What is Cellulite? How to Get Rid of Cellulite? 

What is Cellulite? How to Get Rid of Cellulite? 

Our body needs sheer care; as we grow old, we go through numerous changes in our body due to endless reasons. Some changes are acceptable, and some give us distress. The reasons behind these changes in health can be anything; it can be stress, obesity and other health conditions. And being human, we always want to live healthy and happy. If you examine bumpy and dimpled skin on your thighs, buttocks, abdomen, or upper arms, you might get worried. You must know you have cellulite; cellulite is no threat to your physical health; it is not a medical issue. It is, in fact, a cosmetic condition, hitting 80-90% of women thinking about how to get rid of cellulite. However, it is an alarming situation to take care of your weight. Let’s go in-depth and read about cellulite.

What is Cellulite?

What is Cellulite

Cellulite is a pocket of fat deposition commonly found on the butt, thighs, and stomach. It resembles more like cottage cheese. Fat collected in these body parts pushes the connective tissues beneath the skin, which causes the skin’s surface to dimple or pucker and look lumpy. It is not a rare case, near about 90 % of women develop cellulite at some time during their life cycle. On an infrequent occasion, men have it sometimes. Cellulite affects women more than men.

Where Cellulite Affects the Most?

Where Cellulite Affects the Most?

Cellulite is still fat; they are fats that have been thickened by the accumulating effects of fats and fluids in certain spots on your body. You can notice cellulite around the thighs and buttocks, but it can also develop around the stomach, neck, upper arm, and front portion of the thigh. Many experts believe that cellulite around the stomach region is linked to some digestive disorders. Studies say that women having stomach cellulite have stomach disorders like constipation, irritable bowel, and liver problems. 

Women can have fatty lumps or cellulite in the back of the neck due to stress. Due to prolonged stress, tension is likely to affect the neck region, leading to misaligned vertebrae and inflamed tissues. This inflammation causes fluid retention, which is how cellulite forms.

Cellulite in the upper arm is most common in older women. It is believed to be associated with cellulite in the leg. It usually happens due to reduced venous flow or impaired vein systems in the arm. Cellulite in the front side of the thigh usually contains harder lumps caused due to too much leg exercise.

Factors Affecting Cellulite – Who are Prone to have cellulite?

People Prone to have cellulite

Several factors influence whether or not people have cellulite and how much they have. The most critical factors are genes, the thickness of the skin, amount of fat deposition in the body, and gender. To check whether you have cellulite or not, you just have to pinch the skin around your thighs. If you feel a little lumpiness in it, you have cellulite. There are three layers of fat underneath the skin. The top layer is the subcutaneous layer, and it is the place where cellulite occurs. The two fat layers below the subcutaneous layer are known as “reserve” areas, where excess calories are stored as fat cells. But cellulite does not occur in these layers. In the case of an obese person, it has been found that the bottom two layers also push out the top cellulite layer and making it more visible.

What Causes Cellulite? 

Causes of Cellulite

A mesh-like fibrous connective tissue called septae is found in the top layer, directly under the skin. This mesh-like structure forms a network of compartments where fat cells are located. The connective tissues help to keep the fat cells tightly packed to each other and also provide structural support for the skin.

When cellulite develops, the subcutaneous fat cells are pushed more towards up, and septae are pushed downwards. This results in the fat cells squeezed out into small bulges that form the lumps on the surface of the skin. With age, the skin becomes thinner. It leads to the formation of more fibrous septae. As a result, cellulite condition becomes worse in women while aging.

Men do not have similar septae structure, so men are not much likely to have cellulite even if they are obese. One more important reason to have cellulite in women is that they have less collagen in their skin than men, which makes it easier to see cellulite. Women also have a higher body fat percentage, especially around the hips and thigh region. 

What are the Treatments for Cellulite?

There are many treatments available in the market for cellulite problems. But it is important to know that there is no permanent cure for the cellulite problem. The creams which promise to cure cellulite simply cause the skin to puff up through deep massaging. Cellulite is slightly disappearing for a concise duration of time.

1. Surgical Treatments

Surgical Treatments

There are other surgical treatments also available, like liposuction and mesotherapy. Liposuction is a surgery conducted to remove fat, and mesotherapy is an injection of drugs injected into the cellulite. They are costly treatment and provide only temporary relief. Liposuction surgery is generally a treatment to remove deep fat and not cellulite which is more nearer to the skin.

2. Ridding Yourself of Cellulite Naturally

Reduce the Amount of Cellulite Naturally

To reduce the amount of cellulite from the skin, the best thing to do is to check excess body fat. Reduce your calorie intake and exercise more. Experts believe that routine exercise, including aerobic exercise with strength training, is good exercise against cellulite. Exercise is one of the easiest ways of ridding yourself of cellulite. But some exercises are more geared toward achieving the benefits, let’s know how to get rid of cellulite?

3. Anti-Cellulite Exercises Need Patience and Perseverance

How to Get Rid of Cellulite? - Exercises Need Patience

By doing anti-cellulite exercises, you can achieve a great deal of progress in ridding yourself of it altogether. It takes someone dedicated to getting rid of the cellulite to win the fight against it. We all know how battling cellulite will cause you strain. It’s hard to get it off, as it takes patience and perseverance to do so. It’s better to be late than never, start with exercises you can go with smoothly.

4. Resistance Training Exercises

Resistance Training Exercises

We expect our exercising efforts to take down the cellulite and replace it with good, smooth, well-toned skin. Resistance training exercises can help in this area. Raising your metabolism, the burning of fat will help reduce your cellulite. You should seek out exercises targeted at the areas where you’re having the most trouble with cellulite. 

5. Interval Training Exercises

How to Get Rid of Cellulite? - Interval Training Exercises

Another popular exercise method for fighting cellulite is ‘interval training. These you do in sets, at different intervals. Some include squats, abdominal exercises, push-ups, thrusts, and dumbbell exercises.

6. High-Density Cardio Exercise

High-Density Cardio Exercise

The third exercise system for this fight on cellulite is a high-density cardio exercise. Running falls into this category; around 30 minutes will allow you to burn roughly 300 calories. An excellent method, and highly popular, is cycling. Brisk walking has its own benefits. These all raise your cardiovascular system and promote the burning of calories and improve blood circulation. Many people do these at home, while those who can join a gym and do their workouts there. Whatever works the best for the individual is fine, as long as they get done.

7. Balance Diet is a Must!

How to Get Rid of Cellulite? - Balance Diet is a Must!

Along with exercises, going for a balanced diet is a must. Steer yourself away from junk foods, and change your eating regimen to include things that will compliment your workout plans and assist your body in ridding yourself of the unsightly cellulite. Protein-rich foods with plenty of fiber are good for this.

Be sure to keep up the exercise, even if the results seem to come slowly at first. Your diligence will pay off in big dividends if you don’t allow yourself to get discouraged and give up. You can have the smooth skin you’re after with some dedication to resolving the cellulite problem. The best thing to fight against the tough cellulite problem is to eat healthily and keep the muscles of your body toned with the proper exercise. Patients must consult their primary care physician before taking any medicines or a dietary supplement that promises very high about how to get rid of cellulite.

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