Gender Equality Starts at Home – 10 Ways Parents can Help...

Gender inequality is a social issue. It has negative effects on all aspects of our lives. Not only is it responsible for increasing rates...

Social Issues that Trouble the “Future Minds”

In the sixteen years, I spent on planet earth. It took me only 11 to realize that life is nothing but millions of problems...

Positive Parenting Tips for a Happier Teenager – A Teenager’s Perspective

Teenagers are termed (quite unfairly, in my opinion) as the most disturbed and erratic of the three age group segregation. Sadly, that is bound to be true, given that these years are also the most crucial in shaping our life. Our decisions now will continue to affect us all our lives. In this stage of life, we need parents who understand, support, and guide us, and let us be who we really are. Listed below are a few positive parenting tips from a teenage perspective:

How to Deal with Teens during Exam?

Students experience a various set of tests or exams very frequently, which are also scheduled very closely. However, these types of situations lead to...

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