17 Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore Or He’s Not Into You!

Signs he doesn’t love you

Being in love is a beautiful experience, and more so if the person you hold dear also loves you. But when you feel like you are the only one trying to keep your relationship, it is time to reconsider. Relationships are a complex thing, and they are never black and white to anyone. You have to figure out what suits you as a couple and what not. If your relationship doesn’t feel right, you have to look for clear signs he doesn’t love you. To be sure, find the gestures that say I don’t love you anymore, or I don’t want to be with you anymore. Then confront him about it.

17 Sure Signs Your Man Is Not Into You Anymore – Signs He Doesn’t Love You

When a guy is not into you or he withdraws himself is a clear-cut sign he doesn’t love you or like you. You must look out for the following clear signs he’s lost feelings for you if you feel out of love in a committed relationship.

1. Avoids To Hang Out One On One With You

Man avoids you

The first and most obvious thing men would do is to ignore you and avoid the sight of you. When a man loves you, he can never let other people come in between you guys. But if he doesn’t love you, he will avoid being alone with you or talking to one.

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2. No Engaging Conversations Now

Signs he doesn’t love you

You feel like he’s being awkward around you and doesn’t involve himself in deeper emotional conversations. Well, it may not always be a sign of emotional infidelity, but it is something you should look out for as an early sign.

3. Shows No Respect To You

Shows no respect - Signs he doesn’t love you

A man utterly respects the woman in his life. But if he thinks of you any less than that, he will show some disrespect to you even if he is a gentleman. He will not respect your opinions and oppose you every time you suggest something.

4. He Has Lost The Protective Instincts

Husband not helping - Signs he doesn’t love you

If your man still loves you, he will be your shield whenever someone talks bad about you or lend you his help whenever you need it. If he doesn’t want to protect you, it means he is not committed to you. This is one of the sure signs he doesn’t love you anymore.

5. You Are Not His Priority Anymore

Not his priority - Signs he doesn’t love you

Some men are more attentive, while some are not. But if you feel like he isn’t the same person he was when you started dating, it sure is a problem. If he doesn’t pay attention like he used to, you should consider getting out of this loveless relationship.

6. Now, Seems Like a One-Sided Relationship

one sided relationship - Signs he doesn’t love you

You are the only one thinking about how you should spend your weekend together or where you should go on vacation. It seems like he puts no effort into your relationship, and you are left to decide everything alone.

7. Isn’t Spending Time With You Any Longer

Not spending time with you

He now makes excuses that he’s caught up in work and can’t find time for you. He used to call you during his work hours, but now he’s not approachable. He stays out to avoid you because he’s not that into you anymore.

8. No Future Talks Anymore

No future plans

When you are the only one in the relationship planning your whole life together, your partner might be having second thoughts on the relationship. If he doesn’t want to take the relationship further, he will not discuss the future with you.

9. He’s Secretive About His Life

Keeping secrets -Signs he doesn’t love you

If a man is cheating on you or is escaping the relationship, he doesn’t open up to you anymore and will keep everything a secret. You share every moment of your day with him, but he hides away his activities. These are the signs he doesn’t love you.

10. He Stops Texting And Calling You

No call and text

As he’s avoiding you, he will never be the first to call or text you. You always have to text and call him first to reach out to him. This sign speaks that he’s not that into you anymore.

11. He Doesn’t Get Jealous If You Talk About Other Guys

Not getting jealous - Signs he doesn’t love you

There is no such thing as a man who doesn’t get jealous. A little jealousy means he wants to protect you. But when your crush doesn’t get jealous, even when you talk about other guys affectionately, it shows signs he never loved you.

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12. He’s Annoyed And Constantly Plays the Blame Game

Blame game

When your existence bothers him, he not only becomes the man who doesn’t care about you but also blames you for every bad thing. He finds faults in you and gets angry at you. That is how he tries to escape the relationship.

13. Flirts With Other Women in Infront of You

Flirting in front of you

If your crush or boyfriend starts flirting with other women while you are around, it means he’s saying, I don’t love you anymore, and I don’t want to be with you anymore. Even if he appreciates other women more than you, It is also a red flag for you.

14. He Always Criticizes What You Do

Always Criticism

When a man is scared of commitment, he will act weird and find faults in you at all costs. No one is perfect, but if he belittles you every time you are outside, and you feel constant criticism is taking over your love, then these are the signs he doesn’t love you anymore.

15. He’s Never There When You Need Him

Never with you

He never feels the need to be with you or care about you. Now it’s all about him because he ignores you and is only there when he needs you. You want him to be with you at significant events, but you are only left waiting every time.

16. He Doesn’t Say Loving Words

Not saying loving words

When a man is in love, he will be obvious about it. He will express that adoration at least a few times. But when he doesn’t say loving words at all, he publicly humiliates you by ignoring you, or you notice his changed body language; it shows signs he doesn’t love you.

17. Your Instincts Are Telling You He’s Not Interested

He is not interested - Signs he doesn’t love you

Women’s intuition is more powerful than you think. When you feel that your man has started losing feelings for you or you now feel like you are just friends, it means something’s fishy. Either your man doesn’t want to be with you anymore, or he’s found someone else.

Factors That Lead To Signs He Doesn’t Love You!

factors that lead to signs he does not love you

Some factors play a huge role in deciding whether the relationships become strong or grow distant. You should judge your relationship on the following factors as well.

1. Is It A Long-Distance Relationship?

A long-distance relationship goes through much more trials and struggles than a live-in relationship. You face trouble connecting emotionally. That is why you cannot resonate with your time well enough to keep away from those misunderstandings.

2. Are You A Working Couple?

Working couples face more stress as they work all day long and can’t find time to go on vacations or even communicate properly. If you are a working couple, sometimes you feel your priority is work and not your partner.

3. Have You Lost That Spark?

Ask yourself this question when your relationship feels boring to you. You both must put effort into reviving the relationship. Otherwise, one of you may feel that the absence of loving gestures means I don’t love you anymore.

Men often are clueless about most emotions women feel. Needless to say, all the signs he doesn’t love you or he’s not that into you anymore won’t apply to every man because everyone is different. Some men communicate more; some express their love through actions; others say it. But most women try to measure their husband or boyfriend’s love in the same pattern. Keep in mind that not everything works for everyone. You need to read the atmosphere between both of you and judge your relationship personally and not on public opinion.

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