Are you a Multitasker? 12 Ways to Enhance Your Multitasking Skills! (Updated 2023)

are you multitasker

Multitasking is involving yourself in several activities all at the same time. Moreover, it requires extreme attention to a number of things and shifting your focus after each task gets completed. The world has been digitizing and is moving at a very high pace. Eventually, everyone is exploring, experimenting, strategizing, and finally executing their ultimate shot.

Is it Worth it to be a Multitasker?

Multitasker - are you a multitasker

In the modern world where we are living right now, the situation has been extremely complicated. In that instance, we have to become multitaskers without realizing that we are actually multitasking. Simultaneously we have to check our emails, log in to zoom, pick up phone calls or even attend in-person meetings with employees and clients. Moreover, when everyone is giving their best and are willing to meet their expectations, it becomes extremely important for us to realize that Multitasking has become the new normal.

Why is Multitasking Important?

We need to understand that if we want to be permanent employees anywhere, we should focus on each complex task that comes our way. Therefore, we need to learn how to manage time and focus on different things simultaneously. So that we don’t miss any significant updates; furthermore, you can either prioritize your tasks and address each of them or specialize each hour of the day when you can plan things in such a way that you can concentrate on top things with adequate capacity.

As said by Joss Whedon, “The secret to Multitasking is that it isn’t Multitasking. It’s just extreme focus and organization.” I would like to go on with this topic today. Let’s look at these ten essential tips to improve your multitasking skills: 

1. Celebrate When You Accomplish Your Goals

gift yourself

Multitasking requires a lot of motivation. It’s not as simple as it seems. It requires continuous planning and dedication to work. So, whenever you accomplish a task or goal, celebrate your success. This will improve your performance and motivate you to do even better. To celebrate your achievement, take a short break, share it with a colleague, or buy yourself a present. Always remember while multitasking, some tasks require your full attention, whereas others do not. If we develop a strategy, we can determine what reward we’ll receive when we achieve our goals. By doing so, our motivation and determination will increase.

2. Manage Your Speed According To Your Task

Manage your speed

Multitasking can be exhausting. So, it’s critical to move at a manageable pace. List your tasks according to their difficulty, then assign how much time and skill you need to accomplish each task. Always set your speed according to the difficulty level of your task. More importantly, place your task in a way that an easy one follows every difficult task; it will increase your working speed and focus.

3. Planning

Planning - are you multitasker

Whenever we are heading towards a task, the fundamental prerequisite before starting any work is planning it well. Eventually, you will realize that you will be more productive and will be able to invest effectively. Subsequently, if we are planning our work, we will be able to achieve our goals. Consecutively this will affect our multitasking skills since you will be able to complete many tasks with the same priority and attention in the given period.

4. Combine the Same type

combine the same type

Since Multitasking involves doing a number of tasks in a given period, we can achieve this task effectively by combining the study of the same capacity and the same type. Simultaneously, this will help us improve our multitasking skills and help us complete the work faster. Moreover helping us to schedule our subsequent appointments relatively.

5. Seek Fun or Make it Fun

Enjoy your work

It is vital to realize that we can even enjoy working, and we do not need to crib about everything that is going around us. We can find fun in everything we do and keep proving that we are doing great. Confidence helps us to give our best in every task we are multitasking.

6. Quality over Quantity  

quality over quantity - are you multitasker

All of us need to be aware that Multitasking eventually helps us improve our brain efficiency. Thus we can cut on our mistakes that might lead to big blunders. Therefore, it is crucial to put quality over quantity. Since Multitasking can also be dangerous at times, you must realize that you can even multitask while prioritizing quality over quantity.

7. Time in Hand 

time in hand

The world is uncertain, and nothing is predictable. Therefore, we need to have extra time for everything that we are planning so that even if there is a delay in any of our tasks, we still have some time in our hands to fix the issues or make edits or any other changes needed on the run time. And by following this, we will not spoil the following hours that we have planned to do for the day.

8. Proofread and Review 

proofread and review

Reviewing and cross-examining your work is an excellent quality of a perfect multitasker. All of us are humans, and we make mistakes. However, it is a dominant duty to review everything we have done since it might have some errors, or we might have lost track of the priorities we have to give to that work. Therefore, after completing each task, you should review the work before submitting it to the final authority. 

9. Avoid Distractions 

avoid distractions - are you multitasker

If you ask anyone who can manage different work at a given time, they will always advise you to avoid wasting your time. You cannot go back in time to get your time back. Moreover, it is vital to cut your ties with people who are not productive and want you to be like them; if you are connected to them, you will lose interest in everything you do.

10. Assign Yourself Time 

Assign yourself time

The best way to be significant in multitasking skills is by assigning yourself time and restricting each task within that given framework. Subsequently, you will realize that your speed has increased. Your productivity has almost doubled.

11. Take Breaks

take break

You might think that if we are assigning a self-time and have to be highly focused on completing a given task, how can we take breaks in between. However, you need to realize that our brain functions only when we are agile and alert; therefore, we need to take breaks in between so that the brain gets relaxed, and when we start working again, the brain also functions flawlessly.

12. Practice Gives Perfection 

Keep practice

Last but not least, it is essential to practice everything that you do. Practice not only helps to expand your multitasking skills, but it also enables you to expand your capabilities and enhance other skills from your surroundings.

Everyone is achieving many things in different industries. However, some of us can complete work while multitasking other scenarios successfully, but some are still struggling to find out how to meet their expectations. Subsequently, you will see that people who were able to succeed well along with multitasking skills are the ones who plan their day and work according to the same. Multitasking can be very dangerous too, but a multitasker knows how to shift that scary situation into a planned and processed manner. Hence, those mentioned above are a few tips and tricks that can help you become a great Multitasker and improve your multitasking skills.

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