What Causes Cholesterol Deposits? How To Get Rid Of Cholesterol Deposits From Under Your Eyes


Cholesterol deposits are never good for health whenever they exist. But cholesterol deposits under the eyes indicate a severe underlying condition. These cholesterol deposits are usually harmless and exist as fatty yellow lumps around the eyes. One such condition of cholesterol deposits is called xanthelasma. Sometimes, it is harmless and without a cause. But other times, it may indicate high cholesterol level, liver condition, or hypothyroidism. Here, you will learn how to get rid of cholesterol deposits and the causes of various cholesterol deposits. There are several ways how to remove cholesterol deposits around eyes naturally.

7 Ways For How To Get Rid Of Cholesterol Deposits Around Eyes?

If you are here to know how to remove cholesterol deposits around the eyes naturally, you may not get enough methods of treatment. But there are several ways to get rid of these cholesterol growths.

1. Using Garlic Cloves

Using Garlic Cloves

Garlic is beneficial for healthy living, and it helps treat a lot of health issues. Most importantly, it is the key factor in lowering cholesterol levels in your body. If you consume half or one whole clove of garlic each day, you will undoubtedly get the answer for how to get rid of cholesterol deposits. They are also known to lose weight as well.

2. Sipping Green Tea Daily

Sipping Green Tea Daily - how to get rid of cholesterol deposits

You can never deny the benefits of green tea, even if you want to. Green tea contains anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, and cholesterol-lowering properties. This helps you get rid of the cholesterol deposits or xanthelasma by reducing cholesterol from your whole body. You should drink a cup of this green tea once or twice each day. You can also place teabags in the refrigerator and use them under your eyes as an eye mask.

3. Drink Fenugreek Seed

Drink Fenugreek Seed

Fenugreek seeds are incredibly healthy for you. Also, most of you have probably never heard the name of these seeds. More familiarly, these seeds are called methi seeds and have proven their worth in recent years. You can consume a spoonful of this seed’s powder each day. And you can also soak some fenugreek seeds in a cup of water and drink this water early in the morning. They will help reduce cholesterol levels in your liver and intestine.

4. Chemical Cauterization

Chemical Cauterization - how to get rid of cholesterol deposits

This is an easy medicinal procedure if you want to learn how to get rid of cholesterol deposits through other treatments as well. Your doctor will recommend you some topical medicines containing chemical agents such as chlorinated acetic acid. You will have to apply this according to the prescription to treat and remove the lesions. This way, you will get rid of the xanthelasma growths from around your eyes easily in a few days.

5. Doing Cryotherapy


Cryotherapy term refers to the freezing of specific tissues under a controlled environment. In this clinical method, your doctor will remove the cholesterol deposits in a set of repeated sessions for some time. Even though this technique helps remove cholesterol growths from your face and around the eyes. It could also cause intense swelling in eyelids and scars due to lax tissues.

6. Laser Treatment

Laser treatment - how to get rid of cholesterol deposits

Laser treatments are more advanced and less invasive as compared to surgical procedures. That is why people are comfortable getting laser treatments. If a laser source is used like Er: YAG laser, then it also comes with a little more risk of scarring than the other types of lasers. You can treat a lot of cholesterol deposits, but the laser treatment will leave a change in skin pigmentation after the procedure.

7. Latest Electrodessication Technique

Latest Electrodessication Technique
Image Credit: medscapestatic.com

This relatively advanced and new procedure refers to treatment performed for the treatment of skin cancer. With this procedure, unwanted cell and tissue growth is burned and completely removed and scrapped. This is how to get rid of cholesterol deposits using the latest techniques. And it is applied along with cryotherapy etc., to remove deposits.

Some Preventive Measures To Remove Cholesterol Deposits

Sometimes, prevention is far better than finding a cure. It is excellent if you know how to get rid of cholesterol deposits around the eyes. But if you want to know how to prevent them before they appear, you must improvise some lifestyle changes.

1. Exercising Daily Or Regularly

Exercising Daily - how to get rid of cholesterol deposits

Regular exercise can prevent many health issues, keep you healthy, and increase your longevity. If you are overweight or obese, it is because of the high levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol, triglycerides, or trans fat accumulation. Losing weight means you will get rid of this unhealthy cholesterol, and it prevents any sort of cholesterol deposition.

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2. Reducing Alcohol Intake

Reducing Alcohol Intake

Alcohol intakes daily are hazardous to your health. If you are that person who goes out with friends all the time and ends up coming home drunk, you should worry about your health. Reducing the intake of alcohol can save you from many hassles later in your life.

3. Quitting Smoking

Quitting Smoking - how to get rid of cholesterol deposits

Smoking is one nasty and unhealthy habit that harms not only you but also affects the health of your loved ones. Cholesterol deposits clog up your blood more if there are carcinogens in your blood as well. Tobacco smoking can raise the level of LDL cholesterol. One should talk to their doctor to quit smoking to prevent health issues.

Causes Of Cholesterol Deposits Around Eyes

Cholesterol deposits around the eyes could be harmless, or they could be a clear indication of some serious health issue. A xanthelasma could be a symptom of conditions like hypothyroidism, liver diseases, diabetes, or dyslipidemia. Here are some leading causes:

  • If a person is diagnosed with dyslipidemia, deposits will appear.
  • The cause of it could be high levels of both good and bad cholesterol. It could either be harmless or very alarming.
  • Diabetes in women and men also leads to dyslipidemia, and cholesterol deposits could appear.

These conditions may lead to the deposition of cholesterol or lipids inside the walls of arteries leading to blockage and ultimately becoming the leading cause of heart attack in women and men. If there are several such cholesterol growths around the eyelid, they are called xanthelasmata. You should talk to your doctor about it.

Lastly, health is far more valuable than any other wealth. You must pay attention to these small deposits around your eyes. First, know what these are and talk to your doctor about them. They know how to get rid of cholesterol deposits. You will then be able to tackle your health issues precisely. We should always take small things as seriously and pay attention to the signs our body gives us before it becomes problematic.

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