10 Home Remedies for Back Pain

Remedies for Back Pain

No matter what the cause of back pain may be, there are several natural home remedies for back pain, which both men and women can try at home. These remedies soothe your back and, hence, cause an appreciable reduction in the intake of medication or bring some added benefits to the existing medical treatment. Here, we have figured out the ten most effective pain-relieving strategies for chronic back pain in women or men. Let us have a thorough look at them and see what works best for you.

Useful Home Remedies for Back Pain

1. Develop a Habit of Taking an Anti-inflammatory Drink Every Day to Relive Back Pain

anti inflammatory drink - Remedies for Back Pain

Consuming anti-inflammatory foods regularly helps to build up several anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and even anti-cancer agents in your blood. Over a certain period, the inflammatory reactions in the body get significantly reduced or totally eliminated with the help of these powerful agents. Therefore, it will be quite beneficial to drink anti-inflammatory drinks like turmeric milk, tart cherry juice, ginger-green tea, and other infused-herbal drinks on the regular basis.

2. Better Avoid a Static Posture for Long Hours


The joints and muscles of your spine and hip play a vital role in your movement as well as the resting phase. You must always be careful to prevent fatigue and stress on them. You can do so if you remain careful about the following.

Refrain from Excessive Sitting

Your spinal discs receive immense pressure when you keep sitting for long. You can avoid this if you take the load off your back by getting up and walking for a few minutes after every hour or so.

Keep Checking Your Posture Every Now and Then

Always be vigilant to check your posture and adjust the alignment of your neck, shoulder, and back. There may raise a lot of problems in your back in case you keep a poor unsupported posture for long.

Rotate Your Activities

Constant use of certain muscles and joints especially of the back exert too much pressure on them and cause them to fatigue. It would be much better for you if you keep rotating your activities to avoid an unbalanced pressure on your back.

3. Undertake Yoga to Stretch Your Back and Soft Tissues

yoga - Remedies for Back Pain

Your back and the related joints and tissues need stretching from time to time to keep themselves working without pain. Yoga is an excellent and effective way to perform this stretching. Try to develop a routine that may allow you to perform Yoga at least twice a day. The yoga exercises will be nice remedies for back pain and your aching back will surely get relaxed and relieved after passing through these healthy sessions of stretching.

4. Cold and Heat Therapies for Low Back Pain

cold and heat therapies

Both cold and heat therapies work wonders for your back pain. If you receive some back injury, it will be very effective if you immediately use cold compresses or an ice pack to alleviate the pain by numbing that very area. It will also prevent or reduce swelling to the maximum. However, about 48 hours after the start of back pain, it will be quite helpful to apply heat pads or a hot water bottle to your back. Your aching back muscles will gradually get relaxed by this gentle warmth and your blood flow will increase almost immediately, helping a lot in the healing process. But, be mindful that heat therapy will work only for the first week.

5. Keep Moving with Limited Bed Rest to Get Rid of Back Pain

bed rest

Complete bed rest with the least movement is effective only if your back is extremely or unbearably sore. Otherwise, it is much better to have limited bed rest and keep performing the routine activities so that your back muscles and spines may keep up their mobility to a fine balance, for these are also like the rest of your body. There is no need to go too far in this regard; just keep doing the light things. Too much heavy tasks are not for you with such a sore back.

6. A Complete Set of Physical Exercises

physical exercises - Remedies for Back Pain

Three major forms of exercises namely aerobic activities, strength training, and flexibility exercises all combined make up a complete set of physical exercises. Regular exercise with a definite schedule always produces a very healthy effect on your general health and makes your back muscles strong enough to sustain an injury. You must consult with your doctor to develop an exercise program to face the challenge systematically and fruitfully.

7. Supporting Therapies for Back Pain

supporting therapies

At times, low back pain in women does become too severe to be handled smoothly through a single remedy. Under such circumstances, it becomes inevitable to get appreciable support from the other complementary therapies to make things improve much faster. It is worth noticing that these therapies are not that beneficial when applied individually. It is actually the combined effect that makes the difference. The following are the important therapies that work in assistance with the above-said major three therapies.

  • Acupuncture
  • Spinal manipulation
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Movement therapies

 8. Manage to Massage the Aching Area

back massage - Remedies for Back Pain

Many creams or ointments are there on the market which can be rubbed on the aching area for some good quick relief. You may ask your partner to give you a thorough massage on your lower back to some remarkable relief. You may also manage a simple back-massage aid by putting a few tennis balls into a sock and tying a knot at its end. Now, ask your partner to roll the sock on your sore back to soothe it.

9. Use a Self-activating Heat Patch Handy Yourself

self activating heat patch

One of the most valid natural home remedies for back pain is to use self-activating heat patches. You may carry these patches during long drives or may keep them in your office-table drawer. They supply constant heat when you wear them inside your clothing. Remember to use them as per package instructions to avoid any damage to your skin due to wearing them for long.

10. Spend Some Time in a Warm Pool Everyday 

warm pool - Remedies for Back Pain

Women can also be relieved considerably if they spend some time in a warm pool for around thirty minutes daily. The warm water can soothe the aching back mildly and gently and proves great as remedies for back pain.

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