Body- Shame

Ananya Surana

( Youngest Writer on Board )

Ananya Surana - 16, Published Writer, loves to exceed word limits for school essays. Prefers a cup of coffee and a good book over anything else. Owns thirty pairs of cat socks. She still waits for her Hogwarts letter.

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A very inspiring and eye opening view about health because now a days everyone is blindly copying the all sorts of things on their body without knowing that each one is unique biologically and emotionally. Every individual has their own sets of beliefs regarding health and nutrition unless someone really awakens their own power of healing which God has given to their body and mind. So respect not only your own body but others as well knowing the fact that they are different from you.

In a time and age where everyone is obsessed with having things 'slim' – from smartphones to watches to TV's, glad to see someone actually looking at the truest, human element attached with slimming; and taking it further by associating with the obsession behind it.

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