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Communication is a process through which you convey your message, your thoughts to the listener. There are basically three types of communication namely assertive, passive and aggressive communications.

Assertive Communication:

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Being assertive in communication means that you have the ability to express your ideas in a very honest and direct way.

Passive Communication:

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Passive communication is one in which people are indirect in expressing their views. They are self-denying and emotionally dishonest.

Aggressive Communication:

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In aggressive communication, people are much demanding and forceful in whatever they say. Their main motive is to win at any costs.

Being able to communicate in an assertive manner is essential in strengthening the relationship. Sometimes assertive communications are taken as aggressive. People with aggressive behavior use raised voice, strong language and they are very pushy in whatever they speak. Children should be taught to be assertive in communication. If they are not taught early, they might use more rude and aggressive words in their communication later on when they grow up.

Here are some tips which will help you to become more assertive in communication:

Assertive communication is important whether you are at the workplace or home. It will help you to feel good about yourself and others. Sometimes we are not able to convey the messages that we want to convey. We feel that the listener might get upset and disappoint with our words. You have to realize the fact that if you do not speak out you will feel more frustrated within yourself. In this case, put yourself in his shoes and think of a situation. How will you react if the same words being delivered to you? If you are satisfied by the answer to go ahead and speak out politely without hurting or alienating other people.

Think of the language you are speaking. Try to speak easily to understand language. Your language should perfectly express your requests and your feelings without blaming others. Body language also plays a vital role in how other persons treat us. You should keep the following things in your mind to be assertive while communicating.

Eye Contact- Make sure to make eye contact with the person you are talking, but do not stare at the people. Do not try to read the minds of others or let others read yours when you are communicating. You will surely feel the differences in the quality of communication.

Facial Expressions- Your facial expression should match with every emotion. For example, when you are expressing something funny you should look happy and in case it is a serious issue you should look upset. Use a mirror to practice and see how you look when you are expressing anger, happiness, fear and other emotions. Use facial expression and gesture to emphasize the most important point of your speech especially when you are addressing a group.

Timing- Timing also plays a very important part. Always try to arrange the right timing and place to address the situation.

Voice- The tone of your voice will leave a major impact on the listeners. A raised tone of voice relates more to aggressive behavior. You must keep your voice steady. It should be kept at the level where it sounds most convincing and acceptable. It should not be intimidating.

Relationship- It has been seen that non-assertive people are not even able to express emotions of any kind with their partners. It is very frustrating for the person when they are not able to tell what they need from each other. They have a fear in mind about their partner’s reactions. They will face the same situations among friends and colleagues also.

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