What are the Signs A Guy Likes You? || Some Potential Signs A Guy Is Jealous And Likes You!


Love is a magical feeling where people connect, interact, trust and start investing in each other. Each one of us has experienced those butterflies at some stage of our lives, but the only hint you can ever get about someone’s liking is through their actions and how they behave around you. Emotions connect each of us but what fixes the dots between what you feel and how you put it in front of the other person forms the basis of a relationship. But how will you know that a guy likes you or a guy is jealous and likes you? However, if you notice jealousy in him, it’s quite certain he likes you. And for that, you have to keep an eye on the signs a guy is jealous and likes you.

Is Jealousy a Sign that He Likes You?

When a guy is jealous, it’s pretty apparent that he is feeling threatened when he sees someone around you as his rival, and since then, if you start observing minutely, you will notice some evident changes in him. If a guy likes you and wishes to date you, he will never let any other guy win over you or distract you from him. In that attempt to keep you away from the other guy, he will show many signs that he is jealous and likes you.

Some signs may seem like a clear flag, whereas other signals are not that clear or make any sense. Many guys get puzzled or perplexed when it comes to expressing their feelings because they freeze to think of rejection. Still, when men are truly in love or like a woman, they never let things go that easily. So, first, let’s see some of the signs where you can unquestionably observe jealousy.

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5 Signs A Guy Is Jealous And Likes You!

1. Possessiveness – The First Sign of Jealousy

First Sign is Jealousy

To be possessive for someone whom you like is natural. And if a guy likes you, he just can’t bear the sight of you talking to other guys; it will make him upset. You may find his actions overpowering sometimes, which is an apparent sign that he has feelings for you.

2. Always Come up with a Hidden ‘No’ for Other Guys

Signs A Guy Is Jealous

If you tell him that you are interested in another guy and want to date him, you will notice he may come up with some pros and cons, and maybe he will say explicitly that this guy is not perfect for you. Further may advise you that you should be careful while dating. He will do his best to seize your attention or give some hints that he is a better person for you. 

3. Do Anything to Impress You

A Guy Likes You

Another prominent sign is his actions; just simply watch what he does or says in the presence of another guy. A jealous guy will do or die to impress you, especially in the company of other guys.

4. Acts Indifferent Yet Seems Interested

Positive Signs of Liking

Sometimes you find him very expressive, while sometimes he is too quiet, especially when you talk about other male friends. When your guy acts introverted, it actually becomes hard to pinpoint what he is thinking but trust me; it is one of the signs he likes you because his silence is speaking. Though he acts aloof or indifferent yet listens to you carefully and comes up with some one-liners, this clearly shows his jealousy for the other guy.

5. Flirts to Grab Your Attention

He Grabs Attention

Among one of the signs a guy is jealous and likes you are flirting. No, not with you but with others. If he fails to grab your attention, he might try to combat his jealousy by flirting with a different woman. When he finds you interested or partying with other guys, he may try to conceal his feelings and retaliate and try to hang out with other girls in the hope that you may feel jealous when you see him with other women. 

10 Black and White Signs He Likes You Truly

Above were some signs when a guy is jealous but likes you to the core and finds it hard to express his feelings in fear of rejection. And at times when you both come to one place where you both share likings for each other but before taking any further step you want to observe him more, then these below signs may help you in a better way. Let’s read about the signs a guy likes you and loves you.

1. Remembers Every Detail About You 

Liking Signs

If a guy likes you, he will always remember each and everything that concerns you and will make sure he is able to live up to all you dream of while keeping your little details in mind. He won’t let you down because of any memories or something that has happened in the past.

2. A Feeling of Jealousy

Obvious Signs of Jealousy

When you observe the signs a guy is jealous and likes you, it means he is totally onto you. He will be jealous when you talk to the other gender, not just this time and again. And he might feel insecure if you don’t prioritize him and make him feel like just an acquaintance. He might get upset just by the thought of you interacting more with other guys.

3. An Eye Contact

An Eye Contact

If a guy is really into you, you will catch him often staring at you, and both of you will end up in awkward eye contact followed by a graceful smile. This is the most beautiful gesture to be confirmed of the fact that a guy really likes you, wants you badly in his life, and won’t let you go away easily. You will find that he keeps his eyes on you most of the time.

4. Efforts in Conversation 

Jealousy And Liking

He will put effort into most of the things you are doing, initiate a lot of new strategies, analyze them before giving any final shot around you, and always be more active and a patient listener who is all ears in any conversation with you. 

5. Problems – He’s the Solution

He Solves Everything

He will be there for you no matter, without a single thought over the circumstances and post gesture issues. He will first make sure you are comfortable with him sharing your secrets, happy moments, and problems. In that process, he will be helping you in every situation you get stuck in and won’t be even making you realize how hard times have been and how you made it out of the problem together. He won’t put you on a guilt trip to make you realize that he was there for you and made sure you are happy again but will do things smoothly not to make anything awkward between both of you.

6. Looks for You

Signs a Man is Into You

He will look for you in every situation happening around him or anywhere that is extremely important and deserves your presence. He will look for you at times when someone makes a comment or cracks a joke because he wants to see your reaction and how you relate to any other circumstance that has his presence.

7. He Shares Everything With You

Signs A Guy Is Jealous And Likes You

If a guy likes you, he will never hesitate to share his life with you and present it to you like an open book. He will share all his secrets, weaknesses, strengths with you. Also, he may tell you about his past because he knows, you won’t judge him and his secrets are safe with you. If he honestly wants to confide in you, he will tell you about his desires or what he wants to achieve in life, what he aspires to become and where he sees himself in the future. He won’t think twice to tell you about his family and everything that surrounds him that impacts his life in any aspect possible. There is also a big chance that his family will know about you because he might share details about the day he invested with you or rather around you.

8. Always a Supporter and Defends You

Signs A Guy Is Jealous And Likes You

At times when life isn’t going great, you have to face many rough patches at work or in studies, or at home. If a guy likes you, he will be there by your side and will make sure no one insults you in any way. He will be your companion and defend you in all situations possible to make sure you are safe and secured when he is around, and if he is not, no one has the guts to be the reason you go upset.

9. Your Opinions Matter

He Listens to You

If a guy really likes you, he will ask questions and want to know your opinion on a particular topic he might be struggling with; it can be either a very subjective topic or a topic that influences our mental, emotional and social health. He will be a very sincere listener and make you comfortable letting you share your thoughts without being judged.

10. Respects Your Boundaries

Signs A Guy Is Jealous And Likes You

If a guy likes you, he will always understand why you want to or don’t want to do a particular thing; he will respect your decisions and boundaries. Yes, he would expect you to present your case but won’t question why you are not doing what he wants you to do. He will ask for your advice, and for him, you will be his go-to person in all situations, which is a big hint that he has immense trust in you. 

Love is how you want to mirror the other person and why you want to spend your life with them. Communication is a must and engaging. If communication goes well between two people, they are the luckiest souls since it is the only key that keeps any relationship working without doubting anyone’s opinions about the world. 

Love helps you grow together by encouraging one another to try new things in life and ensuring whatever happens. I am here; I am pitching for you, and you don’t have to think about what the world will think because I am proud of you. Love makes things beautiful, and if a guy likes you, he will always want to talk to you and be around you. Make it worth his wait since love isn’t a burden; it makes one another realize their inner self and instill self-love before loving each other.

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Signs A Guy Is Jealous And Likes You!

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