Couple Fighting || The Five Arguments Every Couple Has- And It Goes On…!

Couple Fighting

Men are from Mars and women from Venus, which is precisely why we find creatures from this planet arguing. What a man thinks and what a woman thinks are different, and these differences of opinions lead to what we mean by a heated argument or couple fighting, and it goes on. Arguments can arise on money or finance, ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, daily household chores, responsibility as a parent, lack of time given to each other and if nothing, then just a silly annoyance. But have we thought about how these couple arguments begin and what is the fundamental root cause of these sudden eruptions of such couple fights! Let’s find out.

5 Matters On Which Couple Fighting Goes On!

Couple fighting can be silly, serious or severe depending upon the situation they are going through. Be it marriage, live-in or an open relationship, when you are committed to that one person, you become possessive and seek attention and loyalty. Sometimes over-possessiveness between couples can lead their relationship to a breaking point. However, to be in a relationship is not easy; it needs love, care, trust, respect, support, and understanding to live happily ever after. Still, couple fighting occurs in almost all relationships; let’s look at what they are and how to deal with such a couple fight.

1. You Don’t Love Me Anymore. Do You?

couple have no love

Any argument starts, and then the reason you don’t love me anymore. In fact, the women folk are the ones who argue about this simply because they are so very insecure about the love they receive from their partner. Come on, every day cannot be a fairy tale, or your partner cannot be the Romeo he was always. After those courtship days and your confession of love for each other, responsibilities follow as you have decided to live the rest of your lives with each other. When it comes to him, as he loves you, he might be trying hard to become a responsible man and has to cater to many more matters in life, and he can’t sit beside your bedside and always have romantic days all his life.


Be practical; this is real life and not reel life, so be sure your partner loves you and will always love you. Small and petty matters shouldn’t let you have a question of doubt. Give him time, space and freedom to express himself; don’t make him do it by force. It won’t work that way. Be his lover and love him, not a boss and order him. Be patient.

2. You Don’t Trust Me

couple do not trust each other

The trust factor is the main string of a relationship that keeps it going. If mutual trust doesn’t exist or is lost between a couple, believe me, the basic foundation of a relationship is missing. Trust should be from both sides. I don’t believe you; why did you lie to me? Do I need to remind you time and again? I know you will not do it. All these statements hurt the other partner and clearly show that trust is gone between you two.


Remember, fidelity and trust are what you promised each other, so be committed in this relationship and learn to forgive and forget. Simply avoid lies, cheating on each other, keeping secrets, and infidelity. Be more open and understanding towards each other and avoid the blame game.

3. I Know You Were with Him/Her

disloyalty in relationship

I’m sure you are still in touch with your ex. I know you were with her/him; whom are you sending these SMS? Why do these questions come to your mind? 

Many of us may have had a past and been in a relationship before. But why do you keep complaining or doubting that your partner is seeing or still in touch with their ex-partner? They have broken up because things were not going fine with them, or they were not compatible. You are the person he is involved with currently and what he values now, so simply ignore and forget the ‘EX’ factor.


As mentioned above, this argument will never happen if the first two points, i.e. love and trust, are there in your relationship. In plain words, if you love and trust your partner, you will never question them about the past relationship or ex. Remember, the past is history; live in the present. You being with your partner is today, so a past shouldn’t bother you.

4. You Don’t Have Time For Me Anymore

couple do not have time for each other

You used to spend so much time with me, and now you don’t have time for anything. This argument starts off and ends nowhere cause it is simply a baseless argument. Why couldn’t we go out for lunch together? Why did you go out with your friends? These arguments turn into couple fighting because you are over-possessive and insecure without your partner, but you are harming yourself by doing so. Your constant nagging will allow your partner to drift away from you. 


Try to spend time with each other it is important, but besides time do give enough space and freedom to each other as well. Your partner is not accountable for every breath they take; they have their life and priority. Don’t just be the possessive, obsessed lover; it will ruin your relationship with each other as no one likes to be ruled and dictated by their partner. Just mature in your relationship, and you will find your partner giving you the needed time.

5. I Am Fed Up With Life. You Will Never Understand 

fed up life - Couple Fighting

I have to clean and tidy up, cook, look after the kids, and send them to school; I am tired and fed up. I feel like a housemaid. You will never understand, you are heartless, you can’t see anything. For a married couple, especially attending to daily household chores, kids, laundry, cleaning, and cooking becomes tiresome, and this argument must be doing the round in everyone’s house. Couple fighting on such issues can definitely ruin what is in between them. 


Share and distribute work chores, see if you can find help like a babysitter or maid, and take turns doing routine chores like laundry, cooking and cleaning. Appreciate your partner for the effort they take to manage the house. Show your love and concern by going out for a relaxing weekend, a getaway from the mundane chores, gifting, and pampering. Trust me, it helps.

Remember, life is all about adjustments. What you need is time, patience, commitment, honesty, love, forgiveness, trust and a great deal of understanding for each other. Silly annoyances, petty fights and arguments take away the peace from your life and hurt one another. Just learn to relax in every situation, avoid couple fighting, and use simple techniques to live a happier, stronger, healthier relationship.

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