Diabetes Swollen Feet Symptoms, Causes And Healing Tips (Infographic)

diabetes swollen feet

Are you worried about your swollen feet? There could be many reasons for your swollen feet. Whatever the reason may be, you need to speak with your physician and look for possible health conditions. Usually, chronic diabetic patients experience swollen feet and ankles. In diabetes, swollen feet are quite common because the patients’ bodies can’t produce insulin, which causes elevated glucose levels. This high blood sugar connects diabetes and swollen feet. Read more below to learn about the causes and tips for diabetes swollen feet.

Causes Of Swelling Feet In Diabetes

To know how to treat diabetes with swollen feet, you must first understand the significant causes of swollen feet, ankles, or legs in diabetic patients. Although there may be a lot of reasons for swollen legs, the following are a few significant causes of swollen feet in diabetes.

1. Poor Blood Flow

Poor blood flow

Increased blood glucose can cause arteries to thicken. When arteries thicken, the elasticity in them reduces, they shrink, and it makes it arduous for blood flow to reach your feet. If the blood flow is insufficient in the legs, fluid buildups increase and cause swelling.

2. Kidney Problems

Kidney problem

Diabetes swollen feet can be a sign of kidney dysfunction. That is why diabetes is marked as one of the major causes of kidney failure. When the kidneys lose their ability to regulate the body fluids, this causes fluid imbalance and, in turn, swollen feet in diabetes.

3. Congestive Heart Disease

Congestive Heart Disease

If someone has congestive heart failure, blood flow naturally becomes less because of the affected chambers of the heart. This causes blood to not flow out of the legs, arms, and extremities. This swelling differs from other causes because swelling can reach up to the abdomen and lungs.

4. Damaged Veins

Damaged Veins

High blood sugar weakens the veins, causing fluid retention in the feet, legs, and ankles. Also, poor blood flow leads to the formation of blood clots in the veins. Some parts of your body may swell, while your lungs and heart might be at risk.

Tips To Treat Swollen Feet In Diabetes

Swollen feet and legs may or may not be caused by diabetes, but you can try yoga for diabetes or follow a few tips to lessen this swelling. To get relief from swollen feet, check out the below-share detailed infographic on Diabetes swollen feet.

Tips To Treat Swollen Feet In Diabetes

The bottom line is that swelling may be a symptom of muscle injury, or it may be caused due to chronic diabetes. However, diabetes and swollen feet are associated together because of the poor fluid circulation in this condition. You can treat them to reduce the diabetes swollen feet to prevent other conditions.

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