How to Maintain Your Long Hair? How to Take Care of Long Hair || 11 Tips for Women with Long Hair!


Our hair strand is composed of tiny protein cells known as keratin. Since hair grows a standard of a half-inch each month, it’s necessary to provide them with enough nourishment to help them rejuvenate properly. When hair is exposed to the environment, it becomes more subject to breakage, discolouration, and dryness. Usually, long hair requires special care and extra time at each stage, including washing, drying, and styling, to maintain its health. Today we will talk about how to take care of long hair.

Why Taking Care of Long Hair is Important?

how to take care of long hair

Taking care of long hair is itself a task, and that too quite a tedious one; from hair cut to hair wash, everything keeps on your front foot. You just can’t adapt anything or follow any hair care routine to take care of your long hair. Lengthy hair needs more care than shorter locks. For example, long hair is more prone to tangle, breakage, and fall. They become more fragile when they grow longer, and that’s why you need to be extra cautious in taking care of your long hair

How to Maintain Long Hair?

You must strictly take care of your hair if you want to maintain your long locks to appear dense and healthy. Regular trims and a healthy diet can help keep your long locks in adequate condition. And when you miss all essential hair cair prerequisites, it might cause damage and frizz; choose the right hair care products, equipment, and accessories that help strengthen and protect your hair. Bedtime night care routine must be precise, and you should take extra precautions to shield your hair from damage during your sleep routine. Let’s peep at some hair care tips on how to take care of long hair.

1. Keep Long Hair Moisturized

Long Hair Moisturized

When you have long hair, deep moisturizing treatments can truly help. Here using hydrating products on a regular basis, such as oil treatment and a hair mask that adds moisture to the hair follicles, is a must. When your hair is thoroughly moisturized, they become smooth and less tangled. In long hair, it is good to have soft and tangle-free hair before combing. However, while washing your hair, carefully wring out as much moisture from your hair as before using any conditioning products. This will aid your conditioner in penetrating the cuticle and supplying moisture to the various layers. 

2. Choose Organic Products

Organic Hair Care Products

When your hair’s natural oils are preserved, you will find less greasy hair, reduced hair breakage, longer-lasting hair colour, and overall lustre and health in hair. Always check out for shampoos and conditioners that are paraben and sulphate-free, and always pick hair products that suit your hair type. Products containing isopropyl alcohol, sodium laureth sulphate, and sodium lauryl sulphate should be avoided. Choose natural ingredients, such as coconut milk, honey, or avocado oil. 

3. Protein Consumption

Protein for Hair

Lack of nutrition can affect the health and development of hair since keratin makes up most of your hair. Eat a variety of healthful meals, including lean protein, as hair thinning can be caused by a protein shortage. Drink plenty of water and eat foods high in vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K to keep long hair healthy and shiny. Mangos, kale, greens, sweet potatoes, avocado, and apples are foods enriched with vitamins A, C, E, and K. Vitamin E, folic acid, and biotin supplements can help promote healthy hair growth.

4. Plan Routine Trims

hair trimming

Split ends are caused by deterioration of the hair shaft and the fraying or splitting of the hair fibre damaging the entire strand; if left untouched, once the split reaches the hair shaft, it is too late and beyond repair; therefore, prevention comes in the form of impairment and damage control. A good pair of scissors makes the best preventive measure and the only effective cure. Regular trim helps you get rid of hair damage and split ends. Make a habit of getting your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks to remove damaged ends and stop split ends from re-splitting.

5. Steer Clear Of Tight Hairstyles

Tight Hairstyles

Since long hairs are difficult to carry comparatively short hair and getting an effortless, simple and easy hairstyle is somewhat demanding, holding long hair truly needs all your effort. Top knots, braids, and ponytails are fashionable and cute hairstyles, but these styles severely strain your hair and are harmful. Choose a low updo or ponytail if you like to draw your hair up and back but avoid wrapping it too tightly. Consider a scrunchie made of a plastic coil because these hair bands don’t tug at the scalp, so they gather your hair securely and prevent further damage.

