How to Make Kale Chips in an Air Fryer?

How to Make Kale Chips in an Air Fryer

How to make kale chips in an air fryer? Kale is a well known green leafy vegetable that is rich in nutrients. It offers a range of benefits for our health and is an excellent choice to be included in meals for all ages, right from children to adults. Kale is known to manage various lifestyle disorders and is recommended as a part of a balanced diet. 

Benefits of Kale

benefits of kale

Green leafy vegetables have always been an excellent source of nutrients and a vital part of any balanced diet, especially if you follow a plant-based lifestyle. Leafy greens offer a variety of nutrients and can help prevent, treat and maintain lifestyle disorders. Kale, in particular, is known to be very rich in antioxidants, like Quercetin and Kaempferol. It is one of the most nutrient-dense food items known to consist of Vitamin A,C,K and B6, is high in minerals, and contains omega – 3 fatty acids which is good for health. 

However, not all of us enjoy the taste of kale in salads, smoothies, juices or as a vegetable. What do we do then? A good option is to include kale chips in your diet sometimes.

But Aren’t Kale Chips Unhealthy?

kale chips - How to Make Kale Chips in an Air Fryer

Yes, kale chips come under the fried food category, and munching on them too much can be unhealthy. What can be done, though, is using an air fryer to make your kale chips. Now, you might wonder, do air fryers make good chips? And the answer is yes, absolutely! Air fryers offer an advantage over conventional frying, and you can sometimes enjoy your air fried kale chips along with a balanced lifestyle. However, do remember that air-fried chips are still fried. Consumed occasionally, they can give you the benefits of kale, but overdo it, and you’re in for health problems.

How Do You Make Kale Chips Using an Air Fryer?

Make Kale Chips Using an Air Fryer

To make Kale Chips in your air fryer, you will need any kind of kale, some oil, and seasoning of your choice. 

  • Start by washing and cleaning the kale and drying it thoroughly. You can do it by leaving them in the sun or using paper towels or cloth towels to dry them. 
  • Cut the leaves from the spine and keep them aside. 
  • Then, roughly tear the spine into bite-sized pieces, or however, you want your chips to be.
  • Spread them out on a tray or dish and coat them lightly with any oil of your choice. Make sure that each leaf has a thin layer of oil over it.
  • Sprinkle some salt over the chips and gently toss to coat.
  • After this, transfer the leaves to the air fryer basket. Make sure that no leaves overlap each other so that each leaf can be fried well. You might have to cook the chips in several batches depending on the quantity you desire.
  • If you notice that the leaves are flying around in the basket, you may choose to use the rack that comes in with the air fryer.
  • Now, depending upon the air fryer model, air fry the chips according to the instructions given in the appliance manual. Keep a close eye on the chips. They are done when they turn crispy. 
  • Take the chips out of the fryer and season them with your favorite seasonings. This can include herbs, oregano, paprika, onion or garlic powder, or any other seasoning that you enjoy. 
  • Your kale chips are ready!

How to Make Kale Chips Crispy?

crispy kale chips - How to Make Kale Chips in an Air Fryer

Your best bet to making those perfectly crispy kale chips is to use your air fryer at the least possible temperature. Sure, it takes longer to cook this way, but it avoids any burnt patches and allows you to enjoy a warm, whole and crispy, batch. This technique also prevents the kale chips from becoming very bitter and gives you a tasty snack.

Why Are My Kale Chips Soggy?

kale chips soggy

Moisture is the culprit behind soggy kale chips. If you haven’t dried the chips well enough, the water on the leaves can steam the chips in the air fryer, taking away every bit of crispiness from them. Additionally, if you pour any kind of liquid seasoning, like vinegar or hot sauce, into the air fryer before cooking, the chips can turn soggy or chewy. Your best option is then first to ensure that your leaves are completely dry before you pop them into the air fryer. Leave the liquid seasonings to be added after the chips are out of the fryer. Also, ensure that you store any leftover chips in an airtight container so that you can enjoy them later.

Can I Overeat Kale Chips?

overeat kale chips - How to Make Kale Chips in an Air Fryer

Kale chips can quickly become an enjoyable delicacy for you. However, you might not want to overdo it. With a good diet and exercise, having these chips occasionally is the right way to go about it. Too much of kale can hamper your thyroid functioning and leave you with health issues to take care of. Ensure that you consume kale in different forms, and most importantly, enjoy it in moderation. 

At the same time, if you have never tasted kale before, you must consult your doctor before making any massive addition to your diet. Check for possible allergies or for the pros and cons of consuming a particular ingredient. Also, know that although the kale chips made in the air fryer are better than conventionally fried chips, still they’re not the best way to consume kale. So be sure to take adequate steps to balance it out in your diet, and you are free to relish this delicacy guilt-free!

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