Growing Rate of Aggression In Young Children

aggression in young children

Aggression in children is growing at a tremendously high rate in the recent times. Parenting has really become a big challenge now, you have to be very cautious while nurturing your child. In most cases, parenting held responsible for chidren’s aggressive behavior.

Studies on the child’s behavior show that the violent or aggressive behavior of a child is being learned at the early stages of life. They tend to learn what they see in their day-to-day life. If children spend most time at home, it is the duty of the parents to provide proper guidance and support. If required, parents should attend classes that teach positive ways to handle the difficulties in raising children. A child who stays more time in Child Day Care is more susceptible to be aggressive compared to a child who stays at home. The quality of the Child Day Care does make the difference. Choose the high-quality Day Care for your child because they have more well-trained, sensitive and responsive caregivers. They teach good manners to the children and resolve any conflicts.

Ways to Manage Aggression in Young Children

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  • Show your children your consistent love and affection. A child needs a strong and loving relationship with working parents. It gives the child a feeling of being safe and secure and it also develops a sense of trust. Give appropriate answers to every question they ask.
  • Young children do not have language skills. It has been found that children may act aggressively if they are not able to convey what they want to. They feel helpless because they do not know how to express their feelings.
  • Watching television programs without any supervision may also lead your child to behave in an aggressive manner. Now a day not all but some channels which are supposed to be dedicated to children only also shows some programs full of violence, improper language etc. Monitor the channels and programs your child is watching. Limit his time of watching television. Instead, involve yourself with your children and spend some time playing with them.
  • Violence in the home is another reason which can affect a child’s mental status and at some point, it can be very frightening and harmful to your children development. It is the duty of parents to make their home a happy place to live. The children who have seen violence at home tends to act in an aggressive manner.
  • Children need encouragement, protection, and support from their parents and family members. Without proper supervision, children do not receive the guidance they need. The children who do not receive proper guidance from their parents are more likely to have a behavior problem.
  • Teach your children to give respect to elders and fellow, children may sometime act aggressively and hit other persons. Don’t take such action lightly, talk to your children, make them understand what have they done, if even they don’t understand, send your child for a time-out for this behavior and repeat it whenever they behave like this next time. Do not forget to reward them for their good behavior. Praise them with the word like ‘good job’, I am proud of you’, ‘well done’, ‘bravo’ and last but the least ‘I love you’. Children will appreciate it as they are being rewarded for this behavior.

Aggression is common among the young children. And you are not alone in dealing this situation. In most cases, good parenting is required to get rid of this situation. Parents need to maintain proper discipline at home and let their children follow it. Do not let your children think that they are being neglected. Mold your children the way you want to see them grow.

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