Benefits of Wearing a Corset – Some Do’s and Don’ts

Benefits of Wearing a Corset – Some Do’s and Don’ts

Corsets have been an essential piece of clothing for several centuries, and even now, wearing a corset is a fashion trend. The term corset meant “a kind of laced bodice” in French during the 18th century. Corsets became popular in the 16th century in Europe, reaching the peak of its popularity in the Victorian era, and it came into the picture of use during the 19th century; before that, it was a garment referred to as a pair of bodies, a stiff bodice, or a pair of stays.

Nowadays, corsets are one of the utmost essential fashion accessories for women as they assist a woman in getting the correct body posture. Corsets also help stabilize the body, prevent injury, heal past injuries, change body morphology, and a lot more. There are varieties of corset available in the market; some are authentic corsets, and they come in handy especially to wear during parties or events where you need to look and feel light and fresh. Let’s know the benefits of wearing a corset.

Some of the Physical Benefits of Wearing a Corset

1. Helps Dealing with Back Pain

Benefits of Wearing a Corset - Back Pain

Corsets help deal with back pain, correct body posture and often help with past injuries. A corset not only helps with your lumbar, but it can help with your heel problems too. A corset can be an excellent remedial step for you if you have heel problems like plantar fasciitis, as while wearing a corset, there is redistribution of your body weight on your feet.

2. Get the Right Posture

wearing a corset


Corsets help reduce the intensity of headaches or migraines, as proper posture helps release tension from the neck and shoulders.

3. Saves From Injuries

Benefits of Wearing a Corset - Saves From Injuries

Suppose you are passionate about horse riding or motorcycles. In that case, corsets can help protect the organs, act as a kidney belt, and prevent the sophisticated organs from being bruised or hurt in an accident.

4. Lessen Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual Cramps

Corsets help lessen menstrual cramps in women; as they exert pressure on your internal organs, results may vary. Still, it is definitely helpful during the menstrual cycle and menstrual pain.

5. Aids in Weight Loss

Benefits of Wearing a Corset - Weight Loss

Corsets are also helpful in case of weight loss. It reduces the body weight, as they act as an external gastric band and due to that, expansion of the stomach gets in check; hence it continues to control and reduce the intake of food portions.

6. Prevent Back Injuries

Back Injuries

Wearing a corset instead of waistbands, belts, and bulky material under your outfit, as corsets help prevent back injuries and act as best back support during long working hours.

Apart from the health benefits of corset three important gears, we should not miss they are:

  • Know how to Wear a Corset is first!
  • How to wash a Corset is a must?
  • Storing your corset increases its longevity?

How to Wear a Corset?

How to Wear

It is advisable to wear a corset with another layer between it and your skin. It helps prevent your corset from getting rubbed off with your sweat and the natural oils on your skin.

Check you some tips about how to wear a corset stepwise.

  • Firstly unlace your corset either you are going to wear it or taking it off.
  • Loosen the bow, untie it and pull at each pair of Xs until you find that your corset is completely loose.
  • Once you put it on your body, start to tighten the laces on your corset.
  • You can begin to tighten the pull loops in the middle; you can find these loops at the slenderest point of your waist.
  • After when loops are pulled tight, start pulling at each outside X starting from the top to your way down and from the bottom towards the centre. Repeat this 2-3 times to tighten the laces fully.
  • Lace your corset in a way so that it fits cosily and comfortably.
  •  Never over tighten the laces; it can damage your corset and body and lead you to a sheer uncomfortable state.

Know-How to Wash a Corset

How to Wash a Corset - Wearing a Corset

Washing clothes and washing a corset both are different; you must know how to clean a corset; let’s read how:

  • Never think of giving a machine wash to your corset.
  • Machine washing will damage the fabrics and cause the boning to rust.
  • Always take your corset to an experienced dry cleaner.
  • Do not use at-home dry cleaning kits.
  •  If spot cleaning is a must, try to use a minimal amount of water, very mild detergent and tender cleansing.

Storage – Never take it lightly!

wear a corset


Either human beings or things, care increases life; knowing how to store your corset can increase its shelf life; let’s look at how to keep a corset?

  • Let the corset breathe and relaxed after each wearing; place or drape it over a hanger or on the back of the chair as it will bring the fibres of the corset back into shape.
  • Before storing your corset, spray a slight mist uniformly over the inside lining of the corset only and let it air dry.
  • Make sure that your corset is totally dry before storage.
  • Once the corset is dry, fold it in half and hang it over a plastic hanger and distribute the corset’s weight equally on both sides. Make sure the lining side should be up and the laces across the hanger.
  • Always keep your corset over a plastic hanger; never roll or fold it to store in a drawer or wardrobe. Doing this can cause damage to the fabric.

Wearing a corset helps you look good; besides, some are heavy-duty organic waist training corsets that can help you significantly reduce your waist size as they are made of steel bones, flat front and back steel busks and layers of fabric.

P.S. – Do consult your physician before wearing a corset, as results may vary from person to person. Our body and health issues are different from one person to another; to some, it can suit the best, and to some, it can cast some adverse result.

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