Corruption Quotes: To Help You Realize Exactly What’s Wrong!

Quotes on corruption

Corruption: the constant feature of every capitalist government. Most people do not realize the seriousness of how corruption can directly lead to the downfall of an entire civilization. Corruption is like a virus that gnaws at the very foundation of society. The poor the foundation is, the corruption rusts the most. The strong stand unharmed, but the weaker section of society suffers the most because they stand at the bottom of this towering pyramid. Although dealing with corruption is not easy, but we can pull ourselves together to fight it back. And for that, we are sharing some notable corruption quotes from some of our society’s ‘bright minds’.

What is Corruption? 

Well, corruption is not hard to define. Corruption involves a person or an organization who abuses their power or status for personal gain—usually, this is related to monetary gains and favors. Various parties steal the money for their own personal benefit instead of using it for the country. The forms of corruption may vary but can include: bribery, extortion, nepotism, fraud, lobbying, parochialism, patronage, influence peddling, and embezzlement. Today’s corruption quotes will help you understand it in a better way. 

Why Should YOU Care About Corruption? 

Corruption eats away common people’s hard work—that means you, your neighbors, friends, and co-workers: ‘the taxpayers’. It is daylight robbery that everyone knows happens. The power equations are such that the law enforcing authorities sometimes fail to change the system for endless reasons. The dishonest or illegal behavior, especially by influential people for their benefit, is watering corruption. Being a citizen, if you are alert around your surroundings’ functioning, you can quickly notice what’s going on. When you know the cause behind corruption, you can easily stand against it.

Eye Opening Corruption Quotes Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

Corruption can single-handedly bring down empires. Don’t just take our word for it, many celebrities, leaders and social media campaigners have spoken up against corruption, giving us some of the best corruption quotes. They talk about why it happens, exactly how it happens, the effects of corruption, and what we can do to prevent it. Here are a few quotes about corruption that will help you realize just how serious this is and what you can do to help out: 

25 Mind-Boggling Quotes About Corruption

Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts… perhaps the fear of a loss of power.

― John Steinbeck
corruption quotes

Corrupt politicians make the other ten percent look bad.

― Henry Kissinger
corrupt politicians

Power attracts the corruptible. Suspect any who seek it.

― Frank Herbert
Power attracts corruption

To oppose corruption in government is the highest obligation of patriotism.

― G. Edward Griffin
Oppose corruption

Procrastination is also a subtle act of corruption – it corrupts valuable time.

― Dr. Amit Abraham
Procrastination act of corruption

Fighting corruption is not just good governance. It’s self-defense. It’s patriotism.

― Joe Biden
Fighting corruption

No science is immune to the infection of politics and the corruption of power.

― Jacob Bronowski
No science is immune to corruption

The cancer that demands our urgent attention is corruption and poverty.

― Miriam Defensor-Santiago
corruption and poverty

The duty of youth is to challenge corruption.

― Kurt Cobain
The duty of youth

There is no compromise when it comes to corruption. You have to fight it.

― A. K. Antony
No compromise for corruption

Those who fight corruption should be clean themselves.

― Vladimir Putin
Fight against corruption

When you see corruption, when you see injustice, you speak up. You don’t just shut up and say it’s none of my business.

― Manal al-Sharif
Speak against corruption

When you don’t take a stand against corruption you tacitly support it.

― Kamal Haasan
Stand against corruption

Corruption Quotes to Inspire you to Deal with it!

The most common types or levels of corruption are supply versus demand, public versus private, grand versus trivial, and conventional versus unconventional. The causes of corruption are invariably contextual, depending on or relating to the circumstances that form the framework of a country. Corruption is deeply rooted in a country’s policies, bureaucratic cultures, political expansion, and social history. It begins to thrive when institutions become weak, and government policies create economic dents.

Let’s Fight Corruption

I can tolerate anything but corruption and nepotism.

― Naveen Patnaik
Tolerate anything but corruption

Corruption is a true enemy to development.

― Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj
Corruption is enemy

Corruption is just another form of tyranny.

― Joe Biden
Corruption is form of tyranny

The corruption of the best things gives rise to the worst.

Avoid corruption

Corruption, money laundering, and tax evasion are global problems, not just challenges for developing countries.

― Sri Mulyani Indrawati
challenges for developing countries

To confront criminals, we need to finish with corruption. If we don’t do this, there is no hope.

― Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
Finish corruption

When I saw corruption, I was forced to find truth on my own. I couldn’t swallow the hypocrisy.

― Barry White
Corruption in society

Corruption, the greatest single bane of our society today.

― Olusegun Obasanjo
Corruption the greatest bane

I believe that transparency is the solution to our problem on corruption.

― Grace Poe
Transparency is the solution

There can be no compromise regarding corruption

― Atal Bihari Vajpayee
No compromise

Corruption is something you face all the time. Avoid it

― Willem Dafoe
Avoid it

We mustn’t hesitate to cut corruption at its roots.

― Felipe VI of Spain
cut the roots

Corruption Can Corrode the Foundation

If we don’t understand how corruption can compromise the functioning of the system of a country and how it can badly erode it from the foundation, we won’t be able to deal with it. Corruption, if not stopped or taken care lead to delays in the infrastructural development of a country. Sometimes, many acts of corruption deprive the citizens of a country of their constitutional and human rights. We hope the above corruption quotes helped you to analyze and gave the strait-laced insight on corruption.

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