8 Ways You Can Rev Up And Boost Metabolism

boost metabolism

Do you often wonder why your friend can eat a whole cake without gaining weight? But only a spoon or two goes straight to increase your fat! The reason lies in how fast or slows the metabolism of a person is. The term metabolism is interchangeable with the metabolic rate, which relates to the number of calories you burn. But women in their 40s and 50s tend to have a significantly slower metabolic rate. Their concern is how to boost metabolism fast and can they lose weight by burning calories?

How To Increase Metabolism To Lose Weight – 8 Ways For You!

Some people have inherently fast metabolism while others have to try and look for how to speed up metabolism. Following are the eight ways helpful to answer for how to have a faster metabolism naturally.

1. Develop Habit Of Drinking Green Tea

drink green tea - boost metabolism

Green tea extract increases metabolism by metabolizing stored fat in your body into free and soluble fatty acids. Matcha tea and even coffee do the same to burn fat and lose weight. Although green tea is not super-efficient, it can be a relatively better alternative to sugary juices. You can drink it every night after dinner to detox your body.

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2. Perform A High-Intensity Workout


Can exercise boost metabolism? Well, yes. A high-intensity workout can burn extra calories in your body, which in turn makes metabolic rate fast. If a person wants a metabolism boost from exercise, he must jump ropes and work out daily for muscle building. Weight training can also give a metabolic boost. Lifting weights can drive up to 2 hours of metabolism.

3. Power Up Every Meal With Protein

meal having protein - boost metabolism

Ever wonder1 Are there some foods that boost metabolism! Eating food causes a few hours increase in your metabolism. And the protein content in your diet requires the most use of body calories. This can digest and absorb the food that you consume. Protein in your diet makes you feel full, and the metabolic rate increases by 15-30%. You can burn more than 400 calories per meal of protein.

4. Live-Up On Spicy Food

spicy food

To boost your metabolism fast, you can spice up your soup and eat food rich in spices. The natural chemicals from the chilies can boost your metabolic rate. Even though the spices have a temporary effect on the metabolism, they will become a beneficial addition to the foods that boost metabolism over time. Spice up your pasta and stew with the chopped red or green chili pepper.

5. Get Some Sound Sleep Every Night

get enough sleep

Nothing is better than a good night’s sleep. Sleep can induce many crucial hormones. And a person who sleeps little and has sleep issues will have a hormone namely ghrelin, which makes a person feel hungry. You cannot prevent yourself from overeating, which accumulates fat in your body. Getting enough sleeping time keeps the body’s hormones balanced.

6. Stop Skipping Breakfast Daily

have breakfast daily - boost metabolism

There is no denying that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. People who eat breakfast can lose weight more easily than those who skip. Your body burns calories as you digest the food. You need to jumpstart the metabolism because if you skip breakfast, your body doesn’t try to burn many calories until lunchtime.

7. Drink Lots And Lots Of Water

drink enough water

The origin of life is water, and therefore, water holds solutions to many health problems. Almost eight glasses of water are crucial for optimal metabolism and burn daily calories. Even a little bit of dehydration can cause metabolism to slow down. Avoid cold drinks and beverages. Instead, drink plain water. Also, snack on those juicy fruits which naturally have high water content.

8. Add Healthy Fat To The Meals

eat healthy - boost metabolism

Eating fats might sound unappealing if you want to lose weight by increasing your metabolism. But the right kind of fat and a balanced diet helps increase your metabolic rate. Boost metabolism on a diet full of healthy fats, fibers, carbs, like avocados, nuts, olive oil, etc. Start eating high-fiber foods which can cooperate with good fats to speed up your metabolism.

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Some lifestyle changes by incorporating these ways into your daily routine can boost metabolism fast. From diet to strength training and muscle building, there are many ways to help you. These lifestyle changes make an observable increase in metabolic rate and help you burn calories and lose weight.

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