Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with these Beautiful Raksha Bandhan Messages and Ads!

Raksha Bandhan Messages

Raksha Bandhan, Rakhi, Rakhi Purnima or the famously known sibling festival — we may know it by any name, but this festival holds a special place in our hearts. What starts in our childhood as a festival of gifts and rakhis gradually occupies a place in our heart as a symbol of the various forms of sibling-like bonds we share and gives us the opportunity to celebrate each one of them. Like any other festival, celebrating rakhi with family is definitely a pleasant time. Even if you are away, thanks to online portals, sending rakhi and cards with enchanting Raksha Bandhan messages is relatively smooth.

What is Raksha Bandhan, AND Why do We Celebrate Rakhi?

Raksha bandhan messages

Raksha Bandhan comes from the Sanskrit works Raksha and Bandhan, which literally translates to ‘the bond of protection.’ It is traditionally celebrated with many rituals, including the sister tying the sacred thread known as ‘rakhi’ on her brothers’ wrist while they promise to protect her all their life. While modern forms of Raksha Bandhan have changed to include a variety of bonds, the core is just the same – celebrating the safe space that a sibling relationship brings to our lives. So here are some beautiful messages and ads to celebrate your sibling bond in the best way possible!

Raksha Bandhan Messages to Make Your Sibling Feel Special

The COVID 19 Pandemic has made it difficult for us to travel, and so many of us may not be able to see our siblings this Raksha Bandhan. However, we do have the technology to the rescue! Here are ten such Raksha Bandhan messages that you can send to your siblings and brighten up their day. These messages can be sent to anyone who feels like a sibling to you and offers you that space of comfort only a sibling can! Sending a quick message and letting someone know that you are thinking of them gives them a heartwarming surprise and allows you to express all you want to say. 

Raksha Bandhan Messages

  • You have always been my comfort zone, my safe space, and my partner in crime! I hope this Rakhi strengthens our bond and brings more light to our relationship. Happy Raksha Bandhan.
Raksha Bandhan messages
  • Rakhi is an occasion to celebrate siblings, but you never needed a reason to make me feel celebrated. So this one is for you; thank you for all you are. Happy Raksha Bandhan.
Raksha Bandhan
  • Ever since our childhood, the bond we have shared has seen so many twists and turns. What has never changed is your love for me. This Rakhi, I am so grateful to celebrate that love. Happy Raksha Bandhan.
Siblings love
  • You may have entered our life newly, but the love you bring transcends all time and space—Happy Rakhi to you.
Happy Rakhi
  • You never needed a reason to protect me, and you never needed a cause to love me. Thank you for showing me what unconditional love truly means. Happy Raksha Bandhan.
Siblings Unconditional Love
  • The bond of siblings is universal, yet I feel I have been the luckiest in that aspect—Happy Raksha Bandhan to my forever comfort person.
Raksha Bandhan Occasion
  • Siblings fulfil so many roles—sometimes they’re parents, sometimes they’re friends. Thank you for acing each one of them for me. Happy Rakhi.
Happy Raksha Bandhan
  • Life brings unexpected turns every passing day. What I know for sure is that you will always be with me along the way, and to celebrate this very assurance, Happy Rakhi.
Sweet Messages
  • No one knows me better than you do, no one cares for me the way you do, and no one can have lived with me the way you have—Happy Raksha Bandhan to my constant since childhood.
  • The Rakhi celebrates the bond of protection. Here is me telling you that I will always protect you, but also make sure you are strong enough to protect yourself. Happy Rakhi.
Brother and Sister Love

Beautiful Ads Celebrating Raksha Bandhan That will Touch Your Heart!

Advertisements are meant to sell products, but sometimes, they just touch our hearts. Some advertisements manage to hit the right nail and leave us feeling emotional and sentimental. This year, we have seen a lot of adverts and campaigns that have captured the spirit of Raksha Bandhan in the best way possible. Here are some of the most beautiful Raksha Bandhan ads to brighten up your day!

