Honeymoon Phase – From Love to Memories to Dullness

couple during honeymoon phase

The honeymoon phase marks a captivating start of a relationship with someone you love while taking care of every single thing they indulge in.

From dating to courtship to marriage, life takes enough strides offering many chances to assess every single step you take. All of us want to be loved and taken care of and have someone in our life who knows every single detail about us. Besides, it gives immense pleasure to think to be with one of your kind who you mentally match and always stay with you through thick and thin; knowing that they can bring or keep a smile on our faces keeps you moving forward. While talking about the relationship, the honeymoon period is the onset of a couple’s relationship. Let’s look at it in depth to explore more.

What is the Honeymoon Period?

romantic life - Honeymoon Phase

The honeymoon phase is the initial stage of a couple’s relationship where everything seems calm and happy. According to experts, this phase usually lasts from 6 to 24 months and includes mostly all good and fun memories. It is truly a blissful, romantic, and happy period in a couple’s relationship. Both partners desire to get to know each other thoroughly, uncovering each other’s pluses and minuses. In fact, everything your new partner does drives you to be inquisitive and observant; you simply find everything charming in your partner, even the small gestures.

Does the Honeymoon Phase Come with an Expiry Date?

Does honeymoon phase comes with an expiry date

Of course, the honeymoon phase is just like any other phase, eventually, it passes or ends, leaving both partners to adjust to a new endurable reality. Most of the time, the first three months of the period are incredibly smooth and quite happening from taking care with abundance of love, intimacy, dates, cuddles, and so on. For some couples, the honeymoon phase ends before they even discover it, whereas some haven’t experienced it at all for some a disastrous end. However, for some couples, the honeymoon period brings understanding and stability to their relationship.

Every loving relationship initiates with a lot of cute little moments, which makes a new relationship very exciting. Moreover, it fills the void between the couple or vice versa. For instance, it can be a fairy tale that they have always dreamt of; also, it can be a little overdramatic for some, but every honeymoon phase has its deadline. Usually, it is seen that a honeymoon phase often experiences changes after three or six months. But whatever the outcome is, it all depends on how the couple proceeds with their positives and negatives to make their relationship smooth, slow, and realistic. Although, there are a lot of changes that come in their life after their honeymoon phase starts to fade. But, they need reassurance and salient trust in each other since love knits them together.

Cherish the Moment

expression of love helps understand each other

No matter how short or long your honeymoon period is, you should be aware of the fact that since it is just a period, it will slide sooner or later. In fact, you need to be reliable towards each other so that even after the honeymoon phase passes, you are as special to each other as you were in the initial days. Don’t forget the early days when you both were equally excited about each other and wanted to know and experience everything together since the honeymoon period is all about salient attention and expression of someone’s feelings for you. Let’s look at these seven key points that will make you realize that your honeymoon period is over.

1. No More Frequent Calls

communication issue - Honeymoon Phase

A stop to frequent calling can be one of the reasons which will make you realize that your honeymoon period is over. When two people come into a relationship, they decide to invest most of their time in each other, but when there is an end to their honeymoon phase, the frequency of their calls drops. They are no longer excited to talk to each other and don’t want to be on call for long.

2. Expiry of Cute Dates

Expiry of cute dates

When someone starts dating, they often go to fancy and cute restaurants to spend time together. To realize how important they are to each other and utilize their time to create precious memories to engrave them on each other’s hearts. But when there is an end to the honeymoon phase, they don’t explore new fancy cute restaurants or cafes.

3. Sound Bored

sound bored - Honeymoon Phase

We have seen that when people start dating, they don’t keep track of their time, and even after hours of talking, they feel it’s just been an hour long. But after spending quite some time in their honeymoon period, they often find themselves bored with each other while talking on calls or while spending time together, and this can be a big hint to realize your honeymoon phase is over.

4. No More Creative Ideas 

No more creative ideas

Everybody thinks about new creative and innovative ideas to make your ‘someone special’ feel even more special through expression or gifts or by spending time with them. But when your honeymoon phase is on a decline, you are open to seeing that those creative and innovative ideas don’t exist anymore, and you probably don’t spend quality time with each other.

5. Emotional Baggage 

emotionally disturb - Honeymoon Phase

Do people invest in each other? They obviously share an emotional connection, but in the initial stages, they are not comfortable sharing their emotions and how they feel while something is happening around them. But at the end of the honeymoon phase, you have to realize that both of you have had compatibility together, and now you can share any emotional baggage irrespective of the thought of getting judged.

6. Get Annoyed Frequently 

Get Annoyed Frequently 

When people are together, they try to match each other’s level by either infusing a lot of emotions or understanding to ensure their relationship is among the best relationships at the end of the honeymoon phase. The honeymoon period must bring a lot of patience, but if the outcome is impatience, you have to think about it. Your patience is on another level, opposite to what it used to be. Now, you start getting frequently annoyed with your partner, disagreeing with situations you didn’t earlier. These are some warning signs that you must not ignore.

7. Doubts

doubts and lack of trust

We frequently come across people who start doubting their relationship when their honeymoon phase is on a decline, or it has already ended. Hence, they begin to suspect that if this relationship is perfect for them or not; furthermore, they start to crib about the decisions they might have taken with their partner.

Make the Foundation Strong

foundation of strong relationship - Recall the honeymoon phase

It is okay to have doubts, and you might feel at times that this relationship is not right for you. Still, you need to realize that “both of you did not come this far, only to come this far.” You both need to remember that you came into a relationship not because of its outer beauty, but you entered into a relationship with someone because of the emotional connection and the vibe you received from them. Hence you need to make sure that your foundation is solid based on love, compatibility, trust, understanding, patience, and respect. It is wise to take the honeymoon phase as a passing stage that allows you two to explore each other to build a strong relationship further.

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