9 Best Indoor Plants to Purify the Air in Your Home!

best indoor plants

Pollution levels are rising all over the world, and humans are making quite a negligible effort to set things back in balance. The ozone layer has a hole in it, fishes and other wildlife is slowly dying, and the air around us is slowly turning into unbreathable poison. That’s where indoor plants come in. They are cute, easy to grow and also purify the air inside your homes, so that you breathe fresher, purer air every day. Here are some of the best indoor plants to purify the air around you:

1. Aloe you Vera much – Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant - best indoor plants

Aloe Vera is a succulent well known for its moisturizing and hydrating effects on damaged skin. Other than that, aloe Vera is also a well-known natural air purifier. It rids the air of gaseous benzene and formaldehyde. It also releases oxygen during the nights. Aloe Vera is a relatively compact and easy indoor plant to grow since it does not require extensive care. It also looks great as décor, so it can double up as affordable décor.

2. Snake Plant

snake plant

This plant has absolutely nothing to do with snakes or any other species under the class Reptilian. It gets its name from the irregular alternating “stripes” of dark and lighter green that makes the fleshy leaves resemble snakeskin. Besides its interesting patterns, this particular indoor plant filters out most of the toxins in the air that could pose a threat to the human respiratory system. It can survive dry climates so it is perfect for people trying out their green thumbs for the first time. A cool plant named after snakes that requires only minimum care and allows you to breathe easy? Count me in!

3. Pothos

Pothos plant - best indoor plants

The name sounds like something right out of Greek folklore and it almost is. With its near magical properties, pothos is the one of the best indoor plants you can get o purify the air. It can easily filer out all the xylene, carbon monoxide and benzene in the industrially toxic air that we have no choice but to breathe in every day. This plant is also really easy to grow, and propagates really fast so you could have multiples out of just one. Go crazy; place them all over your house.

4. Spider Plant

Spider plant

This is a plant that instantly makes you think of the rain forest. They need bright light, but not necessarily direct sun and so it can adapt to all temperatures easily. It spawns out in all directions with thin long leaves; also considerably purifies the air that enters your house by filtering out all the pollutants carried in with it. It is an easy plant to maintain that looks great so it should be one of your best bets at getting a good indoor plant to purify the air.

5. Rubber Plant

Rubber plant - best indoor plants

Rubber plants are a good option for someone who might possibly forget about their plants. It can handle being under-watered for a long enough duration and manage to stay alive. Although, it does require a good amount of space and bright light. The plant also filters out most of the carbon dioxide and formaldehyde in the air, to give you a smoother and fresher environment to enjoy.

6. Garden Mums

Garden plant

Garden mums are lowering plants that bloom bright, yellow flowers every few weeks. They do require the occasional grooming session, but it is not a difficult task to achieve. It just requires regular plucking off of dried leaves and petals. However, this additional step is all worth the beautiful flowers your eyes are rewarded with. Besides looking all pretty, these plants are little multi-taskers that clean up your air for you too. As one of the top-performing air-purifying plants, it removes formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene.

7. Dracaena

Dracaena - best indoor plants

There are over 40 types of dracaenas, which means you have tons of options to choose from. There’s bound to be something or everyone. However, keep in mind this plant is toxic upon ingesting. Therefore, pet owners should refrain from this choice. Dracaenas can grow up to three feet tall. So they need enough space and obviously, a large enough pot to contain it. They also don’t require too much water; they should be misted rather than watered. Because of its size, dracaenas purify air much faster and more effectively.

8. Weeping Fig

Weeping fig

The Ficus, better known as the weeping fig is a plant native to parts of South Asia. They require only indirect sunlight and little water. The soil should be allowed to completely dry out in between watering sessions. The weeping fig is one of the best-known plants to purify the air. They remove gaseous toxins like formaldehyde, benzene and even toluene. In fact, NASA recognizes it as one of the best indoor plants to purify the air.

9. Peace Lilies

Peace lilies - best indoor plants

Peace lilies derive their names due to the white flowers that bloom all throughout summer. They are compact and idea for smaller, cramped spaces. They require shady spots and moist soil that isn’t flooded. However, they do release pollen and a slight flowery fragrance that might affect sensitive nasal passages. They are also toxic when ingested by animals or humans, so it should be kept out of reach from your children, both your furry ones or otherwise. They help purify the air by sucking out all the toxic waste that frequents polluted air circulating in our cities.

Indoor plants can spruce up the aesthetic vibe of any room. They are affordable and add that much needed reprieve of greenery to an otherwise urban setting. Aside from this, they are also amazing natural purifiers. Thus, they serve as essentials while thinking about adding décor, or just a touch to help you breathe better.

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