How to Deal with Teens during Exam?

exam fear in teens

Students experience a various set of tests or exams very frequently, which are also scheduled very closely. However, these types of situations lead to multiple types of anxiety or stress leads to your teen’s exam fear. Stress can be described as an unfavourable reaction shown by individuals when they are subjected to vast amounts of pressure or other forms of expectations imposed on them.  Stress can manifest differently from person to person. Sometimes, it can make students feel upset as well as threatened too. However, when somebody is suffering from stress for quite a long period of time, it can lead to physical even mental illness also. 

To overcome your teen’s exam fear and to get success in school, parents need to play an important part. Though teens love to get some independence, however parents support, and involvement is also required to get success academically. 

Maintaining a balance between pressuring your teens too much and just supporting them is really a tough job, so the following discussion will help you to get the balance and give your full support to your teens.

Reasons Behind Your Teen’s Exam Fear and Stress Are: 

  • Anxiety about the performance
  • Hopelessness or negativity
  • Unable to take criticism or scepticism
  • Various relationship related problems or family problems
  • High expectations from family or friends
  • Money related problems etc.
  • Peer pressure and competition

Need to be Aware of the Following Symptoms

When somebody is suffering from stress for quite an extended period, then it gets worse, so you need to know the signs of this problematic issue.

  • Tired all the time
  • Sleeping disorder
  • Feeling down all the time
  • Panic attack or stress
  • Bizarre eating habits
  • Feeling sad almost to the point of crying all the time

Some other signs could be causing injury to himself/herself, headaches, eczema or various other severe skin conditions, eating problems and even feeling suicidal too.

Being Calm is an Excellent Strategy to Fight Exam Pressure

Try to stay calm and support your teens through all their ups and downs. Always remember your emotions are something your teens will copy in future. So if you remain calm, it will automatically influence your teens to keep calm during pressure situations in the future. They could have pushed you to beyond your limits, but don’t burst, it will make the situation even worse. Stress itself instigates poor behaviour, so when parents start to react to them, it can lead to even more anxiety all around.

Teen's Exam Pressure

Communication is the Key – To Get Along With Your Teen to Combat Exam Fear

Teens usually prefer to share stuff with their friends, rather than their parents. However, you are the one who can open the channels of communication. Make them feel that you are there for them. Don’t always order them to do this or do that; it sounds more like a lecture to them. Just make them feel that you are approachable. 

On the one hand, you need to have open conversations with your teens, and on the other hand, you should be prepared to discuss with them their school or college-related anxiety.

Have a Peaceful Working Area for your Teen to Concentrate in Studies

You need to make sure that at home, your teen has a specific area for their lessons. That place needs to be quiet, and it must have a window. Always remember, a tidy home is the reflection of a tidy mind. Allow them to be aware of the fact that you are available for them, nevertheless don’t voluntarily advise them, till they ask for it; otherwise, it can lead to a heated argument. Every teen is different, so if your kid is not a morning person, don’t push them. If they like to study during night, let them do that. Make sure you have put their exam schedule at a place where everybody can see that and also can remind them on time. The real feeling of ticking off a finished exam will provide them with some real encouragement.

Getting Enough Sleep is a Must to Have a Healthy Mind

Good sleep is always required to get your physical and mental health in good condition. Teens tend to sleep late and wake up late, which sometimes lead to dizziness. Make sure you have imposed the no-tech rule strictly in their bedrooms. Keep an eye on your teens and ensure that they are not using their phones at least an hour before going to bed. Just like other people, they also need a good nights sleep.

Make Sure they are Eating and Drinking Well to Boost their Immunity

Keep an eye on your teens eating habits. Don’t allow them to consume an excessive high carb or sugar riched food or drinks. It can lead to even more anxiety or stress. Extra sugar can also instigate the stress levels and make them more restless. So, make sure to take care of their food habits, give them fresh fruits juice, fresh fruits, salads, protein-rich foods. Baked foods are far better than fried food, so if they demand anything tastier, to calm down their taste buds enhance your cooking skill in baking. Make sure they wake up early and eat breakfast on time, a balanced diet, strict routine and systematic lifestyle can help to boost their immune system to concentrate on their studies.

Don’t Hesitate to Show your Love – A Great Weapon for Your Teen to Combat Exam Fear

They might not like when you kiss them or hug them tight; however, you need to make them realize that how much you love your teens. Try to be their fan. Make them understand how proud you are or praise them for their achievements. It will give them the strength to fight stress.

Sit Together – Make a Thorough Study Plan Plus Strategies for Exam

After they get their homework from school, sit with them and put some plan in place subject wise. Make sure you have included the breaks too. It will help them to concentrate. Nevertheless, be prepared for failure o. Sometimes you might find them with some unfinished task. Just try to be patient with them, try to realize that all days are not the same.

Emphasize on Exercise To Overpower Your Teen’s Exam Fear

Always inspire them to do exercise and yoga; motivate them for meditation and breathing exercises. It will help them to produce happy hormones. Mostly during various school exams student prefer to pause their other multiple extracurricular activities. Try to encourage them to go for swimming or for some gym time at least. It helps them to cope with the anxiety too. Yoga is another way of getting yourself relaxed, especially during the exams. Try to set classes with your teens together. Even you can practice it at home by playing some soothing music along with it. When nothing works just a simple walk or only ten minutes of kicking a football or even hitting a tennis ball can do wonders.

Parent’s involvement in a child’s life can change everything. So, make sure to help your teen to overcome the pressure of exams by following the above suggestions. We are always open to multiple suggestions here at Women’s Podium, so if you have any unique idea to overpower your teen’s exam fear, do share with us.

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  1. cool tips, easy to follow, exam times are really hard time and we all mothers need to be calm and cool with our kids, sometimes I think we need such tips for us too.


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