Unfinished Work – Are You Doing Yourself Justice by Bringing Work Home!


Work is a constant part of life. Everyone can understand the stress we get from working overtime. Whether you work part-time, or full-time, or whether you are a student, professor, or housewife, you all can relate to the incomplete tasks at your disposal and the stress you get from the thought of them. To complete these tasks at hand, most of us tend to bring unfinished work home from our workplace. Even if you enjoy your work, you should give considerable time to other things in life besides work. When we bring work home and spend hours on that, taking office calls and checking emails during dinner with our family, we are not doing them justice by not fulfilling the purpose of family time.

Here are ten reasons for you not to bring the unfinished work home.

1. It Brings Over-spilling Problems and Stress to Your Home

Bringing Work Home

Out of all the working people, more than 85% bring work home, and by doing this, they tag along with them all the stress and worries of the workplace home. Home is where you can sit and relax with the people you care about the most. You work yourself off to provide for them a better lifestyle. But you don’t realize that this brings stress, worries, aggression, and troubles more than a better life. You will also have an office at home, which is unhealthy.

2. It Highly Affects Your Performance at Work

Work Stress

When you have turned on an all-time work mode switch, you can no longer have the energy and enthusiasm for the tasks you have to do. You have not done any good to you by bringing work home all the time. You would feel engulfed in never-ending stress. Eventually, it renders your performance at work. You feel agonizing pain taking over your soul. It affects your work, taking up more of your time to finish the tasks perfectly, leading to never-ending work both at the office and at home. The only way for you to deal with it and keep your performance good; is to manage stress at your workplace.

3. It Elevates Depression and Anxiety

Unfinished Work Elevates Depression

It is quite clear that you feel tense when you get stuck in an infinite loop of pressure from work. Work takes up much of your family time. You are doomed to get yourself to fall into the pits of despair, depression, and anxiety. You feel incompetent and depressed. Your ideal happy times at home become another workspace for you. But it is like this only when you are bringing the work home and not managing your tasks properly. You never spare any time to relax your mind, which ultimately brings you to the door of the devil named “Depression.”

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4. You Begin Losing Your Focus

Losing focus due to unfinished work

A major lag in your work productivity is the loss of focus. It is natural that when you have your mindset on only one thing, and you are not giving it any rest, you will automatically lose your ability to focus. You cannot develop your focus on anything at all, let alone work. These things are; because you find yourself worried and depressed about workload and not focusing on finishing it on time. This habit makes you a weak person, as you can no longer think through tough situations.

5. You Cannot Have Enough Time to Eat and Sleep

Justice with Work

Your work takes you up from day till late at night. You invite discomfort when you are still hooked on unfinished work, even when you should relax. There is a frequent sleep deprivation when you are up even after midnight, sucked into your work. People also tend to not spare time to eat as they think it will delay their work. Our minds will not think through the fact, “Health is Wealth” because our minds are always worried about all the pending tasks.

6. It Harms the Quality of Your Relationships

Our lives should not revolve only around our work. One must not ignore the loving relationships they have around them for decades. Those people are putting up with your overtime work and the stress you add to previously existing family stress. It is no secret that every relationship requires effort. And when you think about it, it is these relations whom you are working so hard for, to provide comfort and leisure. By taking your work home more often, you are damaging the quality of your relationships with your parents, spouse, children, or siblings. They need more than they want luxury in life. You can help yourself by keeping a balance between work and home.

7. You Don’t Have a Considerable Success Rate

Working Tips

The greater success rate of your work depends on how focused you have been while accomplishing the tasks. The concerning issue is not how many hours you have spent on a certain job; unless you have done it with perfection. The problem with working overtime or stressing over it all the time is that you lose your focus and attentiveness to a particular task at hand. While you feel worried, you barely manage to keep pace, let alone meet the increasing success rate graph.

8. It Affects Your Mental and Physical Health

Effects of Overworking

With all that chaos in your life, the stress, worries, failures, deprivation of sleep, and proper meals, you tend to get disturbed. Your mind and body need rest. Think of it as you need to rejuvenate and recharge before working again. Without these measures, you have a tremendous decline in physical and mental health. People who stress over their work all day long normally have headaches, migraines, sore eyes, and back pain. Moreover, depression and anxiety add to your worries and make your health suffer much greater devastation.

9. You Can Not Keep Track of Your Priorities

Sometimes, we get so absorbed in our work that completely forget about our priorities, taking work as our only responsibility. A person has to take responsibility for the people who depend on him. Once you get lost in loads of work and start taking work home, you tend to neglect the emotional needs of the ones closest to you. They need you more than anything. Especially the working women have to shoulder greater responsibility. There are certain careers for women, which allow them to work while having enough time for their home and with a nice paycheck.

10. You are Losing Your Confidence

Losing Your Confidence

With all that severe stress, pain, and depression, tensions break out. Your focus gets disturbed, and productivity becomes zero. And because of all this, you deny your self-worth and start degrading yourself for not accomplishing things in life. This feeling makes you lose your confidence and lower your self-esteem. Home is where we have respect and value. It would be best if you took charge of your life to start feeling confident again.

Thus, taking the pending or unfinished work home with you is never a wise idea. You can work at home once in a while, but you should never let this become a habit of yours. By not bringing work home, you will be able to focus on every aspect of your life and feel worthy enough to achieve greater success and more productivity.

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