How to Walk in High Heels?

walk in high heels

High heels – the most versatile fashion accessory in the world today, are donned by young and old alike. High heels have been perceived in various ways, right from the fashion ramp to the boardroom. Though predominantly worn by women, high heels for men, and other genders, are also gaining traction. Do you know that high heels actually started as an accessory for men? Though this article is about how to walk in high heels but let us have a look at the history of the heels.

A Little Flashback About Heels

history of high heel - walk in high heels

Iran, 10th century CE – the earliest examples of shows resembling modern heels can be found here. Known as Persia at the time, the Persian army became the first set of people to wear heels. In order to aid the cavalry to shoot arrows from atop horses, they wore shoes with heels that allowed them to hold their feet in the stirrup firmly. By the 17th century, this innovation spread to other parts of the world. Yet, it was mostly restricted to the elite men, as they became a symbol of status and fashion. In Europe, the heels became the shoes of kings, princes, and noblemen. It was around the 18th century that common women started wearing heels. As the position of women in society changed, the heels became restricted to the women as men adopted shows that were more utilitarian in the Industrial world. 

Why Women Wear Heels Today?

why women heels?

Today, heels have changed their connotations completely, yet they still remain attached to women, primarily. Here are some reasons why women wear heels today.

  1. Heels are a good fashion statement. Today’s fashion trends demand the wearing of long heels for all kinds of women.
  2. Heels may make some women feel more powerful and confident, and therefore, heels might be a predominant choice for corporate professions.
  3. Heels might make the wearer look taller and slimmer. Therefore, some women might choose to wear heels, but one needs to be careful and evaluate one’s body image before attempting to wear things that change the way they look.
  4. Some women like the gait that high heels bring to them. Therefore, they might choose to wear heels.
  5. Some women might wear high heels as a part of their profession. Actors, air hosts, models, etc., might have to wear heels for their professional roles.
  6. Some women might wear heels for specific occasions like meetings, functions, other events, etc.
  7. And most women might wear heels just because they love them and want to wear them.

How to Walk in High Heels Without Pain: Some Tips!

Though high heels are very popular among fashion enthusiasts, the horrors of painful experiences with high heels are equally popular. So here are some tips to allow you to wear your high heels without any pain.

1. Find the Right Fit

find the right fit - walk in high heels

The first and most important thing to consider while buying high heels is your foot size. Choose heels that fit you well, neither too tight nor too loose. Your foot should rest comfortably within the heels, and you should be able to walk without the shoe coming off.

2. Choose the Right Height

choose the right height

Heels come in a variety of heights. While you might be tempted to choose the highest possible heels, it is essential to consider the right height for your circumstances. For example, if you would be standing for a long time and you’re not used to wearing heels, it is wiser to choose a shorter height.

3. Choose the Right Kind of Heels

right kind of heels - walk in high heels

There are thousands of varieties in the kinds of heels that are available in the market. From stilettoes to block heels, the list is never-ending. So, when you buy heels, make sure that you choose a style that fits your feet well and feels comfortable to you.

4. Take Shorter Steps

take shorter heels

Walking in heels might take some practice. So, taking shorter steps instead of your usual longer strides might be a helpful strategy. Taking shorter steps might also help you walk gracefully and more confidently.

5. Workout Regularly

workout regularly

This might sound unrelated; however, having strong muscles is one of the most important assets to wearing heels confidently. Working out your core and leg muscles can allow you to maintain a straight posture and avoid sprains and aches later.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

practice makes perfect - walk in high heels

Before you wear your heels to any big event, make sure that you practice wearing your heels at home. Walk around for about an hour, and make sure that you are comfortable before stepping out with heels.

7. Replace your Pair Every So often

replace your pair

Heels are not like your sports shoes. They can get worn out quite quickly, and a worn-out pair can cause significant pain. Therefore, it is important to replace your heels once you see them getting worn out.

8. Use Products to Help you Wear your Heels Comfortably

use products to wear heel - walk in high heels

There are numerous products that can help you have a comfortable experience with your heels. Whether it is numbing cream for your feet or extra internal padding for your shoes, you can find several products that can help you with making your heels-wearing experience easier.

9. Engage in Pre and Post Care

heel care

Before and after you wear heels, ensure to give your feet some time to breathe. Whether it is a hot-water soak or a massage, give your feet some time to recuperate from the stress of wearing the heels.

10. Wear Heels Only if you Choose to

wear heel only if you choose

It might be pressurizing to conform and wear heels for the sake of fashion. However, make sure that wearing heels is your choice, and then go ahead and wear them gracefully.

These were some tips to wear heels without any pain. However, in case of severe pain, it is important to consult a doctor and ensure that there isn’t a deeper issue. Remember, health comes before fashion always. And so now you know how to walk in high heels without any pain.

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