Ananya Surana

( Youngest Writer on Board )

Ananya Surana - 16, Published Writer, loves to exceed word limits for school essays. Prefers a cup of coffee and a good book over anything else. Owns thirty pairs of cat socks. She still waits for her Hogwarts letter.

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An amazing eye-opener !
Article make us aware of the small things that we're unaware/ thinks is normal but not, and lead to the formative stage of gender inequality.

very well tackled issue.You have addressed this issue so well Ananya.Proud of you.
Speed on.
Your teacher
Ms.Salome Pinto

Beautifully written, the way you have expressed and inculcated your thoughts with these ads is fabulous. Gender inequality is a sensitive topic, and you have balanced it nicely. Good job, Ananya, proud of you!

Awesome…well articulated.So true every word .Now is the time to make our sons more sensitive,and daughters much stronger.

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