6. Avoid Towel Drying

Avoid Towel Drying

For some people, towel drying the hair is good to go. However, wrapping your hair in a towel, especially one made of cotton, can make them substantially frizzier with split ends. When it’s doable, air dry your hair instead blow drying. To dry your hair, use microfiber towels instead of conventional ones because they are softer and less harmful.

7. Less Shampooing

Less Shampooing

If you are a regular shampoo person, ensure to cut it down because frequent shampooing strips your hair of its natural oils and can make your hair dry and damage them in the long run. Before shampoo application, ensure to make your completely wet with lukewarm water, then apply the shampoo to your entire scalp and crown, followed by a conditioner to the tips of your hair. And when you have long hair, it is strictly not advisable to shampoo every day. Try to shampoo the hair on the third day instead. Use dry shampoos or hair powder to keep oil-free between the washes. 

However, I suggest avoiding dry shampoos if possible because they don’t cleanse your hair or scalp; they simply hide or camouflage the dirt and grease on your scalp. In a nutshell, they aren’t a replacement for hair washing with water, and overuse of dry shampoo can result in an itchy, dry scalp.

8. Minimize Exposure To Extreme Heat

exposure To Extreme Heat

Avoid heat; you will harm your hair if they are exposed to harsh or extreme heat on a regular basis. The hair styling tools cause more damage to your hair because of their heat functions, be it a blow dryer, curling iron or straightener, trying to use them as less you can. However, with a blow dryer, you can get some relief due to their cold temperature setting. Always purchase blow dryers that come with the cold temperature because drying your hair on this setting helps to maintain your tresses’ health. Choose a straightener or curling iron with a temperature listed in degrees rather than “High,” “Medium,” or “Low.” You may regulate the temperature with these options. Hot tools, such as curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers, use high temperatures that break down the structure of your hair. Also, you must apply a protective heat agent that shields your hair strands from the heat.

9. The Better The Comb, The Better The Brushing

right comb

Fine-bristled brushes and combs can harm your hair because they can rip out hair strands from excessive friction. Also, damp hair is more vulnerable to harm; you should avoid using these brushes on wet hair. Instead, choose a comb with broad teeth. A quality hairbrush is a wise purchase if you have long hair. The sebum your scalp produces through the hair follicles is the ideal lipid for long hair. A high-quality brush can assist in distributing sebum to the ends.

10. Correct Detangling

detangling long hair

After washing, avoid attempting to comb without first applying hair serums since wet hair is most elastic and more likely to break. You should detangle your long strands just after they have dried. Keeping long hair free of tangles may be a full-time effort since knots add additional stress to all hair, and irritation and impatience can result in damage.

11. Scalp Massage To Promote Healthy Follicles

hair massage

You must begin treating your hair from its root if you want it to grow long and keep it healthy and lush. Use the right mix of career and essential oils that suit your hair type for massaging. Regularly massaging your scalp thoroughly promotes blood flow to the follicles, delivering the nutrients required for healthy hair development. You might use a scalp massage brush to distribute blood circulation to hair follicles and to remove excess debris on the scalp. 

Final Advice

long hair care

‘How to take care of long hair’: Most women constantly struggle with this one question because hair care is essential for the appearance and personal hygiene; healthy hair reflects your overall body health. But hair is not just about long hair only; hair is one’s persona and matters to everyone. Stress, a poor diet, and insufficient sleep may cause unhealthy and lifeless-looking hair. For nourishing hair health, you need comprehensive care, so ensure your diet must be enriched with enough vitamins or nutrients, and if you lack any of these, your might find brittle hair with frequent hair loss, fall and breakage. Also, healthy hair leads to a happier and more confident version of you, so make sure to eat well, drink enough water, reduce stress, and live a healthy lifestyle.

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