1. Amazon’s #DeliverTheLove

Have a sibling who always covered up for your mistakes? Watch this ad with them and feel your gratitude move you to tears. Covering a broad range of themes, this campaign highlights what truly mattersthe love and presence of our siblings. In this particular ad, we see how our siblings cover up for our mistakes and how they’re the only ones who can turn a bad day into a precious memory. 

This ad instantly reminds you of how much you love your sibling and makes you want to go and give them a friendly, warm hug. Watch on and experience it yourself!

2. The Band of Wellness

Stress, tension, pressure, erratic time schedulesthat is the second name for today’s lifestyle. Recognizing the need for conscious health choices, this ad from FitBit encourages siblings to gift each other a band of wellness – the FitBit smart tracker. 

3. Schmitten’s #EkRakhiAur

All too often, in the guise of protection, women are restricted and controlled. This campaign is thanks to all those brothers or siblings who did not subscribe to this notion. The advert beautifully showcases the sister tying another Rakhi to her brotheronly this time, she thanks him for protecting her self-respect. Don’t you think we need more brothers who offer you a safe space and yet allow you to be your own person? So watch this ad and feel the biggest smile forming on your face.

4. Ferns and Petals Showing us What is the Real Core of Raksha Bandhan

Who said Rakhi is only for brothers and sisters? In today’s world, we have happily accepted the Rakhi for what it isa symbol of protection. Watch this beautiful ad as a young little girl very sweetly asks her grandpa, her ‘grandfather’, to tie the Rakhi on her wrist and promises to protect him. After all, that is what the Rakhi is for, right? Go ahead and watch this ad, and feel the true value of Raksha Bandhan for yourself.

5. Tanishq with their #SistersByChoice

What can two sisters in law do? Fight, argue, bicker? That’s what we have been fed for so long, and it’s overtime that we change that. This campaign beautifully showcases the Nanad–Bhabhi relationship and the sibling-like comfort one can find in it. Stating that they are sisters by choice, the sister in law ties a Rakhi to her Bhabhi and leaves the audience with a new perspective. Go ahead and watch this ad, and be sure to celebrate your brothers or sisters in law this Raksha Bandhan.

6. Castrol and Blush #ChalUdteHain

Be it teaching you how to wrestle or how to drive, your siblings do it all with their classic humour and naughty mischief. But over time, you realise how much value they actually imparted in those growing up years. Be it a busy schedule or a bad day; siblings are always the wind beneath our wings. Celebrating that bond, here’s an ad that says ‘Chal, udte hain‘ (Let’s fly). Watch for a delightful and soulful treat.

7. Ferns and Petals’ Be United by Love

Who celebrates Raksha Bandhan? Hindus? Muslims? Catholics? No. Siblings celebrate Raksha Bandhan, and the boundaries of religion can never encompass the sheer joy that comes from celebrating this festival. Touching upon this very concept, here is an ad that allows us to see the world from little Children’s perspective that does not involve the complexities of religion or the discrimination of the adult world. Simply understanding that the Rakhi symbolises protection and treating it as devoid of its religious meaning for those who are comfortable with the idea can allow us to truly redefine this festival what it really isa day to celebrate siblings. 

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan With Love!

Those were some Raksha Bandhan messages and touching ads that remind us what Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan stands for. It is the time that we define our festivals for us in our own ways and celebrates them in the way that brings the most meaning to us. Raksha Bandhan is a festival of siblings, and this Rakhi, whatever you do, make sure you celebrate the person or people who offer you the safe space to be truly yourself – your siblings.

For some people, especially those with difficult sibling relationships, Rakhi can also be a difficult time. To anyone out there who resonates with this feeling, know that you’re not alone, and it’s okay if you take the time to give yourself a break and allow yourself to heal. For those who are lucky enough to have your sibling or sibling-like people with or around you, try to make sure you make the most of this time, and enjoy it! Happy Rakhi ☺ 

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