what is peer pressure

Ananya Surana

( Youngest Writer on Board )

Ananya Surana - 16, Published Writer, loves to exceed word limits for school essays. Prefers a cup of coffee and a good book over anything else. Owns thirty pairs of cat socks. She still waits for her Hogwarts letter.

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Very well written Annaya ! Such mature thoughts at your age commands my salute. Peer pressure works both ways. Peer also push you to believe in you and excel in what you do and enables to bring the best out of you . On the other side what you have articulated is so very true, even one of my bright classmates couldn’t handle that and got drifted in his teens. He couldn’t recover after that ! Cheers

This is truly AMAZING Ananya !!!
Kind of maturity at such a tender age !!!
Wow kudos on that !!!

This is so impressive, highly commendable and also motivational for the astray youth..

Very true about the traits of today's generation.
Hope more people come across this & helps the drifted to get back to the right path.

Very nice writeup. Understanding or the awareness of the root cause of such problems at a young age can be a guiding light to those who are walking on the wrong path.
Great job Ananya! Keep writing!

Ananya good work, keep growing and keep going all the best

Ananya good work, all the best

Good work

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