How to Get Rid of a Hangover Fast? 10 Quick Hangover Tips That Might Actually Work! (Updated 2023)


Having a hangover is not unnatural; however, it can ruin your whole day. You could be a frequent or occasional drinker, but a hangover can overpower you anytime. Alcohol dehydrates your body, so keeping your body hydrated is crucial, ensure drinking or sipping plenty of water throughout the day. There is no secure or guaranteed way to cure a hangover totally. Various medicines are available in the market for the hangover. Still, instead of scratching here and there, you can try some of the following options to eliminate this unpleasant hangover. However, some useful tips may help relieve the symptoms and make you feel better. Here are ten quick hangover tips known to provide immediate or temporary relief to your hangover problems.

Quick Hangover Tips

1. Lemon Juice

lime juice - Quick hangover tips

Lemons can indeed be beneficial in relieving some hangover symptoms. They are an excellent source of vitamin C and can support your immune system and help combat the oxidative stress caused by alcohol consumption. Lemons are perfect for reinforcing your liver function in filtering away toxins. You can make fresh sweet, or salty lemon juice or try lemon tea; if not all these, just squeeze a lemon into some water. Lemon juice can stimulate digestive enzymes, aiding in the digestion of alcohol and easing any stomach discomfort or nausea associated with a hangover.

2. Ginger Tea

ginger tea

Though we all know the benefits of ginger tea for colds and coughs, it can also provide some really effective results for your hangover headache. It can also improve your stomach’s digestive power without giving you any pain. Apart from ginger tea, you can also try ginger ale or peppermint tea; these are some natural remedies that help soothe an upset stomach.

3. Granulated Antacid

granulated antacid - Quick hangover tips

For getting relief from body aches, which you could get because of excessive alcohol consumption, you can have any granulated antacid. Most antacids are a source of sodium bicarbonate, which will help your body to lower the extreme acidity that has happened because of excessive alcohol consumption. Ensure your granulated antacid can get mixed easily with a glass of water.

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4. Vitamin Drinks

vitamin drinks

You can quickly get vitamin drinks from your nearest grocery store; however, ensure you have some in your refrigerator. It’s a great source of vitamins like Vitamin C & B, which easily mix with water and help eliminate the hangover’s effects. However, make sure that your drink does not contain excessive sugar. You can add some water to your vitamin drink to get better hydration. your vitamin drink.

5. Avoid Coffee

coffee - Quick hangover tips

If you’re experiencing a hangover and seeking quick hangover tips to ease its symptoms, coffee may provide momentary relief but certainly is not a cure for hangovers. While a cup of coffee might seem alluring or tempting, but can dehydrate your body. Sipping a cup of coffee might make you feel attentive and awake due to its caffeine content, but it won’t directly address your hangover problem. As a diuretic, coffee can aggravate dehydration, which is an underlying problem during a hangover. So it’s better to stick to sipping water, rehydration fluids, or herbal tea instead.

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6. Rehydration Solutions

rehydration solutions

You can easily get the powder form of rehydration solutions in your local medicine shops. Take one of them and mix it with a glass of water. It can immediately refill your vital minerals, which have been spoiled by alcohol consumption. In addition, you can also take a hangover IV in Washington, which is a quick way of providing all the minerals and nutrients to your body through your veins. Before buying them, ensure your rehydration solution is not prescribed for kids. 

7. Light Exercise

doing light exercise - Quick hangover tips

As a hangover-curing option, sometimes exercise is also advised. We are not asking you to go to your gym or for some hardcore activities. Simple exercises like sitting exercises, deep breathing, or walking can give you favourable results. The sweat produced from the exercise nudges you to take a sports drink with low sugar content, which will help you get rid of your hangover. If you want to do some light exercises, go for it and engage yourself in some light physical activity, such as walking outdoors. Exercise helps release endorphins and promotes circulation, which may help alleviate the hangover symptoms.

8. Analgesic or Painkiller


Every household must have some over-the-counter analgesic, painkiller, or pain reliever. Having some over-the-counter or easy-to-get painkillers at your home is pretty natural. These work amazingly for relieving the pain and discomfort induced by a hangover. When you get back home and want quick hangover relief, just pop an aspirin or ibuprofen but don’t do an overdose of it. It is better to start with only one pill and see if you feel its relieving effects. Still, taking any medicine is always advisable with your doctor’s prescription.

9. Banana Helps in Counter-Attacking Hangover

banana - Quick hangover tips

Along with water, refill your electrolyte levels by drinking sports drinks or consuming foods rich in electrolytes, such as bananas or coconut water. Before joining your friends in a bar having a few bananas can help you to avoid a hangover. The presence of potassium and its complex carbohydrates can rehydrate your body and provide a coating on your intestines. It could give you some relief from excessive alcohol consumption

10. Eat a Balanced Meal and Take a Rest

healthy diet

Sometimes we think a lot and try hundreds of home remedies to cure hangovers and overlook the simplest solutions that are most effective. When nothing works, or you want to do nothing, just go for a balanced meal, rest enough and get sufficient sleep. Opt for a healthy, nutritious meal that includes protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, necessary minerals and vitamins. All these provide the essential elements your body requires to restore its balance and stabilize blood sugar levels. Besides this, give your body a chance to recover by getting enough rest and sleep. Additionally, plenty of rest and sleep will aid recovery, allowing your body to rejuvenate and heal. 

Final Words

There is nothing such as quick hangover tips; as we say, time heals everything. Therefore, the best remedy for a hangover is time and patience. Hangovers usually fade within 24 hours as your body processes and eliminate the alcohol. Remember, it’s always crucial to drink responsibly and in control to avoid the adverse effects of alcohol.

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