12 Basic Super Cool Kids’ Room Ideas You Should Try

12 Basic Super Cool Kids’ Room Ideas You Should Try

A kids’ room is his domain for everything he does. He plays there, imagine to create, study, and relax. The aesthetics of your kid’s bedroom can have massive impacts on how his mind nurtures and develops. And perhaps this space requires the most creative inputs to transform your child’s room. Although kids can think of incredible kids room ideas on their own, you would also want to know some swoon-worthy kids’ room designs or affordable kids’ room decorating ideas. Following are some tips and easy-to-do room ideas for creating a space for your little ones that is beautiful, playful, and innovative.

Start Kids’ Room Décor with Good Bones

The basic framework for decorating kids bedrooms is very important. Because when the furniture set is not consistent with the theme, the room will look random and ugly.

1. Carpet and Walls

Kids’ Room Ideas - Carpet and Walls

Choosing the perfect color for the carpets and walls instantly changes the overall aesthetics of the room. Pastel and gender-neutral colors are more popular. For example, grey and pastel blue, or shades of yellow and green, seem pleasant and reminisce the freshness of spring. Parents should choose light colors for carpets and walls because sharp colors put a strain on their eyes.

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2. Styled Furniture

Styled Furniture

Bunk bedroom ideas and DIY headboards are quite popular among kids these days. Siblings in the same room love to have a bunk bed in their room. Parents can try to elevate their little boys’ and girls’ bedroom furniture by renewing the old study table. Make it essential for room décor to have a proper desk for the kid’s room.

3. Storage Shelves

Kids’ Room Ideas - Storage Shelves

Kids like to play and they spread their toys and belongings everywhere. The playroom furniture should have storage shelves. Rearrange some shelves, buckets, or a cupboard for your kids to put away their toys. This way they will not have a pile of random things in the middle of the room, especially when the room is small.

Some Cool Kids’ Room Ideas for Boys Room

Your son might want the room different than these ideas, but these are only a few kids’ room ideas for boys. Although the most popular ones are some colors like green, and grey, but parents should not impose their choices.

1. Playground in the Room – Sports Theme Kids’ Room

Sports Theme Kids’ Room

Boys love sports. What else is better for them than to have the feel of a football field in their room. Football-themed room for kids’ sports room ideas will have the real football space for your sporty kid to play. You can use some football balls and items of sports décor for boys room to place in their room. Your son will love the sporty look of the room.

2. Illustration of Nature – Jungle Theme Room

Kids’ Room Ideas - Illustration of Nature

Sometimes it is better to leave some space for the kids to get out of their usual superhero adventure hunting. To connect them better with nature, go for jungle themed bedroom and plant some best indoor plants as well. If you want to make it interesting, try Dinosaur theme ideas. Maybe these jungle room ideas are a little more innovative for their room.

3. Science Fiction – Star Wars Theme Room

Science Fiction

Children love to have a room that looks like something straight out of a fictional world. Star wars kids’ room ideas are on the rise nowadays. The aesthetic look of the room is the result of multiple pillows, signs, and other small décor items alongside navy white paint of the walls. Yoda room design ideas for small children’s rooms and newborns help ensure deep sleep for them.

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Cute Kids’ Room Ideas for Girls Room

Girls’ rooms are tricky to decorate. There is a huge bundle of choice among colors and themes. Your girl can choose either the traditional, classic, or outgoing themed room. Here are a few kids’ room ideas for girls you can try.

1. Fairytale Into Reality – Princess Theme Room

Kids’ Room Ideas - Princess Theme Room

Every little girl dreams to be a fairytale Disney princess. So, why wouldn’t she love to have princess themed bedroom look? The castle-like look of the room with a combination of colors based on themes looks pretty. Pink, silver-grey, and shimmering blue décor items and walls give the best look to the girl princess room

2. Play with Colors – Rainbow Themed Room Design

Rainbow Themed Room Design

A wide range of bright and beautiful colors always seem pleasant to the eyes. Play with different colors and fill up the room using pastel rainbow room ideas. Bedsheets, blankets, window curtains, carpet, walls, and even the furniture can be made into a rainbow unicorn bedroom quite easily. Some colors also help resolve sleep issues that may be appearing in young girls.

3. Aqua Adventure – Ocean Room Ideas

Aqua Adventure – Ocean Room Ideas

If your little girl loves deep ocean waters and fish, you should go for ocean themed bedroom. The deep ocean blue walls with ocean life artwork, make the room as deep as an ocean. You can install an aquarium in the room as well with many enchanting fish in it. This ocean-themed kids’ room idea for girls is breathtaking for almost any little girl.

How to Decorate Kids Room On A Budget?

When you have little budget, you can try the DIY kids’ room designs and creative ideas or simple budget-friendly furniture for your child’s room.

1. Turn Wall Into Chalkboard

Turn Wall Into Chalkboard

Painting a wall black to turn it into a chalkboard seems like a good idea. This way your little kids would satisfy their need to draw on walls, and it will not look bad either. The kids’ room wall décor can consist of magnetic walls as well, where kids can learn and play.

2. Kids’ Drawings Made Into Art Wall

Kids’ Drawings Made Into Art Wall

The cost-friendly kids’ room design is to beautifully frame the artwork of your kids and turn them into an art wall. There is nothing to spend on and your kids will be happy and proud looking at their drawings hanging there.

3. Decorate with Wall Stickers

Decorate with Wall Stickers

Another DIY kids’ room design should consist of the stickers and cuttings of the superheroes. Your kids love those action figures or Disney movie characters and stick them to the wall wherever you feel it looks good. There is no waste of money and expensive gifts for you.

Kids grow up so fast, and their minds follow different patterns at different ages. They will have a favorite tv show at one time and another sometime later. Going with the more versatile themes for the incredible kids’ room ideas will be the best option. Parents can have many options to try from cost-effective and affordable kids’ room ideas. Let your child grow and learn from these creative experiences.

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