7 Super Simple Ways on How to Look More Feminine (Only If You Want To)

How to Look More Feminine

How to look more feminine? This is a question almost every woman has asked herself. Whether this question arose from necessity or by choice is the real factor that should be filtered in, when we try to answer this question. A lot of women think that to look attractive is synonymous with adding girly touches to your everyday look. The fashion industry has made women believe that they need to sport sky-high stilettos, fancy bags, and form-fitting dresses to feel and look more feminine. But let’s take a step back and look at it objectively. 

A lot of these fashion stereotypes come from a misogynistic point of view. The discomfort associated with typical women’s fashion has not gone unnoticed. When compared to more “masculine” outfits, women’s clothes are constricting and focus more on aesthete over comfort. 

Why is it Important to Look more Feminine?

Is Looking Feminine Important

If looking or feeling more feminine is crucial to you, ask yourself why? Is it because you are conforming to societal expectations? Or is it because dressing more femininely is what would really make you happy? 

It is only important to look feminine if that is what you want your fashion choice to be. Fashion is, in itself, an art. It helps you express and create, and most of all, make bold statements about yourself. If you think the key to expressing yourself in public is by looking more feminine, then, by all means, read ahead. But if you chanced upon this article because external influences make you feel the need to change, then stop. 

Remember: It is only as important to look feminine as you make it.

How Looking more Feminine can Boost your Confidence?

Feminine Look to Boost Confidence

Wear the clothes you have always wanted can be a significant boost to your confidence. There’s something so empowering in loving the way you dress, and if femininity is something that makes you feel empowered, then go for it! Not only will you finally feel confident in your skin, but you will also command that attention in public.

Some Tips to Look More Feminine: 

1. Wear Clothes that Fit

Tips on How to Look More Feminine

Now, this doesn’t mean the only way to feel feminine is to wear clothing that sticks to you like a second skin. In fact, wearing clothes tight enough, not even to let you sit, is going to make you look uncomfortable will do the opposite. 

When we say you should wear clothes that fit, it simply means to focus on wearing clothes that flatter your body in the right way. Dresses should accentuate your best features, be it the sharp collar bones you are proud of or a new tattoo you are excited to show off. If you feel confident, you’ll look confident. And after all, femininity is all about confidence.

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2. Accessorize

Boost your femininity

Femininity is all about subtleties. Choosing the right accessories to pair with an outfit can instantly elevate a simple outfit to look more feminine. A nice handbag or clutch, accent jewelry, or a stunning headpiece can go a long way to make a more basic outfit look more feminine. Even simple things like bracelets or dainty rings layered artfully together do wonders at adding that slight touch of femininity to your wardrobe. Invest in some statement pieces that pair well with outfits you tend to put on a lay day. At the same time, don’t forget to choose a few simple staple pieces you can wear with some of your more detailed and feminine looks. 

3. Hair We Are

Achieve Feminine Look with These Tips

Hairstyles, although time-consuming and tedious, act as a final touch to your entire look. Not to be cheesy, but they tie up your whole outfit together. Classically feminine hairstyles include classy buns, beach waves, or even just letting your tresses hang wild, but taming them just enough to look graceful. If you are having a harrowing hair day, or if it’s a day when you just can’t be bothered, throwing your hair up in a ponytail with a fancy headpiece can also do the trick. Adding in a scarf or a bandana can give you an extra edge towards looking for something feminine.

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4. Makeup Trends

Ways to Look More Feminine

While this is not absolutely necessary, yet makeup does elevate your look to a certain extent. However, the vibe you want to set with your makeup is your choice. If you’re going to go bold with darker shaded and bright lip tints, then that’s great. But if you want to go for tons of colors and sparkles that compliment your outfit, that’s awesome too. Remember, it is you who define your look, and not your look, that defines you. Your end game is confidence and not pushing yourself to look like society expects you to. 

5. Final Touches

Embrace your Femininity

A lot of women and men miss out on certain aspects of their looks. They put on the best outfits, slather on layers of makeup and carry the most high-end accessories, but they tend to miss out on a key gamechanger —Hygiene. This is a massive mistake and can make or break your confidence. If you feel clean, tidy, and put together, looking feminine will automatically follow. Putting on a fragrance before you leave or even just filing your nails and retouching your polish can say so much about a person. It shows that you care about the little things and are detail-oriented. While everyone may not notice the effort you put in, this extra step will surely make you feel more feminine. 

6. Or Just Don’t

Be Yourself

Don’t try and look more feminine just because everyone around you feels you should. Remember that fashion is a personal choice and that comfort should be held over aesthetics any day. If you feel comfortable, you will exuberate confidence, and there’s nothing more feminine than feeling comfortable in your own skin. Fashion enables you to express who you are, not hide under the labels of what is feminine or not. Which means femininity isn’t exclusively reserved for women. If men want to feel feminine, too, they sure can go ahead. Your fashion choices don’t define you, and they indeed don’t define gender stereotypes. 

Still, confused about how to look more feminine? It’s easy. Just wear your most honest smile and your heart on your sleeve. If you are your true and most authentic self, you will look attractive no matter what. So, remember, smile wide, laugh deep and chin up, princess! Your crown is slipping off.  

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