What Is Cold Pressed Coconut Oil? Its Benefits, And Uses!

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

While the western world recently made discoveries on the benefits of coconut oil, Indians already got tons of it at their homes. And a relaxing, nice “Champi” (scalp massage) on the weekend morning is a must in almost every Indian household as well. But not many people know what cold pressed coconut oil is and what makes it different from refined coconut oil. It has many benefits, which is why people also use coconut oil for cooking. Here you will know about cold pressed coconut oil benefits and some best coconut oil for hair, skincare, and cooking.

What Is Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Known For?

So, what is cold pressed coconut oil famous for? Coconut oil is another clean eating substitute oil for butter. And it is mainly known for its rich flavor along with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral benefits. Many women and girls have coconut oil as part of their daily skincare regime because it nourishes the skin and works best as a moisturizer for most skin types. Some Middle-Eastern countries and recently some western regions started using coconut oil for hair growth. Although its different forms, such as cold pressed, refined, and unrefined, all come from the coconut itself, the benefits are numerous. A tablespoon of oil has 13 grams of saturated fat, but the medium-chain saturated fats won’t raise bad cholesterol levels. The cold pressed oil is best known for its two main benefits that surpass refined ones; its antioxidant and additive-free nature.

10 Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Benefits You Must Know!

This list of benefits will let you know about; what is cold pressed coconut oil beneficial for? These oils are superior to refined ones in many ways. Here are ten cold pressed coconut oil benefits to prove this fact!

1. Nourishes and Soothes the Skin

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

You already know what cold pressed coconut oil is good for and how cold pressed coconut oil benefits us. Let’s look more into it. The oil is an excellent substitute for beauty and skincare products as it revitalizes and nourishes your skin. It also treats skin conditions like Psoriasis and Eczema.

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2. Prevents Breakage of Hair and Split Ends

Use of Coconut Oil

It protects the hair strands from the damage caused by the hair styling products we use regularly. Styling your hair can cause significant damage to the hair due to all the heat from straightening irons or the curling irons. Using this additive-free oil makes your hair healthy.

3. Increases the Overall Hair Volume

Benefits of Coconut Oil

As cold pressed coconut oil benefits you by protecting your hair, you will see that your hair has increased in volume over a few months. Your hair will not only become luscious, healthy, and voluminous, but it will also prevent your hair from becoming grey and lifeless.

4. Boosts Your Oral Hygiene

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Replace your mouthwash with a tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil in the morning for gargling. Sloshing it in your mouth removes bacteria when you are on an empty stomach. It promotes oral health and prevents gum diseases.

5. Supports Your Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss with Coconut Oil

We not only have to keep our calories in check but also look for healthier nutritional substitutes for food. This oil is a good substitute for baking and cooking rather than butter. It also incorporates rich flavor in your diet food, so you will enjoy losing weight and exercise.

6. Helps Control Blood Sugar Levels

Control Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes in women is one of the threatening health problems these days. The consumption of extra virgin oil in daily routine can enhance the functioning and secretion of insulin. Therefore, it helps to prevent the blood sugar level from increasing.

7. Helps Regulate Functioning of Thyroid

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

What is cold pressed coconut oil even used for, if not for your metabolic health? The medium-chain fatty acids in this oil increase your metabolism and, in turn, stimulate the thyroid glands by improving energy. Your body will get better fuel and energy.

8. Keeps the Cholesterol levels In Check

Uses of Oils

Extra virgin oil is itself a cholesterol-free oil, but it can also maintain the cholesterol levels in your body. It replaces bad cholesterol with High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, which is good for your body. It also prevents obesity.

9. Alleviates the Risks of Heart Disease

Benefits of Oils

Your heart is the organ that works 24/7 tirelessly, even when your complete body rests. Your heart is more susceptible to even the slightest increase in cholesterol level. Using coconut oil for cooking makes your food healthy for your heart.

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10. Improves the Brain Functioning

Improves Brain Function

Over the last few years, the debate of mental health stability and memorizing ability has been on the rise. And, both the topical use and consumption of oil can enhance the better circulation of blood and increase metabolism. Both of which indirectly improve cognition and brain functioning.

Some Best Coconut Oil Brands You Can Buy Online

Cold pressed coconut oil is extracted by first taking the flesh out of the mature coconuts and then pressing the pulp without applying heat. Therefore, some of the best coconut oils are extra virgin and unrefined oils. The most popular brands of best coconut oil for cooking and skincare are:

Kirkland Signature – Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Online Purchase Coconut Oil

It is most suitable for cooking and baking. It also functions as a better substitute for butter for baking your favorite recipes. The product contains extra virgin cold pressed and unrefined oil, which has a more nutritious value. The product comes from the beautiful tropics of Vietnam and the Philippines. It is natural, so it is worth buying. You can buy it at a fair price and store it in your pantry.

Bronner’s – Whole Kernel Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Oils

The whole kernel oil incorporates the brown inner membrane of coconut that separates the flesh from the shell. This does not only make it nutritious but also gives it a nutty flavor. It can be used for cooking at a slightly higher heat than many other oils. You can also use it for hair and skincare but avoid it for massaging. This is a fair-trade product; however, the price is high per ounce.

Viva Naturals – Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic Oils

It is suitable for general cooking, baking, sautéing as well as moisturizing hair. Thanks to its high levels of healthy triglycerides, it also helps to improve your metabolism. It is gentle enough for use in baths or even on the skin of infants or toddlers. It is extracted in the Philippines and free of pesticides and bleach. Plus, it contains no common allergens.

Whether coconut oil is healthy or not is still not testified, but one thing for sure is that it is healthy only when used in moderation. Conventional coconut oil has some amounts of artery-clogging fats, but cold pressed coconut oil benefits us because of its anti-inflammatory weight loss properties, as well. I’m sure that now you know what cold pressed coconut oil is and why it is famous for ketogenic diet foods! A bottle of oil isn’t that big to not fit by your hairdresser or bedside for quick skin and hair care. Buy low-calorie best coconut oil for your pantry and cook delicious diet foods with it!

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