Liberate your Inner Beauty with these 7 Tricks to Enhance Your Feminine Energy!

Liberate your Inner Beauty with these 7 Tricks to Enhance Your Feminine Energy!

Being the woman of the 21st century, we sometimes overlook our internal diva and feminine energy. Do you ever think what the reason behind this is? Our world is ruled by the patriarchy system, I am not anti-men, but this fact is crystal clear. Only a few women get a chance to thrive and shine. To achieve this success, society expects them to inherit masculine traits in terms of being confident, independent, decisive, impactful, and other leadership qualities. That is why women remain in a continuous struggle to meet the challenges of the practical world. 

Women have their own energy, which can beat or combat any obstacle.

How much do you know about your natural energy? Let’s discover about feminine energy first.

What is Feminine Energy?

What is Feminine Energy

Feminine energy is a radiant flow of marked qualities that differentiate a woman from a man. Apart from physical differences, a woman owns an aura of positive vibes that reflect her feminal traits. 

What Makes a Woman Feminine?

magnifying feminine energy

Being born with a female body type does not make every female ‘Feminine’. From the early days, we associate women as mother, a beloved, a friend, and a submissive wife. Hence traits like maternity, purity, nurturance, and romantics make a woman feminine. However, magnifying feminine energy is most important.

 How to Increase Feminine Energy?

Divinity has blessed every woman with different traits and personalities. However, the one thing in common that needs to be uplifted in every woman is the ‘Feminine Aura‘. I am going to share some tricks below to enhance your feminine vitality.

1. Acknowledge Your Inner Self

Acknowledge Your Inner Self

 In the old times, women used to fight for their survival in a world of men. However, this struggle encaged their internal diva, and their feminine traits were marked as their weakness. So, embracing your feminine energy is with complete agreement is the first rule to enhance your natural aura. Hence, celebrate your tenderness, menstruation, and motherhood. Keep proclaiming the following:

My soul is a temple

My charm is ample

My body is the  altar’ heir

Nobody would, If myself not admire

I am from Eternity

I am the goddess; The final divinity”

 2. Connect with Your Gender

Connect with Your Gender

We start reflecting on the same set of qualities of the people around whom we survive. So, to encourage feminity in yourself, spend more time with your fellow beings. Try to wear their essence and share your charm with them, strengthening your womanhood.

3. Self-Care


Due to certain circumstances, upbringing, and societal pressure, one’s natural energy gets overshadowed. To unblock the blocked Feminine energy, one should start self-caring for oneself. Start paying attention to yourself. Take care of your skin, relax your pores with aromatic oil massages and bubble baths. 

Let your energy translocate in your cleansed self. Likewise, consider beauty sleep as your second beloved. Also, to bring your energy to the maximum level, wear a maxi dress, skirts, and baggy sleeves whenever possible. Such unrestrictive clothing would charge you with muliebrity.

4. Relax in the Lap of Nature

Relax in the Lap of Nature

Either you walk around in nature or spends your leisure time in activities closer to nature, which bring up your true diva. Begin seeing, hearing, and sensing the signs of nature and relating them within your body. This is another signifying step in maintaining your womanly energy.

5. Exercises to Increase Your Feminine Energy

It is the energy that does not like barriers. Hence it is spontaneous. It embraces whoever comes in its way. It is not catastrophic. A serene breeze that nobody can avoid. 

So, the following are some mild exercises one should follow to excel in flowing feminine energy.

  • Meditation: A woman is another name of positivity, hope, and serenity. Heavy workout routines such as weight lifting, pushups, and sit-ups, etc., would not help you enhance your energy. Exercises that are light and soulful can easily approach feministic vibes. Leave all your nerves free, breathe in the natural and exhale negativity with it. 
  • Yoga: Yoga is the only way who keep the sacredness of the female’s body with tenderness. It cools down the blazing fire of chaos within women. It nurtures her every single day; go for yoga to enhance your feminine energy.
  • Walk with Barefoot: Constant walking upon the track maintains the feminine posture and straight walk. A true damsel walks in a manner leaving a mark of grace behind. A regular power walk would help you refreshing. Also, it ignites creativity within a female. Put off your shoes and step on the bare floor. The earthen feel under the palms of the feet would tinkle your inner womanly persona. 
  • Dance in the moonlight: Moonlight the symbolic body to which every female can relate with. It is beautiful and soul-enriching. Saints relate feminine sparks with Luna, Earth, and aqua. In other words, feminine energy is both like a pure waterfall and flowy water streams. Adhere to these traits with lunar power. So, sway to let the pure energy flow within and around your body. Let it be moving and multiplying with dancing in the moonlight.

 6. Pay Homage to Your Feelings

Pay Homage to Your Feelings

Being a woman, you are always more attuned to feelings and reception. Nurture them by doing what attracts you more. Follow your heart. Its sweetness of joy would fill your inner side. This would show as the radiant glow on your cheeks. Also, keep yourself open towards love and sexuality. Be an Aphrodite.

What’s the Role of Feminine Energy in a Relationship?

Just like attracting a magnet to another, there has to be polarizing energy. The same goes for people. If you are in a relationship with a man of a masculine core, you have to take care and nurture your feminine essence as well. A woman is a nice blend of blush and sensuality. So, it is important to let your man make the first move. Also, build an attitude for the reception and being pampered. However, do not suppress your orgasms. Be playful and enjoy intimacy. There is no better joy than enjoying the touch of your lover. However, if you are unsure that either you have found the man you should marry or not, believe in polarity signs.

7. Create, Form, and Develop 

Create, Form and Develop

This energy is all about creating, forming, and blinking for self-expression. So, be a goddess of creation and creativity. Do turn towards the lovely acts you are fond of. Such as baking, home decor, singing, sketching, etc. In other words, spare some time to follow your favorite creative pursuits.

My final words are that feminine vigour resides in everyone. All humans are born with an aptitude for care and emotions. Likewise, divinity has already bestowed women their feminal energy. We just need to break the cage and restore it. A woman is not complete without the swirl of feminine energy. Indeed, it embraces her soul. Let her propel her charm and delicacy around the world. 

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