How Much Walking To Burn 500 Calories A Day?

how much walking to burn 500 calories

The food we eat on daily basis, the stressful conditions we created around us, and the hectic routines have made all of us unhealthy. Our bodies are always under stress and this always disturbs the muscle mass proportion. If you are obese or a little overweight and want to get back in shape, you should know how much walking to burn 500 calories is required per day. It is because you can always walk home from work and do not need to charge up your energy like you have to do for vigorous exercise. It is ideal for you to burn about 1 pound weight per week. And it should be the fat part, not the muscles to tone up for the future as well. Here are some ways to lose 500 calories per day by walking and some tips for people of different weights. Read on!

How Much Walking To Burn 500 Calories Is Required

Everybody is different and thereby takes a different pace to cut down weight. Also, if you weigh much more than your healthy weight you should not start walking at a really fast pace. It is to prevent any bone or joint complications. Here are some of the tips for people weighing different to tell them how much walking to burn 500 calories per day they should do.

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Weighing Between 125-150 Pounds

Weighing Between 125-150 Pounds

Individuals who weigh between 125 to 150 pounds or around 55-70 kg can take a little more to burn 500 calories a day. It is because you need to burn the extra calories that build up each day and maintain that range of weight. Now as for how much waking to burn 500 calories per day, one should observe his or her speed. If you walk fast and you can manage the same pace with your current body weight, it is better. With a weight between 125 to 150 pounds, you should walk at the speed of about 4 miles or more per hour for 111 minutes to burn calories. Or you can go at the walking speed of 3.5 miles an hour for about 125 minutes.

Weighing Between 150-180 Pounds

Weighing Between 150-180 Pounds

If you weigh between 150 pounds to 180 pounds, it means you will burn those 500 calories a day faster than a person of 125 pounds. If you walk at the same pace as the person weighing less, you can achieve the daily goal quickly. But weighing this much also calls for an early exercise and diet plan for women. You need to have a walking pace of 4 miles an hour and you should continue this pace for 90 minutes only. Or if you have to walk at the speed of 3.5 miles/hour you can walk ten minutes more which makes the time 100 minutes. But if you can walk even faster than 4 miles you can be done burning 500 calories in under 85 minutes.

Weighing 180 Pounds Or Above

Weighing 180 Pounds Or Above-how much walking to burn 500 calories

People who weigh more than 180 pounds will have to look out for their pace while walking. They can burn 500 calories a day even faster than the above two categories. Now, you might be curious about how much walking to burn 500 calories a day is to be done for a person of 185 pounds or more. Precisely, you need to walk at the walking speed of 4 miles/hour for about 75 minutes only. But if you can walk faster than 4 miles, you can burn 500 calories in less than 70 minutes. Even if you walk slower at the pace of 3.5 miles/hour, you will not take more than 80 minutes.

How Fast You Should Walk To Burn 500 Calories?

How Fast You Should Walk To Burn 500 Calories

The number of calories that a body burn depends upon the individual. It also depends upon the walking speed of every person and the stamina to maintain that pace over that hour or more of exercise. But if you ask for an average pace for anybody to start walking to burn calories, it would be around 4 miles or better if it is 4.5 miles. You can not only stay fit, and look good, but also prevent risks of heart disease. Therefore, everyone should maintain a healthy and fully functional body by walking daily for half hour or more as their body demands.

5 Ways To Burn 500 Calories A Day!

Some people don’t start making an effort to burn calories or lose weight. They think they will have to take time out to go to the gym. But that’s not true. You will only need to know how much walking to burn 500 calories is required by each body. Here are 5 ways to burn calories and lose weight without going to the gym.

1. Walk Briskly For An Hour

Walk Briskly For An Hour

The same thing we talked about previously… But now you will focus on your posture as well. Incline at an angle of 20 keeps your arms folded by your sides and walk at a fast pace while swinging your arms. You should be walking at a pace at which you feel difficult to hold the usual conversation. You can do strength training as well.

2. Mow Your Lawn

Mow Your Lawn-how much walking to burn 500 calories

This will be your strength training as well as weight loss exercise. You can easily burn 500 calories in about 30 minutes. If you love doing this, it will not be much tiring for you. You can look after your garden, take care of your plants for 20 minutes, and clean your house for 20 minutes more.

3. Do Jump Ropes

Do Jump Ropes

You can either go to the gym to work out on elliptical trainers for 70 minutes or you can do jump ropes in your home. You will see instant changes after a few days of doing this activity as jump ropes are very beneficial. For a better exercise plan, you need to do both cardiovascular exercises and strength training.

4. Play Basketball

Play Basketball-how much walking to burn 500 calories

Playing any sport improves your strength and makes you stay fit for many years. For burning 500 calories, playing basketball for 50 minutes is more than enough. You will maintain a healthy weight loss plan by playing some sport twice a week and doing other exercises or walking on other days. Do an upper body workout to tone your body.

5. Take Pilates Class

Take Pilates Class

You will have fun doing Pilates in a class or doing an hour-long yoga for weight loss. This will keep you away from all the negative thoughts in your mind as well. Your weight will be maintained and your flexibility also improves.

Is Walking Better Than Other Exercises?

Is Walking Better Than Other Exercises?-how much walking to burn 500 calories

Now you know how much walking to burn 500 calories is required by anybody. But if you want the best weight loss plan that also improves your body, tone you up, and make you fit, then there are other exercises you should do. These include cardiovascular exercises and strength training exercises. You can improve yourself with these exercises.

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