9 Quick Hangover Tips that Actually Work

Quick hangover tips

You could be a frequent drinker or an occasional drinker, but a hangover can overpower you anytime. Having a hangover is not very unnatural; however, it’s able to ruin your whole day. There are various medicines available in the market for the hangover, but instead of scratching here and there, you can try some of the following options to get rid of this unpleasant hangover. Here are some quick hangover tips that actually work.

Quick Hangover Tips

1. Lime Juice

lime juice - Quick hangover tips

One of the old but very effective homemade remedies for curing a hangover is lime juice. This great source of vitamin C can fight your loathsome feeling. Boiled eggs with lightly toasted bread can also help you to get rid of this condition. Protein in eggs accumulates in your liver and helps in removing all the toxins that have accumulated in your liver from the alcohol, and the charcoal-like force helps your body to avert vomiting resulting from alcohol consumption. 

2. Ginger Tea

ginger tea

Though we are aware of the benefits of ginger-tea for cold and cough, however, it can also provide you with some really effective results for your hangover headache. It is also able to improve your stomach’s digestive power without providing you with any pain.

3. Granulated Antacid

granulated antacid - Quick hangover tips

For getting relief from body aches, which you could get because of excessive alcohol consumption, you can have any granulated antacid. Make sure your granulated antacid can get mixed easily with a glass of water. Most antacids are a source of sodium bicarbonate, which will help your body to lower the extreme acidity that has happened because of excessive alcohol consumption.

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4. Vitamin Drinks

vitamin drinks

You can quickly get vitamin drinks from your nearest grocery store; however, make sure you have some of it in your refrigerator. It’s a great source of vitamins like Vitamin C & B, which easily mix with water and helps to eliminate the effects of a hangover. However, make sure that your drink does not contain excessive sugar. To get better hydration, you can add some water to your vitamin drink.

5. A Cup of Strong Coffee

coffee - Quick hangover tips

Another quite known remedy is consuming a cup of strong coffee. For making your hangover ineffective, the cocoa-rich variant is quite well known. Instead of having a full mug of coffee at a time, you can have several small cups throughout the whole day. The presence of caffeine enhances your blood pressure, which happens to metabolize the alcohol quite fast and is also able to give you some alleviation from irritating headaches as well as sluggish feelings. 

6. Rehydration Solutions

rehydration solutions

In your local medicine shops, you can easily get the powder form of rehydration solutions. Take one of it and mix it with a glass of water. It can refill your vital minerals immediately, which have been spoiled because of alcohol consumption. Before buying them, make sure your re-hydration solution is not prescribed for kids.

7. Light Exercise

doing light exercise - Quick hangover tips

As a hangover-curing option, sometimes exercise is also advised. We are not asking you to go to your gym or for some hardcore exercises. Simple exercises like push-ups, sitting exercises, deep breathing, or walking can give you the result. The sweat produced from the exercise nudges you to take a sports drink that has low sugar content which in turn will help you to get rid of your hangover.

8. Analgesic or Painkiller


Every household is bound to have some over-the-counter analgesic or painkiller. These are excellent for relieving the pain and discomfort induced by a hangover. When you get back home, just pop an aspirin or ibuprofen but don’t do an overdose of it. It is better to start with only one pill and see if you are feeling its relieving effects.

It’s quite natural to have some over-the-counter or easy to get painkillers at your home. These could provide you with some help from physical discomfort caused because of alcohol consumption as well as from pain. However, instead of having them quite a few at a time, have one and wait for the result. Overdose for any medicine is not acceptable. Without mentioning this preventive measure, this list couldn’t be finished properly.

Still taking any medicine is always advisable with your doctor’s prescription.

9. Banana Helps in Counter-Attacking Hangover

banana - Quick hangover tips

Before joining your friends in a bar having a few bananas can help you to avoid a hangover. The presence of potassium along with its complex carbohydrates, can re-hydrate your body and also able to provide a coating on your intestines. So it could easily give you some relief from excessive alcohol consumption.

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