How do You Know if You are Attractive or Unattractive? 16 Signs you are Unattractive!


Let’s be honest; most of us desperately want to gauge our attractiveness. We keep looking for signs that tell us that we are attractive or signs that tell us the opposite. Oftentimes you are left utterly confused as sometimes you think you’re hot as hell and at other times hide yourself in your room to not curse others with the sight of your face. Suppose you find signs you are unattractive; what to do or how to overcome the negativity that comes with it? Understanding the question is most important before getting the solution, and to make it a little simpler for you, here are 16 signs telling you you are not attractive.

16 Signs you are Unattractive that May Change How you Look at Yourself 


16 Signs you are Unattractive

The only compliments that you ever get paid are the likes of “you’re so smart”, or “you’re so funny”, or even worse, “you have such a cool personality.”

This is even worse if your intelligence, humour or personality is not above average or mediocre. People might exclusively give you these kinds of compliments because, well, they can’t compliment your looks, and they might be trying to compensate.


Unattractive On Dating Apps

You rarely or never match with people on dating sites, even though you aren’t miserly with your swipes.

No points for guessing this sign of you being unattractive. I mean, if almost everyone in an X-mile radius sees your photo and says “nope”, that’s as obvious of a sign as you’ll ever get that you aren’t exactly the best in the bunch.  


Signs you are Unattractive

Kids comment on you looking weird.

I get it, kids behave dumb sometimes, but you know what else kids are? Honest. Kids don’t usually have a sense of what is an appropriate thing to say to people and what isn’t; hence, they are some of the most honest people you will ever meet. So if a four-year-old tells you that you have a giant forehead or that you remind them of the green goblin, they probably mean it.  


Unattractiveness signs

No one laughs at your self-deprecating jokes

If instead of laughing, people’s response is cold, awkward or discomfiting on your self-deprecating jokes, it is quite a sign that they might be doing it because they think you are unattractive. The fact that you are joking is not obvious to them (since they consider you aren’t attractive, and they believe you think so, too), so they don’t know if it is appropriate to laugh or not. You might have meant it as a joke, but in their mind, you just stated an uncomfortable truth, hence the awkwardness.  


People say you look like a celebrity who is, in fact, not attractive 

This is not rocket science, folks; if someone tells you, you look like Danny Devito, they don’t think you are attractive. There is also a non-zero per cent chance that they are fat shaming you.


hot friends

People very rarely/never hit on you

Once again, this is a fairly obvious sign you aren’t attractive — you notice that people hit on you considerably less than on those around you (unless all the people around you just happen to be very hot, I guess 🙂


hitch with unattractive person

When your friends try to hitch you up with unattractive people

If your friends try to set you up with someone whose unattractiveness is unacknowledged yet common knowledge in your social group (no disrespect to that person, you two are in the same boat). Chances are higher they think that person is “in your league”, pointing to your friends thinking that you are unattractive.   


unattractive you

Everyone who you have a crush on tells you how you will make someone else very happy

It just so happens that they think you are so likeable and funny and charming and yada yada yada, but don’t interest them in you. They are such generous people that they want someone else to appreciate your qualities. This is, needless to say, bullcrap; they just are not attracted to you. 



The moment they find your interest in them, they friendzone you immediately.

Every person you could potentially date immediately establishes how you are just a very good friend to them, almost like a sibling. Someone who they can never date because that would be too weird because, again, you are such a bestie. Well, I’m sorry, my bestie; it might be a sign that you are unattractive.


People never spontaneously or enthusiastically take pictures of you. 

Have you noticed that some people have this weird quality that makes their friends take spontaneous pictures of them from time to time? These moments are usually coupled with phrases such as, “The wind makes your hair look so good” and “Your skin is glowing in this light”. Have you also noticed that people who possess such qualities also tend to be attractive? If you haven’t, you should start noticing already. If this has never happened to you, you either have friends who do not like clicking pictures, or they don’t think you look good enough to warrant taking such shots.


creepy look

You are accused of being creepy when you are being reasonably innocuous.

We all sometimes behave in ways that can seem creepy by accident. You absentmindedly stare forward, but your gaze happens to be fixed on a stranger. You accidentally brush past someone, or sometimes a quirk in your personality can seem creepy from a different perspective. Often, whether people around you assume that you are innocent or malicious depends on how attractive you are. So if you are continuously on target of being creepy during situations where you think others wouldn’t, you could just be unattractive. Do not take this the wrong way, though. If someone tells you that you are being creepy, the first thing you should do is evaluate if you are being creepy.


beautiful friends

People often talk to you to get to know your attractive friend.

Now, this could be just because you have a beautiful friend, but when people indicate that they are open to the dating market but never consider you, it could be among one of the signs you are unattractive.


dating you to make fun

People use the idea of someone dating you to make fun of that someone. 

This is a high school cliche, but there is a reason why it is a cliche, as it is pretty obvious that this could be a sign that you are unattractive. It implies that one ought to be embarrassed if they were to date you or that dating you is not something a person with self-respect would do.   


You joke about dating someone, and they make it a point to establish that it is not a possibility. 

This could be simply because the other person thinks you want to date them and you are not their type. They can come up with their excuses or jokes, but if the joke is relatively innocuous, one can let it go, as when they approach with such a response, it indicates they don’t find you attractive.  


People get uncomfortable when you compliment their looks. 

You tell someone that their clothes look flawless or that they had a glow-up, but all you get back is an uncomfortable smile or awkward acknowledgement. This could be because the other person does not know how to handle compliments and gets shy around them, but if they are not that kind of a person, this could be a sign you are unattractive to them. They might think you are attracted to them, but they don’t want that kind of attention from you.


Strangers are never that nice to you.

Let’s not kid ourselves—How strangers’ behaviour towards you can significantly influence how attractive you are to them. If you have never received more than the bare minimum courtesy, or if you keep receiving even less than that from your interactions with strangers, well, you can finish this sentence on your own.

A Closure

While reading this list and signs you are unattractive, or any other list discussing aspects of beauty that you will be reading(yes, you might binge-read these lists – but you know who you are!), don’t let it capture your positivity. Remember, attractiveness is not entirely about genes; factors like hygiene, personality, confidence, and competence also play a role in determining how attractive you appear to others, and luckily enough, these factors are much more under your control than your genetic makeup. So yes, let’s not mope around complaining about how hot people have it easier in the world. Let’s root for that attractive co-worker or classmate of yours to start balding, but let’s also take the steps we can to better how we appear to others by improving ourselves in ways that we can. 

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