Natural Treatments for Hay Fever

hay fever

Hay fever is commonly known as a seasonal allergy or sometimes known as nasal allergies. People usually try natural treatments for hay fever as home remedies are very useful quite often if health conditions aren’t severe. People suffering from hay fever can experience headache, cough, itching of throat, nose, ear, skin, stuffy nose, watery eyes etc. Most people have this problem throughout the spring and fall season. Though the problem is not that serious if you are not taking any treatment and endure it, then it will give you some hard time.

Remedies to Cure Hay Fever Naturally

cure fever naturally - hay fever
  • Chop the grapefruit and boil it with a few drops of lemon juice. Pour 1 tbsp honey into the mixture and take 1 tbsp each time of it, three times a day.
  • You can also use petroleum jelly in your nose if you are having excessive irritation.
  • To avoid infections and to build an improved immune system, try to consume foods which are high in protein.
  • Boil some water and add the chamomile leaves into it. Heat the whole mixture thoroughly and inhale the vapor two times a day.
  • Ginger is also an excellent reliever for hay fever, try to include it in your tea, this will help boost your immunity.
  • Pour 1-2 tbsp apple cider vinegar into a glass of water. Consume the mixture twice daily.
  • A balanced diet is also vital in such a situation. Try to consume foods that are a rich source of Vitamin C.
  • Garlic has also been recommended as a good reliever for hay fever.
  • In a cup of water add fenugreek seed (1 tsp). Cover the top and leave it for almost 10-15 minutes. Strain the water and ingest it.

A Few Safeguards

  • In the early morning and the late evening abstain going outside from your home.
  • When you are spending long hours outside, then remember to wash your hair when you come back home.
  • Remember to wash or clear the air conditioner filter once in a month.
  • To dry your wet clothes, put them into the dryer instead of spreading them under the sun.

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