Flying with a Toddler: Things You Need to Know Before You Fly!

travel with baby - flying with toddler

Everyone loves to travel, and every vacation is even more remarkable when every family member participates, from the youngest generation to the eldest present in the family. However, it is tough to travel with a toddler, especially between the age group of 12 months to 18 months. Moreover, flying with a toddler requires a lot of patience to enjoy your trip with the right expectations and providing appropriate attention to your child. People often fear while travelling with a toddler since they feel that many people will exaggerate how the baby reacts to different things. Therefore, you need to be sure about a few things that you can plan to ensure that your child isn’t upset during air travel.

Tips You Need Before Flying with a Toddler

Well, nothing is impossible when you plan thoroughly and act accordingly. Below mentioned are a few tips you should keep in mind while travelling to a place with a toddler:

1. Direct Flight or Long-Time Intervals

direct flight

It will help if you are careful while booking your flights. Hence, if you are flying with a toddler, you should not prefer flights with a connecting number; in fact, always book the direct flight. Since your time travel on the flight will be less, the baby won’t continue with his exaggerated tantrums. However, suppose the direct flights are not available. In that case, you can go for the connecting flights with a more excellent time scheduled between them.

2. Take care of Baby’s Necessities

take all baby necessities with you - Flying with a Toddler

Flying overseas with a toddler can be very tiring. Still, it can also be fun if you take care of the basic necessities that a toddler requires. Therefore, you should bring twice the number of usual baby necessities that your toddler uses. They can include diverse bottles, baby food and snacks that they might need so that they don’t cry. Also, make sure to prepare yourself for an unexpected overnight stay in a hotel room when your toddler might create bedding down.

3. Be Aware of Your Toddlers’ Nap Schedule

nap time

Your toddler might create an uncomfortable situation for you or can show excitement because of a new environment. Therefore, you should plan your flight depending on your child’s nap time. This will help your child adjust easily, and they will not face any difficulties due to external means. You should prefer flights that match with your toddler’s nap schedule so that your toddler can sleep most during the travel time, making things easier for you to handle.

4. Try to Get Window or Aisle Seat

take window seat - Flying with a Toddler

Whenever you are travelling with a toddler, it is better to choose a window seat to prevent any distraction from the environment. Chances are higher for your toddler to explore through the window. However, in the worst scenario, if the child continues to stay distracted and is unwilling to grab a window seat, you can choose an aisle seat.

5. Download Audio Books

download baby's interested audios and videos - Flying with a Toddler

Children tend to enjoy audiobooks and indulge themselves according to the requirements of the story or the song. It will be much better if you download some audiobooks while travelling with a toddler. It is often seen that a child’s mind stays engaged when they are involved in an activity.

6. Reach Airport Early

reach early on airport

It is crucial to reach the airport early when travelling with a toddler. You should reach the airport early because the last moment issues can cause chaos, and you might miss important documents or your child’s essentials. Moreover, it is better to keep the child entertained and comfortable with the outdoor environment or the airport’s ambience. Furthermore, you might also face difficulties while boarding the flight on time. When you are in a rush to catch your flight, your child will suffer too; she/he may get irritated and annoyed, making your journey disruptive. Since when you travel with a baby, your speed eventually decreases, and there might be a chance that you might miss your flight. 

7. Never Forget Your Child’s Toys

pack tbaby toys - Flying with a Toddler

Every child has their favourite toy, and as a parent, you know them very well. Therefore, you must not forget to pack some of their toys or, if you missed it, buy some toys on the way or at the airport to keep them engaged and occupied. It is very important to ensure that your child is involved and does something if she is not sleeping. Whenever the child gets restless during the flight, just unwrap the toy and let them play with it. Eventually, when the child gets tired of playing, she will sleep and won’t create any nonsense in the flight.

8. Dress Your Child in Layers

dress baby - Flying with a Toddler

Toddlers are susceptible to the new environment. Hence, when you are travelling with a toddler, you should make sure that they dress up in layers because the weather outside might be cold or warm. Therefore, the temperature inside the plane might be a little chilly. Consequently, You need to ensure that the baby is comfortable so that they don’t have to face any difficulty during the flight. It is better if you style them in a way that has a lot of layers and a baggy look altogether.

9. Do Keep Essential Medicines

first aid kit - Flying with a Toddler

This may look not so important to many of you, but trust me, it is important. Make sure to pack the essential medicines or first aid kit in a small pouch with a proper prescription from your child’s pediatrician or your physician. Although some basic first-aid kits are available in the airplane, it is still important to keep essential medicine to avoid unnecessary mess.

10. Ensure Your All Gadgets are Fully Charged

keep gadgets charged

Last but not least, you must make sure that all your electronic devices are adequately charged because there are times when the child is quite irritated due to the new environment, hence finding it difficult to cope. Therefore, when you have a fully charged electronic gadget like a tablet or phone, it can help to distract them. You can play their favorite poem or entertainment show. Don’t forget to carry the kid’s friendly headphones to ensure that others are not disturbed by child entertainment. 

You need to understand that whenever you are travelling with the child you should carry a checklist with you. The checklist is beneficial because it keeps remembering everything that you need to take care of. You should carry all of it with you, from basic baby wipes to their toys. The 10 points mentioned above will help you ensure a great slide while travelling with a toddler. However, toddlers have a reputation for being very impatient and seeking their entire attention since they are prone to sudden emotional outbursts. Their temperament is widely unpredictable, but all you need to do is ensure that you plan your things in such a way so that they enjoy the trip by involving themselves in some activities or sleeping for the rest of the journey.

It might be demanding travelling or flying with a toddler, but you need to invest your time planning things thoroughly. Moreover, you will have a wonderful experience and countless memories engraved on your heart at the end of the trip.

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