25 Cooking Tips That’ll Make Your Cooking Journey Easy!

Cooking Tips

Love for cooking and a deep appreciation for foods show one’s passion for the art of cooking. When in the kitchen, as women, we always want to cook something the best and always try to introduce a variety of tasty cuisine to our family. For some, cooking a meal is an ordeal, for others, it is just a mundane daily routine, and some people make it exciting because, as I mentioned, cooking is their one true love and passion. But one thing sure is cooking can be made easy if you ensure you follow certain rules. Below are a few cooking tips that can help you to some extent to be better or make cooking easier. Let’s find out what are the best cooking tips you can opt for to make your cooking easier and tastier.

25 Easy Cooking Tips Which You Can Easily Integrate Into Your Kitchen Chores

#Tips 1 

cutting board and knife

Preferably, always try to use the French knife and board for chopping.

#Tips 2 

types of knives - Cooking Tips

Use specially designed knives for every job-slicing, dicing, peeling, boning etc.

#Tips 3 

kitchen scissors

A pair of scissors should always be for kitchen use as it comes in handy in cutting food such as meat or vegetables for salads.

#Tips 4 

cutting board

Put a damp towel or paper towel under your cutting board to prevent it from rotating.

#Tips 5 

high bottom vessel - Cooking Tips

Use a heavy-bottomed vessel to boil milk to prevent it from burning Heavy bottom pan helps prevent food from burning.

#Tips 6 


As we say, cooking is an art, food is engineering, and baking is science, so when you bake, ensure you have a scale for the perfect measurement. 

#Tips 7 

applying oil

Rub hands with little oil before preparing pumpkin and other fuzzy vegetables. It will prevent roughness and irritation of the hands.

#Tips 8 

electric meat grinder cleaning - Cooking Tips

After using an electric meat grinder, put several slices of bread through the grinder. It helps in cleaning the grinder.

#Tips 9

herbs stems

Save the herbs stem and add them to stews, soups, or stocks.

#Tips 10 

lettuce leaves

Preparing Lettuce for salad cups, the core can be removed by firmly hitting the stem end of the head flat against the countertop. Run it through lukewarm water to loosen and separate the leaves. Chill until ready to use.

#Tips 11 

peeling tomato skin

To remove the tomato skin, dip them in boiling water until the skip rips off. Cool immediately by running under cold water. Refrigerate them until ready to use. 

#Tips 12 

egg slicer - Cooking Tips

Apart from eggs, an egg slicer can be excellent for cutting cooked carrots, potatoes, bananas and other soft food.

#Tips 13 


Spinach should be washed thoroughly in several batches of water to remove mud and grit. Before cooking Spinach or any leafy vegetable, soak them in water with little sugar. It helps in increasing the flavour.

#Tips 14 

fresh coffee - Cooking Tips

Coffee should be fresh, so ensure to buy a quantity that will last for less than a week or might harden. 

#Tips 15 


Cheese can be prevented from shrinking and drying if they are not grated long before. Grate them just when needed and keep them back in the refrigerator till use. 

#Tips 16 


Never add salt to large quantities of milk or cream sauce until the end, or else it might curdle.

#Tips 17 

washing dishes - Cooking Tips

Soak dishes containing starch and sugar in cold water and greasy ones in hot soapy water; it saves cleaning time and water to some extent.

#Tips 18 

kneading dough

If you are Indian and want your chapati/roti to be soft, then knead the dough with warm water and try kneading a soft dough.

#Tips 19 

crispy pooris - Cooking Tips

Add 2-5 spoons of semolina/rava/sooji to the wheat dough for making crispy pooris. Also, you can add 3-5 spoons of rice flour or semolina into a besan pakora batter to make crunchy and crispy pakoras.

#Tips 20


While making Paneer dishes, ensure to dip the paneer in warm salt to soften it; this allows the paneer to be soft and to absorb the gravy easily.

#Tips 21

cashew paste

To make creamy gravies without store-bought cream, try using cashew paste to make tastier, richer and heavier gravy.

#Tips 22

bacon - Cooking Tips

Fry eggs or potatoes in the leftover bacon grease and save bacon fat. Also, you can sprinkle flour on bacon to reduce grease splatters.

#Tips 23

add salt

Add a little salt to everything. And if the salt measurement goes wrong, don’t worry; try to add milk or cream to reduce excess salt in curries.

#Tips 24

boiling potato

Add a pinch of salt while boiling potatoes this helps to peel the potato skin quite easily. 

#Tips 25

peeling garlic - Cooking Tips

Peeling garlic takes up a lot of time; in your free time, peel a sufficient amount of garlic and keep it in a ziplock bag and store it in the freezer or simply make a paste and store it in a tight lid container or ziplock bag. 

Another thing you can do is soak the garlic in water for 5-10 minutes and then peel them; it is pretty faster. Or take a container, put some garlic buds in it, add 2-3 drops of oil, put the lid and shake it hard to make the skin comes out easily from the buds.

If you love to cook, you can discover many cooking tips; all you need to do is be watchful and attentive. To make your work easier while cooking, you definitely need the above shared super helpful cooking tips and tricks, so just try them and let us know your cooking secrets via the comment box. 

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