7 Healthy Alternatives to Coffee to Start Your Day

7 Healthy Alternatives to Coffee to Start Your Day

Being a coffee lover myself, I can relate to your reliance on having a strong cup of coffee. Just imagining that steamy, warm, aromatic brew could awaken your senses. And reading about alternatives to coffee probably makes you ask yourself—why should I quit coffee when it is not a severe addiction. When you drink more than two cups of coffee a day, think of it as a coffee addiction. No doubt, coffee has many stimulants and energizing benefits for the body. But drinking several cups a day put digestive distress on your body. One should lower their caffeine intake and try to replace coffee with some healthy and delicious coffee alternatives.

7 Delicious Alternatives to Coffee That Are Actually Healthy

As much as we need to be relaxed and healthy, there are times our body needs an extra energy boost to keep working. You can get many other caffeine-free beverages that can be a potential replacement for coffee. Here are the seven most popular beverages one can include in their diet as the best alternatives to coffee.

1. Matcha Latte

Alternatives to Coffee - Matcha Latte

Matcha Green Tea or Matcha Latte can multiply the health benefits of regular green tea. It is by far among the best alternatives to coffee as it provides the same energizing effect as coffee. Also, when matcha is brewed with dry, ground tea leaves, it packs a more concentrated amount, up to ten times more antioxidants than green tea. One will not regret taking matcha as a coffee substitute because this green powder, when prepared carefully, lets you stay perky and active all day. Plus, there are no apparent or concealed side effects, such as anxiety or aggression, when you take matcha as an alternative to drinking coffee in the morning.

2. Chicory Root Coffee

Chicory Root Coffee

Known for its bitter taste, like coffee, chicory root is one of the tasty coffee alternatives which provides a caffeine-free energy boost to your body. Similar to coffee beans, chicory root is roasted, ground, and then brewed into a tasty hot beverage. Among the many types of coffee, chicory coffee makes a refreshing coffee alternative to provide inulin. Moreover, chicory coffee is easy to prepare. You have to brew it like you do with the regular coffee grounds, in a French press, filter coffee maker, or espresso machine, and top it with milk. It can prevent you from digestive distress as chicory root coffee stimulates bile secretion, which helps in fat metabolism and supports a healthy gut.

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3. Golden Milk

Alternatives to Coffee - Golden Milk

Due to its beautiful golden-yellow color, the drink is named Golden Milk or, more commonly, Golden Milk Latte. This drink is the best energy drink one could have as a coffee replacement because it helps reduce inflammation and cell damage. It also stimulates the functioning of the brain and improves mood, besides keeping the fatigue far away from you. Golden milk is prepared by mixing turmeric in non-dairy milk, along with ginger, cinnamon, and other healthy spices. The drink keeps lethargy away and improves brain activity as well as boosts your immunity. So, prepare your cup of golden turmeric latte and enjoy this refreshing coffee alternative for your mid-evening boost.

4. Chai/Tea


Chai/Tea or Masala Chai Tea is a worldwide not-so-common but healthy alternative to coffee that is practically a combination of black tea and other spices, like cardamom, cinnamon cloves. The soothing and comforting smell and robust flavour of the tea make it perfect for a morning drink. The black tea in the mixture is the fermented form of green tea, and it provides just a tad bit of caffeine, enough for you to start your day actively. You don’t need a bunch of modern kitchen appliances to prepare the tea; a saucepan is enough. Brew the tea with spices in boiling water for few minutes to bring out its enchanting aroma.

5. Black Tea

Alternatives to Coffee - Black Tea

There are plenty of coffee alternatives, but a few are appealing to the people who are diehard fan of coffee to let them quit coffee. Black tea is a delicious coffee substitute for people who cannot completely cut off the caffeine intake once and for all. A cup of this Camellia sinensis-based tea is a delicious alternative to coffee’s bitter taste as it provides flavour with less dose of caffeine in it. It also promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in our gut and reduces cell damage. Also, the studies reveal that both green and black tea packs a punch of antioxidants in them as well.

