robberies, pickpocketing, purse snatching, and price exploitation are common crimes in this country. Despite all these threats if you want to explore the beauty of this country, you should plan a family trip and learn some cultural values of this country.

2. Egypt

Egypt solo women travelers

Egypt is a beautiful country with its exotic historical places. It can be a good choice for your upcoming vacations but with family. However, this country is not safe for solo women travelers as sexual harassment, and gang rape is part of their everyday life. How can a country be affable for women as it ranks 135th position at the gender equality index!!! 99 % of Women in Egypt are the victim of sexual harassment and rape attacks. In addition to these terrifying facts, kidnapping, robbery, and terrorist attacks make it a dangerous country for a solo trip. So, roam there with a tour guide or with your family.

3. Brazil

Egypt - solo women travelers

The high rate of murder, femicide, rape, and sexual assault ranked this beautiful country as a dangerous country for women. Likewise, a tourist has to fight other epic offenses such as theft, robbery, political unrest, health issues, etc. You cannot enjoy your trip to the fullest because of such worries. So, it’s better to plan vacations at some other place.

 4. Mexico

Mexico women traveling alone

In Mexico, women are not legally protected against sexual violence and other physical assaults. Solo women travelers are always at risk of facing any such problems. Moreover, like other countries kidnapping, robbery, purse snatching, and theft are common issues for women visitors to deal with.

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5. Peru

Peru women travelling alone

The situation for women’s rights in Peru is not different from other countries. Girls are at high risk as far as sexual abuse and gender violence are concerned. Despite technological advancement and education, women’s rights are the same as in the past years. High rates of robberies, kidnapping, carjacking, sexual abuse, and credit card fraud make this country more vulnerable to female travelers. It is again riskier to walk alone in the streets of Peru.

6. Kenya

Kenya women solo traveler

Hot air balloon tours and wildlife areas in Keynes are eye-catching for many tourists, but high rates of kidnapping, sexual assault, rape, robbery, and theft of female visitors can make it no go area. The presence of terrorist groups and their criminal offenses against the public, especially female tourists, make it a dangerous place for female visitors.

7. South Africa

South Africa

South Africa is said to be the most beautiful continent on earth. Most of the tourist’s list includes South Africa. But apart from its beauty, it is a country that is not safe for solo female tourists. It is the worst place to travel alone at night. Further, it has the highest percentage of sexual harassment. In this region of the world, male partners feel righteous in beating their female partners. So, one must say it is a vulnerable place for women to travel alone. One must take precautionary measures while visiting this country.

8. Russia


When it comes to architectural beauty, Russia is said to be the best place. Architect lovers longed to visit Russia. But apart from its beautifully structured places, it is the 2nd worst place for murdering female partners. Legal discrimination is also at its peak as it is at 9th place in the world regarding discrimination against women. Domestic violence and Sexual harassment are at their peak, and the Russian government takes minimal attention to it. So, if you are visiting Russia alone, think twice and take a guide or partner with you.

9. Dominican Republic

Dominican republic women travelers

This State of the world is famous for its beaches and sea views. But it is an unsafe place for solo women travelers. There is inequality, and women’s rights discrimination is at its peak in this region. More than 60% of women feel unsafe walking alone at night. Violence is used as a weapon to control her. Gender inequality is at its peak. The Dominican Republic is at the 5th number in the countries where the killing of a female partner is a norm. The unintended pregnancy rate of this Latin American State is also very high. So, one must avoid visiting this kind of place alone.

10. Argentina


Argentina is famous for its Iguazu Falls, Steak, and skiing. But where it is good, there is bad as well. When it comes to walking alone at night or street safety, it is in third place. Killing the intimate partner is also very much prevalent. Street crimes and robberies too are common in this area of the world (Buenos Aires most commonly). Locals advise you to keep your expensive jewelry or even a wedding ring in your bag while traveling alone.

As a tourist or nature lover, we cannot ask someone not to visit such places. But one must consider these factors while planning to visit these countries. It is often said “There is no accounting for the tastes”, but one must put personal safety first. Below are some suggestions for you if you are planning to visit the places mentioned above in the world alone. Take some notes about the place while planning. So you must prepare yourself beforehand for the possible safety issue. Do contact the locals and traveling agencies about the reputation of the region you wish to visit. If you know the reputation or status of the place, plan your tour with your family and friends. Try not to take your expensive belongings with you, while you are on a journey towards some vulnerable areas of the world.

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