How Narcissists Treat Their Exes? 9 Things They Do!

how narcissists treat their exes

You either broke up recently or you are preparing yourself for a big break from your toxic boyfriend. Either way, you are experiencing the downside of dating a narcissist and you want to set free from this relationship. Here you will see how narcissists treat their exes and how they behave after a breakup. I cannot speak for all narcissists as each individual is unique. However, there are some common behaviors of narcissists towards their exes. Let’s look at 9 common ways narcissists behave after a breakup.

How Narcissists Treat Their Exes? (How to Handle It)

If you have escaped a toxic relationship with a narcissist somehow, you might wonder, what now? He is always pestering you, coming after you, gaslighting, and manipulating you. This article will give you an insight into how to prepare yourself for what comes next. 

Things You Must Know To Deal With Him

blaming game - how narcissists treat their exes
  • Your ex will most definitely try to manipulate you emotionally to go back into a relationship with him. Or he would make sexual advances to try catching your attention again.
  • A narcissistic ex will contact you multiple times and harass you if you refuse to talk to him.
  • They will play the blame game and make you guilty of ending the relationship. A narcissist ex will gaslight you until he makes it your fault.
  • To deal with him, you can first cut all contact with him. If you ever come across him, try to stay calm, and avoid reacting to his hurtful words for your mental peace.

9 Common Ways Narcissists Treat Their Exes

People with narcissistic personalities never prove to be ideal exes. They are more like rabid and hungry monsters. They never say sayonara and part ways. Instead, they dig in their nails and whip a bucket of lies. Here are nine common behaviors which describe how narcissists treat their exes. Let’s dive into what you can expect.

1. They Want To Remain Friends After The Breakup

friends after breakup

If your ex tried hoovering and said that he wants to remain friends with you, it means he wants to suck you back into that unhealthy relationship. Any contact with your narcissist ex will allow him to reach over you and haunt your life. This is how narcissists treat their exes most of the time. You should ignore them to let them realize they can no longer overpower you.

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2. They Emotionally Manipulate You

Emotionally Manipulate You - how narcissists treat their exes

Emotional manipulation like false promises, love bombing, and showering fake affection are a narcissist’s best tools. He tries to manipulate and control you emotionally and talks you into the relationship. A narcissist would only promise to change and say what you want to hear, but never fulfill any of his promises. If you don’t know how to deal with emotional abuse, it will be hard on you to leave such a relationship.

3. They Keep On Harassing You

Harassing You

Besides emotionally abusing you during the relationship and after the breakup, a narcissist ex would disregard any personal boundaries. He would stalk you, text you every day, and call you all the time. Even if you tell him to stop, he won’t agree to those terms. You may feel angry and frustrated, but avoid reacting emotionally. Block him, and report him if he doesn’t stop harassing you.

4. They Continue Belittling You

Belittling You - how narcissists treat their exes

After breaking up with a narcissist, he might become vindictive. Most narcissist exes devalue and insult you because that’s how narcissists treat their exes usually. They become cruel in targeting your self-esteem. A narcissist ex would never consider your self-respect and target your insecurities and vulnerabilities. He will put you down however he can. If you let him see that his words affect you, he will target you even more. You can simply avoid the situation by ignoring it.

5. They Make Sexual Advancements

Make Sexual Advancements - how narcissists treat their exes

Being in a relationship with a narcissistic person opens your eyes in many ways, but closes your heart in every possible way. If the relationship tires you mentally, it is time to leave a relationship. But a narcissist ex won’t leave you alone. He will pester you, flirt with you to get your attention and make sexual advances. He will actively pursue you to get you back into the relationship only because his ego doesn’t allow him to let you go.

6. They Play The Blame Game

No matter how your relationship ended, a narcissistic ex would never find fault in himself. Instead, he would gaslight you and turn you into a scapegoat for the badly ending relationship that he thinks you broke. He will not only tell you it is your fault but also list many other things you didn’t do to save the relationship. That’s how narcissists treat their exes if they ever break up and shift the blame over you.

7. They Often Blackmail You

Often Blackmail You - how narcissists treat their exes

When you are in a relationship, you share some intimate and private information or images with your partner. If your partner happens to be a narcissist and you can no longer continue the relationship, some exes hold these things against you. This blackmail gives them a feeling of control. Mostly, they only want to manipulate and hold you back. You must remember that you didn’t do anything wrong and at best ignore them.

8. They Try To Mess Up Your Relationships

trying to harm your relationship

Wonder how narcissists treat their exes when their exes get over them and get into a relationship with someone nice. They won’t leave you alone when you find happiness. Your narcissist ex will most likely text you inappropriately and flirt with you to mess up your date and present relationship. A narcissist person is a selfish husband but a clingy ex. He would give it his all to break off your current relationship and to ensure you remain single.

9. They Will Call You The Crazy One

they call you crazy

A narcissistic person will do crazy things when you are in a relationship with him and even after the breakup. But he will call you the crazy one and say that he did all the unreasonable things because you made him do that. He will make you angry enough to provoke you and then call you crazy for your actions.

Do Narcissists Miss Their Exes?

No, never! They don’t miss their exes. A narcissist lacks empathy and doesn’t accept criticism. That’s why a narcissist ex only craves the attention you gave him and does not love you. He likes the sense of control he has over you when you submit to his commands. It hurts more to realize that a narcissistic partner cares more about what he can get from you and not care about you. They are incapable of feeling genuine emotions and connecting with people. That’s how they are!

How narcissists treat their exes is a matter of how they were during the relationship all along. While breaking up with a narcissistic partner is difficult, continuing the relationship is emotionally and mentally tiring. It’s important to remember that no one deserves to be mistreated, and seeking professional help can be beneficial in processing and healing from a toxic relationship.

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