6. Coconut Water

Coconut Water

While a regular cappuccino or americano contains artificial sweeteners in them, which can cause potential danger of diabetes in the long run. Coconut Water provides a naturally sweet and refreshing taste to prevent risks of diabetes, and it is a unique coffee alternative. The drink is 94 per cent water with almost zero fat, making it a more reliable energy drink and a better coffee replacement than all others. Coconut water has antioxidant properties, and it can reduce the effects of a hangover as well. Coconut Milk or Coconut Water also lowers blood pressure and can reduce the risk of kidney stones as well.

7. Warm Apple Cider

Alternatives to Coffee - Warm Apple Cider

The sweet but tangy flavoured warm apple cider has the same health benefits as that of apples, yet it is more tasteful on a cold evening with a dash of cinnamon in it. It is the best coffee replacement for anyone who appreciates the rejuvenating taste of apple cider vinegar. Not only does it taste good, but also has many health benefits, like reducing risks of chronic disease, and it boosts your energy as well. You can prepare it by fermenting the crushed apples using bacteria and yeast. The process incorporates in it has the ability to maintain blood sugar levels, which makes such drinks healthy alternatives to coffee.

Some Healthy Ways to Kick Start Your Day

There are other very healthy ways to boost your energy for the day without needing to drink coffee at all. If one has to quit coffee, they must replace coffee intake with other healthy beverages and include healthy habits such as:

1. Morning Workout Routine

Morning Workout Routine

Our body craves that cup of coffee when we are most stressed and anxious. To counteract those feelings, you can first regulate your sleep patterns to improve mood and workout in the morning. You can consider yoga for weight loss or stretching exercise for your morning workout routine. Starting your day with a workout keeps your endorphins level high, which also happens to be the feel-good hormone. Ultimately your every coming day is better than the day before. You feel energized and can go by your day feeling positive and healthy. Join a gym with your friends for a properly guided workout routine.

2. Going Out For Walk

Going Out For Walk

If you are not the type to join a gym or you feel like you are not up for it yet, don’t give up. Consider including a morning walk into your routine because, according to a study, a 20-minute walk reduces the effect of fatigue by almost 65 per cent. You should let your body know that there are different options other than coffee which can help in relieving stress. You can have a perfectly active day, feeling energized without having to take several cups of coffee. Hence, low-intensity exercise can be your first step to lowering your caffeine intake for the day.

3. Eating Healthy

Eating Healthy

Consuming a balanced diet is prudent as it keeps you healthy; also prevent many diseases and health issues from surfacing in the first place. The more a person keeps a check of his diet, the healthier he is. One should improvise their lifestyle changes for healthy living and longevity. Breakfast is an important meal that affects your performance throughout the day. Proteins and fats need more time to digest than corresponding carbs, which usually provide an immediate boost to your body. Thus, having a balanced diet of all these foods will keep your energy up for the day. Try incorporating tasty coffee alternatives such as smoothies and caffeine-free beverages into your morning meal. 

4. Keep Hydrating Your Body

Stay Hydrated

Inadequate hydration leaves people feel persistently tired or exhausted, further causing headaches and low concentration. Drink plenty of water in the morning, go for fresh juices or coconut water; they are good alternatives to coffee. Keep on drinking enough water to satiate your body’s water requirement. Consume at least 8 ounces of water in the early morning. You can also add lemon, mint, cucumber, or other ingredients to keep it exciting and enjoyable.

Most people can’t start their day without coffee, as coffee triggers them to remain fresh throughout the day. Although coffee has many benefits, it is no secret that high caffeine levels cause many negative impacts on your body. Many coffee substitutes allow the same benefits as coffee does without being disadvantageous to our health. Select your alternatives to coffee to make yourself healthy and prevent dependency on a mere drink. The next time you intrigue to pour another cup of coffee, try one of these coffee alternatives.

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