15 Dating Tips for Men to Win Over the Heart of Your Date!

15 Dating Tips for Men to Win Over the Heart of Your Date!

I understand! You are seeking a romantic relationship and want to have someone to be a part of your life to accompany you through every thick and thin of life. Looking for that special someone can be a tedious task. Dating itself can become an exciting, anxious, exhilarating, and nerve-wracking task. But if you plan it right, you can avoid the risk. These fool-proof dating tips for men will definitely help you on the way.

What Exactly Dating Is?


Dating is a phase of time whereby two people meet each other with the idea of seeking a romantic relationship. They get along, try to know each other seek answers to their questions, and assess their suitability as a potential better half. It consists of meetings and a series of social activities that are not too much, but also slightly elevated. Although due to the changing technology, dating has changed its forms such as online dating via phone or laptop, the fact is nothing beats the classic personal meetings. With the changing world, modern dating etiquettes have changed a lot, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put extra effort into preparing for a date.

15 Must-Follow Dating Tips for Men

You want to leave an excellent first impression to have that date of yours locked for further meetings, but you are anxious and don’t know what exactly to do. Here are 15 fine, fool-proof dating tips for men to remember for life.

1. Plan Date Venue Somewhere You Are Comfortable

First-date venue - Dating Tips for Men

The first-date venue is typically a bar or an expensive restaurant. Nothing wrong with these venues, but they aren’t always productive. Avoid going to a place that isn’t your element or is outside of your budget to impress the other person. Even though society judges men by their financial success, don’t go overboard because of that, and be comfortable.

2. The First Impression Is Crucial!

First Impression Is Crucial - Dating Tips for Men

The first impressions are everything. Be more formal and confident, but that doesn’t mean to be someone else. The person will like you if you put a friendly, subtle smile on your face and look confident. Just be the best version of yourself, and you are good to go!

3. Show Up on Time

Show Up on Time - Dating Tips for Men

Don’t underestimate the importance of punctuality. This tip is among the most important dating tips for men, as it is generally polite to be on time. But being late indicates that either you are lazy and ignorant, or you don’t value her time and find it annoying to wait for her. Get there ten minutes before, so that you can have time to collect your thoughts well.

4. Know Your Style

Dress the best - Dating Tips for Men

It might seem obvious, but on a first date, your style matters a lot because the easiest way to reach her mind is to look your best. I am not asking you to go out of your comfort zone to impress. Dress the best but be yourself. So, before you go out again, take some time to make your appearance perfect.

5. Be A Gentleman

Be A Gentleman - Dating Tips for Men

Even though time has changed, women are independent, empowered, but, still, they love to be treated delicately. Know that chivalry isn’t dead— open the doors for her, pull out the chair where it needs to be, insist on paying the bills. Also, do remember you should never talk anti-feminist.

 6. Turn Off Your Phone

Turn Off Your Phone - Dating Tips for Men

It’s common these days to not leave your phone aside. But on a date, continually checking the messages is a big ‘No’. In general, phone not only makes you less social; it also steals your precious time. And indeed, you don’t want to come out as a rude person and make your date think she isn’t worthy of your attention.

7. Don’t Hide Anything – Be Honest!

Be Honest

Meeting someone extraordinary becomes impossible if you don’t pull yourself out or hide things. Dating requires you to be vulnerable, so give your honest opinion on important things and don’t go out of the line, just to impress. This will help you to develop a better understanding later on.

8. Don’t Rush – Take It Slow!

Don't Rush

Women aren’t spontaneous! Just because you hear wedding trumpets doesn’t mean she is as well. You shouldn’t expect women to like you at the first meeting. Give her some time. And avoid asking anything too personal. This will only make things awkward.

9. Give Light-Hearted Compliments

Give Light-Hearted Compliments

Of course, it is apparent that you want to make her feel good. But light compliments will not harm. In fact, the way you praise her can impress her. Just keep in mind not to compliment her physique as this is quite offensive for the first meeting. This action will undoubtedly freak her out. 

10. Leave Some Mystery

Mysterious Persona - Dating Tips for Men

The most intriguing people are the ones with mysterious persona. You would want her to think about you. The best way is to open up about some things and leave some under the veil. But make sure your action doesn’t turn out to be suspicious.

11. Be Yourself

Be Yourself

When it comes to dating, people focus a lot on what others like, whereas neglecting what they want. And without realizing they wear a fake dating personality and hide the things that seem idiosyncratic to them. By doing this, even if they develop a relationship, it will not be long-lasting. Be yourself!

12. Keep the Conversation Real and Fun


The conversation should never be like a back and forth fact quiz about each other. Instead, keep the mood light by going around the topic of likes and dislikes. Keep the political and religious issues aside. But mention your religious values if they matter a lot. This will show her a clear picture of you.

13. Do More Than A Casual Dinner

Some outdoor activities

Plan out some activity other than dinner. This can include sightseeing or even taking a stroll on the sidewalk. For couples, some outdoor activities like hiking and skiing are also good options. This will turn your time into the best extraordinary moment of your life.

14. Avoid Strong Cologne

Avoid Strong Cologne

It’s nice to have a signature perfume of yours, but you don’t want to mess it up on a first date. You don’t know whether she is allergic to it or she just doesn’t like it much and become uncomfortable. Wear a subtle scent that’s not overpowering.

15. Don’t Just Talk – Listen As Well. 

Don't Just Talk – Listen As Well

You get excited to talk with your date and might also want to tell her every single bit about you. But, keep in mind that people feel more closer to you while talking about themselves. So, when you tell her one thing about yourself, ask her two about her. This gesture will let her talk more comfortably.

What to Talk About?

The safest questions to ask are the most appropriate ones. You can ask about her childhood dreams or any unforgettable moment. Even you can talk about her favorite TV show, which can lead your conversation to a celebrity talk. Or you can ask about her comfort food, holiday plans, and more. These topics can give you a variety of things to talk about.

Dating requires you to put a lot of effort into personal development. That’s why you are reading these dating tips for men. If you ever have failed before, you can start working on the tips and suggestions mentioned above. I’m sure you will definitely be better this time.

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