8 Feng Shui Tips For Love and Romance

8 Feng Shui Tips For Love and Romance

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science which has developed in China thousands of years ago. This art reveals the fact to balance the energies of any space to assure good health and fortune. Feng means ‘wind,’ and Shui means water.’ The chi (life force energy) moves into your home like a gentle breeze and a waving stream. When it gets blocked, the energy does not flow, and you will feel that your life has also become stagnant. Balancing and correcting chi is very important for your happy love and marriage life too, and you will find several feng shui tips for the bedroom if you believe in Feng Shui. From a feng shui perspective, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a home. If your married or romantic life is having some hiccups, try following some of the below shared feng shui tips for love to bring love and romance to your life.

Helpful Feng Shui Tips for Love And Romance 

Love is complex and confusing feng shui is just the same. There are other practices similar to the concept of clutter which is not classical feng shui but still valid. Here are some feng shui tips that will help you to improve your love life by improving the energy flow of your home:

1. Freshen Up Your Bedroom

Feng Shui Tips for Love - Your Bedroom

The first and the most important thing you should take care of is the cleanliness of your house and especially your bedroom. Do not clutter things in your bedroom as they block the positive energy to enter into it. Always change your bedsheets for cleanliness and to ignite romance and love in your life. Ensure there shouldn’t be any stuffed animal or extra pillow taking up all the space on the bed; it will leave no room for anyone. Make your bed as comfortable as possible, and there shouldn’t be any storage underneath your bed. Blue, green, and teal are fabulous colors for bedrooms; they are connected to the wood element in feng shui, representing growth, vitality, and new beginnings. Try choosing these colors in your bedsheet, throw pillows, adding one or two indoor plants isn’t a bad idea though.

2. Get the Television Out of Bedroom

Feng Shui Tips for Love - Get the Television Out of Bedroom

One should not keep the television in the bedroom. If you have any, move it to the living room or any other rooms. According to feng shui, having a television in the bedroom hinders intimacy and reduces the chances for meaningful conversations. Television creates a distraction in your bedroom, disturbing your personal life as well as sound sleep. When the TV is on, your focus diverts to the TV instead of giving attention to your loved one; watching late-night television kills the romance. Furthermore, electronic devices bring Yang energy and fire elements to your room which is not good for your love life.

3. Choose Bedroom Art Carefully

Artwork and paintings

Artwork and paintings have tremendous impacts on our emotions and our lives. According to Feng Shui, the color, shape, form, and energy of the objects in the environments profoundly play a crucial role in how we feel and think. Do not keep images or hang the paintings that represent loneliness, and aggression, or violence. That will keep evoking strong emotions in you and disturbs your sleep. Also, get rid of keeping pictures of wars and battles. Instead, surround yourself with happy, romantic, and inspiring photographs and paintings that symbolize love and compassion between two people.

4. Position Your Furniture Properly

Feng Shui Tips for Love - Position Your Furniture Properly

Make sure that your front door and the door of your bedroom should open fully, and no storage is present behind them that can block it. A door that is stuck or opens up partly also obstructs the flow of romantic energy and other opportunity entering your house. The furniture must be symmetrical on both sides of your bed. Also, ensure that the path to your bedroom is open and do check nothing blocks the way. Look around if any furniture or other belongings are stopping the positive energy entering your bedroom. In Feng Shui, a far-right corner from the front door represents the loving relationship. Therefore, you must keep this area more intimate and inviting.

5. Decorate With Things That Inspire Love

Decorate With Things That Inspire Love

Decorate every room with things that represents love and empathy to you. Use things, such as a photo frame with the photographs of your partner and yours, natural flowers of vibrant colors in the flower vase, or candles. Use Candles to inspire, they add a romantic aura to your home. And pink, red, and multi-color candles are authentic feng shui love cures. If you are single, displaying a vase of peonies in your home can bring “Peach Blossom Luck” to you. Also, do not keep sharp things in your visibility and avoid keeping the cactus plant in your house.

6. Be Careful In Choosing Mirrors

Feng Shui Tips for Love - Be Careful In Choosing Mirrors

Round or curved items are helpful for happy and loving relationships. Hang mirrors and crystals, placing a round mirror in the bedroom is excellent for your love life; the round shape signifies completion and unity. But make sure the mirror should not directly face the bed. It represents the division of the relationship and brings the third party’s energy into the relationship. If your bed is aligned with the front door or at the far end of the corridor, you could expose to negative energy. Hanging mirrors diagonally in the hallway facing each other or suspending crystals will be its cure. 

7. Select the Best Feng Shui Bedroom Colors

Bedroom Colors

You should also consider the color of the bedroom walls to magnify your love life. Remember, the bedroom has a strong relationship with intimacy and romance. You should not neglect it anytime. According to the Feng Shui masters, pink is the color of love, and the light blue color is also good for intimate relationships. Try to avoid painting your bedroom walls in dark and bright colors. Pay attention to the colors you are attracted to. We all have different connections with specific colors based on our past, culture, preferences, so it’s crucial to listen to your instinct. What colors do you love? We often draw towards the colors that best support us. Just connect to the energy you want to create for your life together with your partners and take a note of what kind of qi could benefit you.

8. Get Rid of Things from Previous Love

Feng Shui Tips for Love - Get Rid of Things from Previous Love

Do not keep the photographs, gifts, and love letters from your pre-marital relationships or ex-boyfriends. Just throw them off. It will help you move on from the previous relationship. If you can’t throw them, put them in a place that is not in your regular use. Keep the items belonging to your past out of your visibility. This will help you to move on from that phase. Other credible tips include getting rid of everything in your bedroom that belongs to or reminds you of your previous partner. Otherwise, you will always be around the negative energy of your former love.

Feng Shui might help you attract love, but not some magic or a love spell to keep it. One has to make an effort and offer sacrifice on the path to finding true love. But one thing for sure is that it helps a great deal in balancing your relationships well, try the above-shared feng shui tips for love to bring love and romance into your life.

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